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Crushed in einem Satz (in englisch)

I was crushed.
He was crushed.
He crushed her.
She felt crushed.
Will was crushed.
Place the crushed.
It will be crushed.

He crushed his head.
Padilla was crushed.
from the crushed cage.
spirits to be crushed.
crushed to the ground.
His ribs are crushed.
The Lover Is Crushed.
Mom, I was crushed.
And I have crushed it.
The lock was crushed.
It crushed to powder.
was crushed beneath it.
bones had been crushed.
Crushed the cigarette.
crushed all beneath him.
Buildings were crushed.
certain they are crushed.
not act crushed or upset.
The table crushed down.
Her parents were crushed.
can of crushed tomatoes.
Several had been crushed.
kid crushing his head.
Crushing her to death.
Crushing his genitals.
Grunt, Crushing The Sprigs.
when with sound of crushing.
for the crushing final attack.
Cortes was crushing the Aztecs.
That was a crushing blow to me.
crushing his face into the floor.
the tension that was crushing me.
heavy creating a crushing feeling.
Wow, buddy_ You’re crushing me.
produced by the crushing of the core.
the while crushing us in the process.
crushing the breath out of her chest.
He crumpled suddenly, crushing the.
crushing sadness that weighed upon her.
‘She’s crushing the shoulder pads.
the crushing gravity of the black hole.
Try crushing one and seeing if it works.
for the crushing, agonising pain to come.
Cook and mince them by crushing in a can.
As the wall came crushing down, Uar gave.
couple of years of recovery, was crushing.
Crushing the thought as if it were vermin.
"Ah! It is crushing me!" cried the old man.
The 210 approached at a crushing 10 G’s.
Panic seized his chest, crushing his heart.
He gave each of his parents a crushing hug.
and crushing of facial flesh filled the room.
prayer under the crushing force of his hands.
It weighs down, it crushes.
(That was my crushes name).
The Fed Crushes the 1981 Economy.
That this poor aching bosom crushes?.
at the second advent and crushes Satan.
I’ve had teenager’s crushes before.
Cass quickly crushes it in his embrace.
It crushes the arm and parts of the hippo’s.
secrets about their crushes, love life and wildest.
In the short term, Maya almost always crushes the.
The T-90 crushes the fuselage of DeShawn’s Raven.
Civilization crushes, kills, and buries all new ideas.
"Three Orange Crushes, make it four," he told the old man.
In the short term, Maya almost always crushes the rebellion.
As a huge heavy box of hidden layers that crushes him flat.
HATAMAH: It breaks and crushes everything that is thrown into.
girlish crushes on other aspects of life were well out of the way she.
First crushes, first dates, first kisses, first break-ups, first exes.
A steel beam slams into one of them, and a slab of concrete crushes the other.
Von Rumpel sets the little house on the floor, raises his foot, and crushes it.
Thomas was left with crushes on girls he wanted to ask to prom, but he did not.
This elephant of Zulimistan crushes small ants celebrate its victory and triumph.
His chest crushes mine, and I itch to touch, but I can’t, my hands, useless above me.
the ecstatic face, and then also the body, of Fernando Torres, one of her hottest crushes.
Another juicer crushes what you would like to juice and presses that crush against a fine net.
Mmph! you gasp startled by her sudden aggressiveness as she crushes herself into your chest.
"Hear then" says he "foolish man how grief crushes out the Holy Spirit and on the other hand saves.
) He was a crush.
had a crush on her.
Thomas had a crush.
He had a crush on.
I'll just crush him.
Then crush their.
It will crush you!.
crush on the same boy.
It's more than a crush.
The crush of the heart,.
You have a crush on her.
Hence the term IV crush.
(To discomfit is to crush.
ultimate crush for Thomas.
Our Lady would crush him.
Bernice had a crush on him.
Elizabeth had a crush on Mr.
tempted to crush the man.
A huge crush of bodies had.
It’s just a crush, I think.
She still had a crush on him.
and he saw a crush of bodies.
It’s time to crush a party.
away or crush us in his hands.
He will crush them one by one.
crush the tomatoes with a fork.
immense rock ready to crush us.

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