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Ct in einem Satz (in englisch)

CT abdomen shows a 3.
Narmond in the CT scan room.
"Pe rfe ct," he sa id a loud.
Tol free in CT: 1-800-831-7225.
CT: Eat only the white meat (breast).
Note: Both CT and PT can have tempeh.
CT scan to be carried out on May 6, 2004.

CT DEP and RI DEM are on their ways here.
Campbell Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516, USA.
I beat the moving van to CT by only one day.
I disconnected my CT phone when I went to MT.
CT: Option add additional tomatoes and cucumbers.
For example, daily close prices C(t), t = 1, 2,.
It's one of the conditions of pe rfe ct he a lth.
In the summer, a dangerous hurricane had hit SE CT.
Around July 2004, the Italians came to CT to make Mr.
We are not hiring in the following states: CA, CT,.
CT: Reduce beans to 8 ounces and add 1 cup wild rice.
Things got off on the wrong foot before I even left CT.
CT: Eat this sparingly as seeds are not your ideal food.
Groton, CT (where he played two years on the hockey team).
CT: Reduce the coconut oil and macadamia nuts by one-half.
CT knows Gabrielle is my friend and he has written her before.
The subject lies in a CT scanner holding a button in each hand.
CT scan also reveals bumpy contours of the renal pelvis.
CT scanning uses X-rays in similar way to that of a normal X-ray.
Reacher said, The CT in CT scan stands for computed tomography.

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