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Ct sätze (in englisch)

1. CT abdomen shows a 3.
2. Narmond in the CT scan room.
3. Prospect Hill, East Haven, Ct.
4. Tol free in CT: 1-800-831-7225.
5. Note: Both CT and PT can have tempeh.
6. CT: Eat only the white meat (breast).
7. CT scan to be carried out on May 6, 2004.

8. CT DEP and RI DEM are on their ways here.
9. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2006.
10. Campbell Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516, USA.
11. Select-men of the Town of Litchfield, Ct.
12. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2008.
13. I beat the moving van to CT by only one day.
14. I disconnected my CT phone when I went to MT.
15. CT: Option add additional tomatoes and cucumbers.
16. It's one of the conditions of pe rfe ct he a lth.
17. In the summer, a dangerous hurricane had hit SE CT.
18. WHERE: US - CA, CO, CT, AK, HI, WI, NY, MA, WA, NV.
19. CT: Reduce beans to 8 ounces and add 1 cup wild rice.
20. Around July 2004, the Italians came to CT to make Mr.
21. Things got off on the wrong foot before I even left CT.
22. CT: Eat this sparingly as seeds are not your ideal food.
23. CT: Reduce the coconut oil and macadamia nuts by one-half.
24. Groton, CT (where he played two years on the hockey team).
25. CT knows Gabrielle is my friend and he has written her before.
26. The subject lies in a CT scanner holding a button in each hand.
27. CT scan also reveals bumpy contours of the renal pelvis.
28. CT scanning uses X-rays in similar way to that of a normal X-ray.
29. Reacher said, The CT in CT scan stands for computed tomography.
30. Attend the LIVE TRAINING on Fridays with George Kosch at 10 AM CT.
31. Dixie initially refused to move to CT with me and wanted a divorce.
32. CT of the abdomen and pelvis don't show any metastasis to the liver.
33. Early in my last week, CT had an ice storm with whiteout conditions.
34. At least in CT , I had EB as a client at $150/hour through the end of.
35. Don Byles handled arrangements including cremation a sap under CT law.
36. CT AKA ―CK‖ and his amigos are doing everything they can to hurt me.
37. For instance, sometimes IQ testing, EEGs, CT scans, and MRIs may be administered.
38. Since it’s the neck, I want x rays, and a CT scan of the neck and head, Dr.
39. He undergoes a chest xray and CT of the chest that shows a mass in the right lung.
40. A CT scan revealed a massive hemorrhagic stroke, or severe bleeding into the brain.
41. Now that you have read this plan to attend the LIVE TRAINING on FRIDAY at 10 AM CT.
42. Mike was only 1 ½ when we moved to CT, so it was the only home which he remembered.
43. All of the following are associated with this CT finding of the renal pelvis except:.
44. We did a blood test before taking a CT scan of your head while you were in the hospital.
45. Chapin's Figures illustrating his paper on junction of Trap and Sandstone, in Wallingford, Ct.
46. The patient undergoes CT of the abdomen that shows some diverticulosis without diverticulitis.
47. I had tired of driving up to Farmington on my own time and money for Central CT NCMA meetings.
48. The young wom a n stood, sm iling a t him –a n unce rta in, im ploring, a lm ost a bje ct sm ile.
49. Would the crea ture trea t him with the re spe ct due to his ca ste ? The que stion ha unte d him.
50. Cries of mercy for the mute who had been rushed to the hospital for a CT scan of his cracked skull.
51. I'm also concerned that CT may have sent a letter to Gabrielle Crist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
52. I did not try to call our Montville, CT, neighbors, Debbie and Bill in Columbus, about 70 miles west.
53. He undergoes a CT of the abdomen without contrast that reveals a 4mm sized non-obstructive kidney stone.
54. With CT scan, X-Ray and MRI and what not, we are handed over reports of the impending danger in our lives.
55. And, of course, the first thing I did on Friday was get the manifest to locate boxes packed from my CT MBR.
56. But it got him seen in ninety seconds, and ninety seconds after that he was on his way for a CT scan of his head.
57. Conta ct with m e m be rs of he lowe r ca ste s a lwa ys re m inde d him pa infully of this physica l ina de qua cy.
58. When we got to CT, he immediately entered full day kindergarten at Mohegan Elementary where he did first grade, also.
59. There is a nice mailbox addon cal ed CT mail out there that lets you open every single mail in your box instantly and.
60. I sought other employment after returning to CT, but it was delayed many months because of the operation to my right eye.
61. The doctor orders a blood count, blood sugars, paracetamol and aspirin, and makes a call to arrange an immediate CT scan.
62. I called our then Congressman Sam Gejdenson’s local office in Middletown, CT, and found out how very simple the process was.
63. I was on the way back to critical care after another CT scan, and flitted between consciousness and sleep until I woke properly.
64. An alternative and better fitting model proved to be L = ct + dt2, an equation often used in modeling the growth of an epidemic.
65. As it was, this $85,000 payment still was the largest insurance settlement which the State of CT ever paid for police brutality.
66. I had already started at EB two weeks earlier, so that was the start of my 33 years in CT, but for the one year 2001-02 in MT and NM.
67. I had already started at EB two weeks earlier, so that was the start of my 30 years in CT, but for the one year 2001-02 in MT and NM.
68. CT and RI retirees were enrolled in an HMO with small co pays, no deductibles, and generally more favorable treatment in every aspect.
69. At Christmas, Diane was well enough to fly home to Mississippi, but in January a new CT scan showed the disease was making inroads again.
70. It was just west of I-395, south of Worcester, long enough ago that the four-lane highway was still designated Route 52 in both CT and MA.
71. A CT of the patient’s abdomen did show a mass in the head of the pancreas, along with dilatation of the common bile and pancreatic ducts.
72. A CT scan of the chest is done which reveals a larger effusion on the left side so the decision is made to place a chest tube in the patient.
73. My brother and I still barely spoke, and our mom developed Alzheimer’s and congestive heart failure, and died 12/30/02 after I was back in CT.
74. His wife gets him to the hospital, and he’s two minutes from a CT scan, which would confirm he’s having a stroke, but no, he codes in the hallway.
75. We moved to CT partly because Will would be entering first grade in fall 1979 after three years at a private kindergarten at the Gautier Baptist Church.
76. This procedure is performed through doubling the observations sample by adding to each p(t) = C(t + τ)/C(t) its inverse value p–1(t) = C(t)/C(t + τ).
77. I finally went over the brink in CT from traveling constantly, second and third chairing litigation my first seven years, and padding my expense account.
78. It wa s a night a lm ost without clouds, m oonle ss a nd sta rry; but of this on the whole de pre ssing fa ct Le nina a nd Henry were fortuna tely una wa re.
79. The CT and MRI scans where electronically sent to two different cardiologists for evaluation and neither one of them had a clue as to what they were looking at.
80. Yet, that turned out to be real reason why my job offer was rescinded one week after I had accepted it and returned to CT, starting to plan my relocation.
81. Bathke heard our fight, then tackled me, saving Stigler’s sorry ass, so that I even ran into him back in CT years later where he and I were corporate counsels.
82. I frequently stopped in Milton on my way back to CT from NYSBA LAP conventions (always to the north and west of Poughkeepsie) and chatted with her and new hubby.
83. He was promoted over me, so I interviewed for jobs with both Newport News and Electric Boat in Groton, CT; accepting the latter’s offer to start in February 1979.
84. So I sold the house, which I had bought there—again from Century 21—in four days, took an all cash offer, and went back to CT to lick my wounds and practice law.
85. At one time, it was assumed that the growth of the welfare case load L was a simple function of time t, so that L = ct, where the growth rate c was a function population size.
86. The following notations will be used: C(t) is the underlying asset close price at the moment in time t; L is the length of history horizon; and T0 is the current moment in time.
87. Colonel Junaid gave the general a briefing on the surgery and the proposed treatment plan, and General Kayani told him he should send the CT scans abroad to the best experts for advice.
88. The moving company just drove the Honda up a ramp into the back of the van and we retrieved it from Congdon’s Storage in Montville as soon as our goods reached CT and were put into storage.
89. On January 12th, some RI residents on the opposite shore of the Pawcatuck River which divided RI and CT had spotted an oil slick on the river that appeared to be coming from Yardney’s plant.
90. Even when I told her that I had been fired and most definitely would be leaving Missoula for a new job in either NM or FL, or simply returning to CT, she still wanted to go out, at least for coffee.
91. In May 2000, I got an email from NCMA’s Central CT chapter containing a meeting announcement from Pat Gnazzo and Paul Robert about that June’s CCC gala end-of-program-year meeting (free booze etc.
92. The moving company just drove the Honda up a ramp into the back of the van and we retrieved it from Congdon’s Storage in, of all places, Montville, as soon as our goods reached CT and were put into storage.
93. I told both Anna at KLR and Leigh upon his return to work in March that I did not intend to complete my six-month assignment due to the above reasons as well as the 108-mile commute in the worst winter of my 26 years in CT.
94. Information from CT scans of living persons was added, and the sophisticated software program distorted reference points on the 3D skull to correspond with points on a reference CT scan, creating a facial shape for each skull.
95. At least in CT, I had EB as a client at $150/hour through the end of August 2001, my younger son Mike and his daughter Aubree lived nearby, and I was surrounded by many friends from church, AA, and the Democratic City committee.
96. We have more MRI and CT scanner equipment per capita than any country (cause we’re so damn sick?) We have the highest rate of catheterization, (angiograms), the highest rate of angioplasty, and the highest per capita on dialysis.
97. I wa s give n the choice : to be se nt to a n isla nd, whe re I could ha ve got on with m y pure scie nce , or to be ta ke n on to the Controlle rs' Council with the prospe ct of succe e ding in due course to a n a ctua l Controlle rship.
98. I will go to my grave blaming myself, to some degree, for having moved to Florida while he was incarcerated, but I fully intended to, and was willing and capable of, returning to CT and living with him until I was satisfied he was not a danger to himself and others.
99. But in spite of this knowle dge a nd the se a dm issions, in spite of the fa ct tha t his frie nd's support a nd sym pa thy we re now his only com fort, Be rna rd continue d pe rve rse ly to nourish, a long with his quite ge nuine a ffe ction, a se cre t grie va nce a ga inst the Sa va ge , to m e dia te a ca m pa ign of sm a ll re ve nge s to be wre a ke d upon him.
100. I used my PC to apply for a zillion jobs on line, but more importantly, when I went to CT Works in Shaw’s Cove to meet with the Veterans’ Representative, I learned that I was still in the system at the Primary Care Clinic on the Coast Guard Academy’s grounds and that because of my having held two decent paying salaried jobs in 01/02, I was entitled to $474/week in unemployment benefits.

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