crumble sätze

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Crumble sätze (in englisch)

  1. Mountains crumble to the sea.
  2. The House of Life wil crumble.
  3. Instead, he began to crumble.
  4. Cook the bacon; drain and crumble.
  5. All her defenses began to crumble.

  6. SAND CASTLES crumble with the tide.
  7. Greenbrier empire would surely crumble.
  8. The building began to shake and crumble.
  9. Say, My Lord will crumble them utterly.
  10. Even the land bridge started to crumble.
  11. One day your entire country will crumble.
  12. Al around us, the temple began to crumble.
  13. Cam watched the last of her resolve crumble.
  14. This monstrous mass must be made to crumble.
  15. His whole world had indeed started to crumble.

  16. Her legs felt as though they too would crumble.
  17. Marriages crumble as soon as they consummate them.
  18. In the future this huge European Empire will crumble.
  19. And, without that foundation, we will surely crumble.
  20. Society will crumble, and we will slaughter each other.
  21. Crumble the burgers with your fingers and add to chili.
  22. But after Eva died, Peron’s fortunes began to crumble.
  23. That shouldn’t crumble under the onslaught of zombies.
  24. This also eliminates the need to crumble the bacon later.
  25. When she was seven or eight, her family started to crumble.

  26. Crumble the goat cheese and sprinkle it all over the pizza.
  27. Make a dent in the middle and crumble the fresh yeast into it.
  28. The edge of the plateau began to crumble, and those near the.
  29. In an instant Lord Boras saw all his dreams crumble before him.
  30. As she approached the large tunnel, her hopes began to crumble.
  31. Smith could feel his whole world starting to crumble around him.
  32. The wal s around me crumble and leave my heart buried in rubble.
  33. Remove endive to a serving dish, crumble bacon on top and serve.
  34. There won't be stones to fall, everything will crumble into dirt.
  35. There'd be money flashed around and the weaker ones would crumble.
  36. Eileen slapped Dave over the head, silently, while eating crumble.
  37. But here, too, Aaron continues, our world began to crumble.
  38. I closed my eyes as the story began to crumble under its own weight.
  39. Not the aged cheddar – that would crumble and lose the impression.
  40. I would take one out, but I’m afraid they’ll crumble in my hands.
  41. It consisted of one part crumble, one part rhubarb and five thousand.
  42. The subtle class structure built on economics and skill would crumble.
  43. While pies are baking, crumble topping ingredients into a bowl and mix with.
  44. He considered asking, but as he watched, the leaf suddenly began to crumble.
  45. If he elaborated, it would only dilute and crumble what had already been stated.
  46. But in our time, the speed of this dynamic will not take 1,000 years to crumble.
  47. The cave began to crumble slowly, pieces of clumped dirt fell, causing a major cave in.
  48. First the sharp turn, then drifting backwards to crumble, grind and shudder to a stop.
  49. His house of cards was starting to crumble and he had no clue how to stop the bleeding.
  50. Eileen said nothing, but left the table to return with a bowl of apple crumble and cream.
  51. The empire began to crumble as separate factions developed to meet their diverging needs.
  52. Self defeat washed through her as her body swayed and she felt herself crumble before him.
  53. Vera and Jack served dessert; apple crumble with custard, followed by glasses of white wine.
  54. At which the heavens almost rupture, and the earth splits, and the mountains fall and crumble.
  55. Crumble the fresh yeast or sprinkle the dried yeast and a pinch of sugar into 3 tablespoons of.
  56. You might be the leader of the department, but I don’t want to be there when you crumble!.
  57. Rafferty wanted to see Allward's assurance crumble, that way he might get some more interesting answers.
  58. All other forms of hierarchical authority began to crumble and were desperately reinforced and preserved.
  59. Five boxes and five numbers, the same code dropped in front of her when her case first started to crumble.
  60. He took her into his arms when she arrived, swallowing back his own tears as he watched the Temple crumble.
  61. The bastards’ morale’s starting to crumble; the trick is to keep the process moving … and accelerating.
  62. And the people shall be burned as lime (crumble to dust), as thorns cut up shall they be consumed in the fire.
  63. Alex focused her power at the top of the cavern, trying with all her might to crumble the cave on top of Venus.
  64. The thick walls and massive pillars seemed too powerful to crumble before the assault of time and the elements.
  65. Elfric said: Some weakness in the mortar allowed the vault to crumble, and that in turn caused the cracks at.
  66. As soon as they were out of the temple, it began to crumble faster and faster, sending smoke and dust everywhere.
  67. Eileen hadn’t even started on her crumble yet so Nathan realized that something important was about to revealed.
  68. About an hour later, as I was nearing the room I heard a crumble of stones and the ruins around me shook slightly.
  69. For all which you gain in the world shall soon pass from you, and all which is before your eyes shall soon crumble.
  70. Metcalfe watched his partner for a few moments and knew him well enough to know that Walter was beginning to crumble.
  71. One look into his eyes, and he would suck a soul into the abyss; the soul would crumble to the ground in mere ashes.
  72. Even if she has to wait till the heaven collapsed, the ground give way, the ocean dried up and everything crumble into.
  73. Here and there cracks formed and widened, while throughout the western front the wall slowly but surely began to crumble.
  74. They had already geared up into a war economy, and they knew that if they did not go to war their economies would crumble.
  75. IV, 505-511), breaks a cliff where Ajax is standing in two, causing the part he is sitting on to crumble, thus killing him.
  76. Losing? But that cannot be, the Waking Man was about to crumble; the opposition he had created never took off, you saw to it.
  77. But now the barrier was beginning to crumble, and they were at last able to start sharing their feelings towards one another.
  78. The logic of Hall and Butler must crumble to atoms at this point, or else all reasoning should be dumped into the waste-basket.
  79. The beliefs or structures you have so carefully built begin to crumble as lightning strikes and the bare harsh truth is revealed.
  80. The sound-wave was absorbed and echoed, first causing all the terrain, mountains and sativa to crumble and fall from the surface.
  81. She put herself out there for the first time in seven years only to have her trust crumble on the floor along with a chunk of her heart.
  82. At this moment the soil at the far end of the burrow began to crumble inward, then it fell away and Silver's head and front paws appeared.
  83. Letting the dead man crumble to the floor, Jennifer then pulled herself up, unhooking her tied wrists and dropping on her feet to the floor.
  84. He bowed and sauntered disappointment burning in her that she could not quite analyze, the disappointment of a child seeing illusions crumble.
  85. Without waiting for her reply, he pulled the phone away from his ear, certain that one more sob would be enough to crumble his strong façade.
  86. I built the rest of it up very slowly, then I arose and turned away and walked off, so as not to watch it crumble in the waves, as all things crumble.
  87. I built the rest of it up very slowly, then I arose and turned away and walked off, so as not to watch in crumble in the waves, as all things crumble.
  88. The castle in the Upper World began to crumble and Isodor knew Elena had to wake at that moment or they would be buried under the ruins of their home.
  89. The earth was perfect for a gopher hole too, black and soft and yet with a little clay in it so that it didn’t crumble and the tunnels didn’t cave in.
  90. The post-war nightmares caused my life to crumble, but thanks to a confrontation with God through the evangelist Billy Graham, I committed my life to Christ.
  91. The explosive fire and the pro-gravity force of her weapon makes the side of the mountain crumble and pulls the Blisters body down the side of the mountain.
  92. Ishan had started his search shortly after hearing rumors from some of his kind who had traveled through Rome around the time the Roman Empire began to crumble.
  93. He felt so well, so close to perfect companionship, that he thought of no other refuge on the afternoon on which Amaranta Úrsula had made his illusions crumble.
  94. The dark-red stone of which the building was constructed is friable, and peculiarly apt to crumble under the moist atmosphere and dreary winds of the northeast coast.
  95. One of the boys observed that it was awkward for him to crumble the bread with the flowers in his hands and suggested he should give them to some one to hold for a time.
  96. Then he was reminded that he must crumble the bread and he was awfully excited, snatched up the bread and began pulling it to pieces and flinging the morsels on the grave.
  97. Believing that British resistance would crumble, and that the RAF would be forced to use its remaining reserve squadrons, Göring intensified the attacks and his losses mounted.
  98. Madeleine she felt the frightful shades of hatred crumble and melt within her, and something warm and ineffable, indescribable, which was both joy, confidence and love, dawn in her heart.
  99. Slowly, as if resisting the inevitable, the central tower started to sink and crumble downward, as most of its base had been shot away leaving it with very little support to remain standing.
  100. The walls I had been slaving over for years, the very concrete barriers holding back the twisted beast inside me, began to crumble under the weight of the hundreds of stares I began to receive.
  1. It was crumbling on the outside.
  2. I think it sent her world crumbling.
  3. Only, now, the walls were crumbling.
  4. The walls between them are crumbling.
  5. Alledrial was balanced on a crumbling.
  6. Businesses and industries were crumbling.
  7. After crumbling down, it would put the.
  8. I can barely see the burned out crumbling.
  9. Had the crumbling blind in one of the top.
  10. The facade of brick and cement is crumbling.
  11. They climbed over the old crumbling sentry box.
  12. The very infrastructure is crumbling for want of.
  13. And they were crumbling into dust before his eyes.
  14. They rumbled like the sound of mountains crumbling.
  15. All of our plans are crumbling before my very eyes.
  16. It is way of attaining salvation in a crumbling world.
  17. Not only was the wall in front of them crumbling, but.
  18. And time, far from running out, was crumbling into powder.
  19. His hopes and his ambitions were all crumbling about him.
  20. We trudge through a crumbling city and a perishing planet.
  21. The crumbling away of prejudices and errors causes light.
  22. The bank saw the crumbling building more as an encumbrance.
  23. He pushed the speed limit hoping to get over the crumbling.
  24. The crumbling sound of rock as it expands from the intense.
  25. The house or rather what was left of it was a crumbling ruin.
  26. Company could be on the brink of crumbling into chaos, and it.
  27. I felt as if I were a thousand years old and crumbling to dust.
  28. First the house started to disappear, crumbling away into dust.
  29. All of the building here appeared to be crumbling down colonial.
  30. Slightly damp, it held a moment and then fell inward, crumbling.
  31. They were all cracked, crumbling, and for the most part, toppled.
  32. A fold in a flooring of this sort means a crack, means crumbling.
  33. The crumbling trail of Chaos was now halfway to the golden cabinet.
  34. His arms wrapped around her and she found her resistance crumbling.
  35. The walls were black and crumbling, and silence shrouded the yard.
  36. Many houses were unsafe long before the floods sent them crumbling.
  37. I broke a piece of bread from the loaf, crumbling it into the stew.
  38. Is there no way we can keep Mars’s Temples from crumbling?
  39. But he was ashamed of his company, his marriage was crumbling and he.
  40. The ground felt as though it were crumbling under my feet, and I fled.
  41. Old French villas crumbling in the torrid heat, slim svelte Vietnamese.
  42. This dungeon was rough stone rather than crumbling concrete, no plaster.
  43. Then the Romans disappeared, leaving nothing but crumbling ruins behind.
  44. AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, he was on the crumbling stoop of the Phalanstery.
  45. As the Western Roman Empire was crumbling, in eastern Europe the Huns were.
  46. The kind of damage eats the integrity of the wall and it is crumbling away.
  47. He gunned the V8 and spat stones against the crumbling dry stone wall that.
  48. It’s as if the pagan order is crumbling, making way for whatever’s next.
  49. There was a sensation as of all sanity and stability crumbling and vanishing.
  50. He scrambled up so his legs balanced precariously on the crumbling window ledge.
  51. The first cabs were already rattling up the crumbling stone and metal rampways.
  52. The city was all of polished white stone, mostly crumbling, ancient and decayed.
  53. Add suffocation by miasmas, burial by slides, and sudden crumbling of the earth.
  54. Dolly Swaney appeared on the front porch, a crumbling addition with broken steps.
  55. She wanted to seem strong but everything was crumbling and she heard herself sob.
  56. His marriage to Sheila was crumbling; if you could call it a marriage to start with.
  57. Fortunately, a different vineyard spread along the slope uphill from the crumbling.
  58. He saw a well-defined carving of two huge twin-like towers in a state of crumbling.
  59. She couldn’t stand being in here with him any longer, her defenses were crumbling.
  60. And, crumbling the handkerchief in her hand, she went down the stairs to the kitchen.
  61. Meantime, down below, the kempt façade of the world he’d left behind was crumbling.
  62. His marriage had suffered the most, short-lived as it had been before crumbling apart.
  63. It is the concussion of other people, of ten thousand spires now crumbling to the sea.
  64. It sort of balanced my professional deterioration and boosted my crumbling self-esteem.
  65. And in the midst of that plateau rose a long broad structure of crumbling greenish stone.
  66. Both bullets hit their marks, with the Iranian and the Israeli crumbling to the pavement.
  67. It was as if the crumbling lines had grown back into the structures they originally were.
  68. His place was very odd and scary place, a place like old crumbling and abandoned building.
  69. Now that the owner’s business empire had been brought crumbling down so should The Outhouse.
  70. The path was littered with crumbling statues, and there was even a large worn out shrine gate.
  71. All she could see were the familiar blackened beams and crumbling interior of the former home.
  72. They had to pay little rent for the house, which was gradually crumbling and falling to pieces.
  73. Moodily, she ground the javelin into the crumbling earth between her legs, digging out a small.
  74. Crowds, mostly women and children, were streaming out of crumbling, low-slung tenement buildings.
  75. Only the stumps of broken columns rose above crumbling walls and broken paves and shattered dome.
  76. Shah Bano fell down like a crumbling tree on the steps of the ground floor of the school corridor.
  77. The Thurian civilization was crumbling; their armies were composed largely of barbarian mercenaries.
  78. He climbed the crumbling slope of the rampart, and, putting aside the bushes, looked upon the harbour.
  79. Had We sent this Quran down on a mountain, you would have seen it trembling, crumbling in awe of God.
  80. Bêlit mocked at his superstitions and ordered the galley run inshore and tied to the crumbling wharfs.
  81. This is because these beliefs rarely bear even the most cursory examination without crumbling to dust.
  82. Sooty floorboards, crumbling brick … it’s like Charlie’s dreamed everything he lived through here.
  83. Edna reached out a trembling hand, her crumbling old joints making her cry out in agony at every movement.
  84. As she was crumbling, Hades grabbed Elena’s falling body and she was still holding her heart in her hand.
  85. She dropped to the ground, crawled out to the crumbling edge, and peered over, but by then Thomas was gone.
  86. I have come to say good-bye, he said, crumbling in his hand an envelope with a 100-rouble note inside.
  87. After crumbling down, it would put the entire property gently to rest at the same level as the valley floor.
  88. Beyond the crumbling buildings a large industrial estate made of modern metal clad buildings greets his gaze.
  89. If you study the 12,000 years of civilization emerging, growing, crumbling, building back up, crumbling again.
  90. Already crumbling buildings are pelted with projectiles and then torched, hastening their inevitable collapse.
  91. Jack then threw several mini explosives at stairwell and it came crumbling down and the human fortress with it.
  92. Rotting wood and crumbling stone hung from every building, looking as if they had been neglected for centuries.
  93. The structures showed signs of wear, corners were crumbling, in some instances footholds were chipped or missing.
  94. As it was drawn out, the bundle fell open and a small revolver tumbled out onto the crumbling concrete steps below.
  95. The walls that had prevented their effortless communication and the development of their friendship were crumbling.
  96. THE BENTLEY SEDAN Carroll rode in barely slowed as it squeezed around a crumbling white brick wall in the inner city.
  97. Crumbling brick warehouses, oil storage tanks, rusting cranes, and gritty factories lined both sides of the waterway.
  98. And as suddenly as the violent motion had started, the rumbling faded, leaving the walls intact, but crumbling slowly.
  99. It was not plain dirt or soft crumbling chunks, but a powdery and damp substance that clung to everything it touched.
  100. The fall of everything around him only augmented Grantaire's prostration; the crumbling of all things was his lullaby.
  1. She had crumbled so easily.
  2. I touched the crumbled bits.
  3. The fish had crumbled into a.
  4. Then one by one, they crumbled!.
  5. The wall crumbled before my eyes.
  6. The wall ended in a crumbled heap.
  7. Dung crumbled against my shoulder.
  8. My love has crumbled, love is through.
  9. Windows shattered and plaster crumbled.
  10. The wards on the outside have crumbled.
  11. Bill screamed and crumbled to the ground.
  12. The tower crumbled like a house of cards.
  13. Mortar flaked and crumbled from his touch.
  14. A brick in Holly's wall of defence crumbled.
  15. And the mountains are crushed and crumbled.
  16. Stray potato chips crumbled under her feet.
  17. The meteoric iron turned gray and crumbled.
  18. Sebastian’s smirk froze and then crumbled.
  19. A lesser woman would have crumbled, but Mrs.
  20. They had finally crumbled into brittle pieces.
  21. I crumbled but began doing all that I could do.
  22. It probably would have crumbled to the ground.
  23. He crumbled over in agony, as the Ultras began.
  24. But now he felt that the universe had crumbled.
  25. But for a while now all this has crumbled, and.
  26. The framework crumbled away for a certain length.
  27. His world crumbled and he was not able to accept.
  28. The edges crumbled off under his clutching fingers.
  29. I crumbled onto the ground without any strength!.
  30. The buildings on each side of the street were crumbled.
  31. All of a sudden, the wooden stairs crumbled beneath him.
  32. He crumbled to the floor as steam vented into the room.
  33. I held her hands and came out from the crumbled building.
  34. Joshua's strength crumbled where he stood, and he backed.
  35. I crumbled up the pad, threw it in the trash and I went.
  36. When he held Sorren in his arms, the body crumbled away.
  37. Sprinkle the crumbled blue cheese on to of the mozzarella.
  38. He crumbled my gravestone into pieces with one swift kick.
  39. He tugged on the steering wheel case and it crumbled apart.
  40. Plug Ivory’s assumption of dignity crumbled immediately.
  41. The trust she developed crumbled faster than it took to build.
  42. It was coming from one of the rooms of the crumbled building.
  43. I crumbled onto the sofa, bawling my eyes out in frustration.
  44. The mountains had not crumbled nor the earth fallen into ruin.
  45. His skeletal remains crumbled into a pile of ashes around the.
  46. Her resolve crumbled and a flood of tears poured from her eyes.
  47. He grabbed the staff of a third rebel, and it crumbled to dust.
  48. Those buildings that were under construction had crumbled to.
  49. A loaf of bread crumbled into dust as Mark went to pick it up.
  50. And not crumbled into middleclass wealth as they so easily did.
  51. Luckily for her, the woman’s confidence quickly crumbled as I.
  52. Wulfric had never shown fear to Ralph before, but now he crumbled.
  53. Lisbeth didn’t say anything¸ instead she crumbled to the ground.
  54. Mei Yinxue cried out in a surprise and she crumbled to the ground!.
  55. He felt it but briefly, but even so, he nearly crumbled beneath it.
  56. His oversized clown shoe exited as the last of the building crumbled.
  57. The Ultiman shrunk, crumbled and turned into a lump of a tough skin.
  58. The building crumbled around him and the howls of the dead drew near.
  59. The hills had been worn away by the wind and had crumbled over time.
  60. The pottery creature crumbled into pieces, leaving a mound of shards.
  61. All the men in the hall suddenly collapsed and crumbled on the chairs.
  62. Something crumbled inside Stan as Miri stormed out of the royal bedroom.
  63. My avian body slammed into a nearby tree, and I crumbled to the ground.
  64. Maggie’s resolve crumbled, and she put her head on his chest and cried.
  65. And he once found knuckle-bones so old, they crumbled when he held them.
  66. I crumbled up the pad, threw it in the trash and I went back to cooking.
  67. A crisp sound was heard as there lightly toasted edges crumbled slightly.
  68. As final German resistance crumbled, wholesale rape and looting occurred.
  69. Another kick, and a four foot long segment of the wall crumbled outwards.
  70. It crumbled in her hands and the smell of charred parchment assaulted her.
  71. Only a little earth crumbled from the bank under the horse’s hind hoofs.
  72. She laid her hand on Johnny’s shoulder and her eyes crumbled with thanks.
  73. He crumbled the wafer up fine and worked it into the mass between his hands.
  74. My smile crumbled at the same time as Viviane and Pauline burst out laughing.
  75. Alice’s facade of stoic parental strength crumbled, and she started to cry.
  76. A sweep of his tail and the roof of the Great House crumbled and smashed down.
  77. Without the weight of my beloved Baloh the crumbled stair railing held, barely.
  78. Instantly, its head crumbled, leaving a smoking crater where it once had been.
  79. Their prosperity is crumbled up behind the scenes, into nice little promotions.
  80. He handled it gently, but all the same the wax crumbled as soon as he touched it.
  81. I continued walking along the path, looking through the bars at the crumbled old.
  82. He crouched at the edge of the village, behind the crumbled wall of the old well.
  83. He bounded up and over a crumbled pile of concrete, towards the outskirts of town.
  84. If you prefer, you can also add a little finely crumbled dried Karl Johan mushroom.
  85. Suddenly a small patch of floor crumbled away, and a head emerged through the hole.
  86. Even then he would fight on, never stopping, not until his fingers crumbled to ash.
  87. His fingers brushed her lips as the cheese crumbled when she took it into her mouth.
  88. I'm the princess in the crumbled tower, no way out, waiting for her Prince Charming.
  89. The walls, towers, and buildings of the city crumbled and were melted into the ground.
  90. We walked on the crumbled roads, streets and by-lanes in search of hospital tirelessly.
  91. She touched the remains of a coat rack and its ashes crumbled away beneath her fingers.
  92. Nearly totally disabled, the pirate leader crumbled to the deck while shouting in pain.
  93. Suddenly, the wall crumbled away and shattered like glass, revealing a hidden stairwell.
  94. The mask crumbled, and everything burst forth that she was supposed to hide and control.
  95. Even as the western half of the empire crumbled; and though Constantinople maintained a.
  96. Then the whole treasure thing crumbled and Pinga’s gout kicked in just for good measure.
  97. Baby Roman is clumsy, Sheila thought to herself, as she crumbled up the empty candy wrappers.
  98. As I approached at the crumbled building, the screaming voice of a woman was clearly audible.
  99. The seas stirred and waves crashed into the shoreline so hard that the rocky cliffs crumbled.
  100. Cisco’s shares, at $52 when Chambers called his company a break-away, crumbled to $13.
  1. The statue then crumbles.
  2. Then everything crumbles.
  3. Time crumbles every building man erects.
  4. Botched, it smears the hands, crumbles to dust.
  5. Whatever this rock is, it crumbles really easily.
  6. Under foot he has nothing but what flees and crumbles.
  7. From sand that never crumbles or faints, and never shall.
  8. The facade crumbles and falls onto the terrified fools below.
  9. Until every tower crumbles and every city is consumed with fire!.
  10. When the natural order of things crumbles: all criminal species flourish.
  11. It simply crumbles into dust in the hands of even the most unskilled protagonist.
  12. The tireless and constant prestidigitation ceases and the entire edifice crumbles.
  13. The deterioration will result in bark that easily crumbles when rubbed by the fingers.
  14. The creek bed crumbles from the rushing water, The stone lies still and preserve it station.
  15. One declines, descends, trickles away, even crumbles away, and yet is hardly conscious of it one's self.
  16. However, it is nice to see that if everything crumbles at the company you’ll still get your money back.
  17. A relationship without love is a weak foundation which is easily crumbles down like a house made of cards.
  18. Unheard-of conflict! At certain moments the foot slips; at other moments the ground crumbles away underfoot.
  19. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to the chaos that will erupt when our society crumbles and has to re-invent itself.
  20. Take away the Imaginary Linear Line from human awareness: and abstract civilization crumbles, disappears, and vanishes before your eyes.
  21. As we see more of the truth in God and have a revelation of who Jesus is, then the power of the enemy crumbles in our life and the darkness flees.
  22. Why should that uncouth pair sit here childless while the place crumbles about their ears? I will not disguise from you that I have taken a dislike to Beryl.
  23. When first taken from the earth, and exposed to the air, it is covered with an incrustation of a dark reddish-brown colour, that crumbles easily between the fingers, and is generally from one inch to a foot in thickness.
  24. With a thin veneer of outer reflective consciousness made of polished stone, and a massive amount of rotten sandstone filling up the human brain with cultural brainwashing that crumbles easily upon exposure to the elements.
  25. The pacific mask crumbles when the narcissist has become convinced that the very people he purported to speak for, his constituency, his grassroots fans, the prime sources of his narcissistic supply, have turned against him.
  26. The pacific mask crumbles when the narcissist has become convinced that the very people he purported to speak for, his constituency, his grassroots fans, the prime sources of his narcissistic supply - have turned against him.

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