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    1. All of her soul found that wonderful, along with his culture and intelligence

    2. Kulai might ply her with two evenings of romance and culture in exchange for one union by the light of Narrulla on the cushion of their bedroom balcony

    3. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    4. Whatever had happened to Earth that caused its interstellar signals to cease, the culture that built his daedalus sleepership was as gone as the solid fuel chemical booster by the time those signals ceased

    5. We have become selfish individuals, taking all decisions based on materialistic considerations and adopted a culture marketed by others

    6. Neither was willing to accept enough of the native culture to leave the familiarity they provided each other

    7. Now she was in the native culture

    8. She had a fine home in the native culture

    9. She was with a fine man in the native culture

    10. I wish to retain some of the good parts of our culture alongside the native culture

    11. That is enough, all the wealth we can consume in what really is a glittering city of art and culture and ideas, in spite of the rafts-in-a-rainforest decor

    12. But he never abandoned himself to the culture, he could never just let go and became one of the natives

    13. Kulai was so sophisticated, a well practiced amorist from an ancient and decadent culture, but in a sense more tease than Tdeshi's hormones wanted her to live with

    14. In the mad rush of things we have built a culture of ‘instant’

    15. During lunch she met his current partner, a lithe, orchre-skinned Elf woman who was fascinated with his alien culture

    16. She had run off with the guy who looked more like what her old culture called 'manly' hadn't she? Against her better judgement, every step of the way

    17. To understand the reasons why this culture flourished completely intertwined with the ocean and the earth around them, we must look at their relations with those around them

    18. There was another faction who felt that it was acceptable to do daily business with the locals but retain their own culture with no more 'political boundary' than land ownership, and a third group who wanted to remain in voluntary association like the core of any other ethnic group, but not be required to join one contiguous territory

    19. " There probably was an Elven community down there, but they would not be the majority and there would certainly be a lot of Megnor culture in evidence in daily life

    20. He was of the 'Culturalist' faction that desired to preserve what they could of Brazilian culture in this new world on a voluntary basis

    21. They had completely replaced Americans and Chinese as the boogeymen in their culture

    22. It was a whole culture of pretending to be hard-line while being secretly sybaritic

    23. He knew the culture of violence was born from the struggle to throw off the Americans, but that was four hundred fifty years ago now, get over it

    24. And wasn't that the problem, all the little things about their culture that prevented them from having feelings for each other as individuals? Yet he had only to feel it to know the feeling was right

    25. What they knew about the planet was evil to be sure, but there was so much culture and history hinted at in the reports that it seemed a shame we don't gather some data first

    26. He retained some of his homeland's culture in the structure of this home

    27. The culture encouraged one to make the least impact possible

    28. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising

    29. Since everyone expects to live indefinitely, there is a lot more incentive to think sustainably in this culture

    30. "Dad, I've got a culture and religion question

    31. I am preserving some of the culture, but I am smart enough to understand where we are

    32. Herndon took them to a roastery, the only type of dining with significant pieces of meat available in this culture

    33. He found her stylish, with awesome breasts, but chilly and insufferably snobbish about her culture

    34. Everything in our culture is based upon these principles

    35. She didn’t know enough about Earth culture to know if this would be acceptable socially or not

    36. The culture at this time would have considered that life is a cycle

    37. Do you see the implications in the culture? The altar and the sacrifices have been symbols of oppression and anxiety

    38. ‘By the standards of Earth technology, life is certainly a lot simpler on Errd … slower in some ways … no, that’s not accurate, less frenzied would be better … but we have a high standard of living … and I think it’s fair to say that our culture is more ecologically sound

    39. ” What happened in this story? Well, lets do a quick culture study… Rabbis would wear prayer shawls

    40. I suppose it’s partly the fact that we have fewer people and partly the culture of family or communal living that tends to be the norm

    41. When someone became a Christian in Rome, they not only opposed the established religions, but also opposed the entire culture and State founded upon those religions

    42. This is your culture and I can't expect to take you out of it and I will try very hard not to complain about it

    43. I told you that and I told you I love you just as much in spite of the culture you're from

    44. Kofo Awoonor, by seeking his voice and reflecting on all that he did to inform our imagination and culture

    45. Yet again, Kara felt the impact of the massive divide between her culture and that of Earth – something the exploration of the seaside resort had highlighted; the sheer volume of … words failed her … stuff that was on sale in the shops … most of it completely superfluous … badly made, cheap (in every meaning of the word) ornaments of no practical use whatsoever and precious little artistic merit, deliberately manufactured to clutter up somebody’s home … and then there was the food and drink on offer! Everywhere she’d looked there had been foodstuffs on sale and people eating … battered fish, hot savoury smelling sausages, the tart scent of vinegar on chips fresh from the fryers … and ices of every conceivable flavour … and those unbelievable sweets in all shapes and sizes … and, according to Iain, this particular seaside resort was a relatively small one … by the time Iain turned off the motorway at the Taunton interchange, she had concluded that although it had been fun visiting, really, when it came down to it, she preferred her own world

    46. bases her science fiction work on the culture of the islands

    47. This is your culture, you have been living it for longer than the nation of my ancestors has existed

    48. It looks as though he is singlehandedly changing the culture of your world, Karal – did you realise how far-reaching the effect of your action has been?

    49. To discover that the Yeti people actually exist was sufficiently stunning to this poor Earthman and the realisation that they have a sophisticated culture still seems fantastical

    50. Why? Are we not all within the same Kingdom? Does that Kingdom not have it’s own culture to teach us how to live?

    1. Arbnor Jasari can be cultured

    2. She is growing to love his oddly cultured yet innocent use of the English language

    3. He was cultured and considerate, had a bit of dry humor, and a wide range of knowledge

    4. Actually it wasn't, it was a musical, cultured sort of giggle

    5. “Does he share us? You mean-- No, he seems a cultured man

    6. Carius, as fun-loving and devious as her brother, was additionally quite cultured and appreciative of the scholarly and finer arts – something he had in common with Heron’s eldest sister

    7. If some had their way he’d be in a padded cell (a view he’d cultured ever since the media broadcast, when he’d declared the aliens’ existence)

    8. “Sir Craig Holland,” the man said in a well cultured voice

    9. I befriended the chief of the NKWD in Namangan, who was learned and cultured, not arrogant and a lover of art

    10. This man was so intelligent, so cultured

    11. She only wore clothes that were white, lavender or lilac and always with a single strand of cultured pearls

    12. In my life I have had many drinking experiences, some of them have been quite cultured; others, I have to admit, have left a lot to be desired and I would be surprised if I can remember most of them

    13. The family ties were more a burden, as Marilee always forget her cultured grandfather and her colonial past, when she sat at the crisply set linen covered dinner table in Toorak, and felt the cheap shoes and the lack of Private School Educational Ties that all the others seemed so casual about, and brought into the conversation so easily

    14. Emeroth addressed the assembly in a cultured contralto that sounded surprisingly normal to human ears

    15. Whatever you say, I won't be convinced he's a cultured man

    16. " I'm sorry to hear that" Amanda said in a cultured voice that was supposed to be Anna

    17. After a light meal I had a nervous shit, an intensive once over with a sponge dipped in aftershave to ensure the sweet-smelling purity of all orifices, and at eight jogged to my rendezvous with The Colonel’s cultured cohorts

    18. ” His timing was superb and they melted away, awestruck by the cultured drawl that had so subtly reminded them of their distinctly unladylike behaviour

    19. Now cut the wallowing in self-pity and prepare to receive the cultured hordes

    20. And now I revealed that not only could I speak, I spoke with the cultured accent of a Dej noble

    21. East of Grondar, whose people were less highly cultured than those of their kindred kingdoms, stretched a wild and barren expanse of deserts

    22. Though he sat among the glittering ruins of shattered palaces and clad his hard body in the silks of vanquished kings, the Pict remained the eternal barbarian, ferocious, elemental, interested only in the naked primal principles of life, unchanging, unerring in his instincts which were all for war and plunder, and in which arts and the cultured progress of humanity had no place

    23. Noziak,” Ling Mai said, her voice as cultured as I remembered

    24. As his commander, Schmidt knew the young man as a shy, reserved teenager whose cultured tastes were more typical of those found in a university than in a Wehrmacht unit

    25. “And that’s testing it on Missy’s cultured stem cells?”

    26. “Planning on trying some of that?” Richard asked as he reached for the last dish of the cultured stem cells

    27. Master Vernon Duffy is it, that you are seeking?” The voice was soft, cultured and a little sibilant, “Oh dear! I’m afraid you’ve missed him

    28. The cultured and proud

    29. was more the mark of a gentleman, someone refined or cultured, not

    30. Toulouse had a reputation through the Middle Ages for being a tolerant and cultured city compared to most of the rest of Europe

    31. We know that for thousands of years, in prehistoric times, we lived much as we do today, just as civilized, refined and as cultured

    32. Rather, he was one of millions of cultured experiments, where bits of stolen reproductive materials combined in test tubes were allowed to fully develop

    33. They inject the semen that is obtained from renowned and cultured men of the world in order to improve the race

    34. David used his old spatula that his father gave him to flip his cultured soy hockey pucks onto the plate

    35. cultured but very correct

    36. There was a crackle of static from the speakers, then a cultured voice said

    37. matches between the two cultured and elegant institutions were banned for several

    38. What’s more, they’re quite cultured and good-natured

    39. This being the week of the book festival, maybe they were not local yobs, but the cultured

    40. I shall try to help the peasants to educate their kids; by the way what else serves the mankind better than educating the children of the underprivileged? It’s the educated children that make aware fathers to perpetuate cultured generations, and the more they are, the better it is for the world

    41. was such a cultured woman until

    42. There used to live fifty-to-sixty cultured Kshatriya families in a village

    43. Aware that her cultured tones would be unlikely to secure a room for Humphrey, she had asked an acquaintance, a gravely voiced cattle farmer, to telephone the hotel and make a reservation

    44. The present revolution in the opinions of all classes of men, the highest and most cultured of men as well as those of the laboring class, stands unparalleled in the history of the world

    45. Most vaccines are cultured on animal tissue or use other animal cells-most often

    46. ” His voice was soft and cultured

    47. No excitements, no clothes, acquaintances so shabby that they seem almost moth-eaten, the days filled with the same dull round, a home in a little town where we all get into one groove and having got into it stay in it, to which only faint echoes come of what is going on in the world outside, a place where one is amused and entertained by second-rate things, second-rate concerts, second-rate plays, and feels oneself grow cultured by attendance at second-rate debating-society meetings

    48. I prefer to suppose you cultured

    49. Oh, I can see you shiver at that impertinence, for I know down in your heart, though you always take pains to explain how ignorant you are, you consider yourself an extremely cultured young man

    50. And so you are; cultured, I should say, out of all reason; so much cultured that there's hardly anything left that you are able to like

    1. In this most affluent of cultures on this world, more than half the population cooks with the dead sticks that fall from the trees

    2. Europeans were one of the earliest cultures to formally recognize the importance of the ocean to their agricultural practices

    3. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    4. Well, all Abrahamist cultures had exterminated any different civilizations

    5. ‘But I’m not really the best person to describe the differences between our cultures

    6. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    7. early on in a number of religious cultures, including

    8. Anxiety, avarice and violence are evident everywhere in our so-called technologically sophisticated cultures, but no one seems to think of the children

    9. It was all because those cultures had religions that couldn’t adapt to science

    10. If it hadn’t been for Alan’s universe and the fact that women were topless most of the time in many cultures on his world, such as where he lived, she probably wouldn’t have been able to do this at all

    11. Harry reopened a text on the cultures of classical Greece and Rome and set to absorbing the nuances of ideals propounded by this or that philosopher, statesman or general whose insights filled the pages of the volume

    12. We know that many cultures believe in the deadly ‘evil eye’, an apparent ability to kill others with nothing more than a stare

    13. “The impact upon cultures of their own folklore, myths, and legends, actually

    14. It is cal ed ‘the beating heat of the Amazon’ with its rainforests and jungles, and is influenced by many cultures

    15. impact on their cultures because they were in tune with the

    16. heartbeat of God into the cultures they lived in

    17. The symbols on my skin would represent the many cultures witches descended from

    18. “Of course, I do understand your concern regarding the difference in cultures and the reservations you might have with this

    19. knowing that your Gorim guides on one leg of your tours would inevitably make that particular planet a side trip---Chéri is quite right that many cultures share these stories and some are prouder of their heritage than others---the Gorim and Seranim are two of those

    20. In Eastern cultures desire is said to be the

    21. This study also included an in-vitro portion, which compared tissue cultures of cells exposed to various combinations of lutein and detrimental, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is known to promote atherosclerosis

    22. Water is required by all cultures, all people

    23. Both the Hebrew and Greek cultures made use of a numbering system that was incorporated in their alphabet

    24. Granted that the West has always absorbed ideas from other cultures

    25. „Ho, Ho, Western Culture"s got to go," whether he would have received the same reception at the University of Peking, shouting: „Ho, Ho, Eastern Culture"s got to go

    26. Certainly, his mother had never explained anything about the myriad of different cultures he may come across in life

    27. All the while he was pointing out the similarities not the differences in religions or cultures

    28. Being pregnant is no reason in law or otherwise to get married but it was not always like this and in some cultures that would be enough reason for a marriage

    29. It is often times, however, the result of self-destructive tendencies common to decaying cultures that have grown (morally) listless and (intellectually) indifferent to their (historic) traditions because of their (material) opulence, perhaps

    30. Such distinctions, until quite recently, where common among certain cultures (or groups) who, for centuries, acquired cultural and intellectual sustenance from homogenous gene pools

    31. Your question on Saturday, how does an individual reconcile the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ with diverse Peoples and Cultures who knew or knew Him not, far exceeds my capacity to explain although I would like to give it a try

    32. Nevertheless, it was the Word, the Holy Spirit, if you will, that, preceding the coming of Christ, inspired ―Christian‖ Attitudes, on some level at least, among the more ―civilized‖ cultures

    33. Christ was the fulfillment of God‘s promise or Word, first to the Jew (who rejected Him) followed by the Gentile through Paul‘s ministry and afterwards to all Peoples and Cultures through the efforts of His Universal Ministry

    34. In oriental cultures an engineer was held in higher esteem than the physician

    35. The term ―useful idiot‖ is no longer the exception however the rule among left-wing zealots at home and abroad whose uniform style of pacifism, internalized by guilt feelings, must inevitably encourage Islamic underachievers and malcontents who, given a ―proper‖ forum, would gladly lay their collective failings on the doorstep of Progressive (Western) Cultures

    36. Although laws are not in every respect universally binding, many generally underscore the nature of time-honored (moral) precepts; that is to say, eternal truths and timeless values transcending the limits of parochial custom(s) and tradition(s); whose eternal precedence have been intuitively understood by a (variety) of people among a (variety) of cultures across the course of History

    37. The hard Left‘s calculated undermining of liberal values and common sense for its own political reasons, reinforced by its own self-loathing, has generated a leery perception of (supposed) Western arrogance and intolerance for other cultures that felicitously plays into the hands of our nation‘s mortal enemies

    38. Primitive Cultures possessed an inchoate awareness of its superior (natural) standing vis-à-vis the Beast although such impressions were comparatively intuitive rather than properly informed by ‖reason

    39. However imperfectly formed in their thinking, primitives were guided by a transcendent moral authority that, however unclear, informed their respective culture(s)

    40. Ethnic neighborhoods have historically generated a systematic inflow/outflow of diverse cultures that settled into self-contained communities that remained self-sufficient through its schools, churches, community and political organizations and local businesses until more favorable (economic) opportunities beckoned

    41. A variety of cultures broadly applied runs the risk of creating a Cultural Vacuum!

    42. America was uniquely conceived in the principle manner it has been able to embrace and assimilate a variety of cultures forming unqualified or hybrid expressions symbolizing the normative elasticity of its people; of ―old world‖ customs and manners that gradually introduced themselves to the American Mainstream over the years

    43. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time

    44. Understood in this manner, diversity does not seek to diminish the collective value of other cultures considered separately, however as a whole

    45. A variety of cultures operating within the framework of any (pluralistic) society should neither tolerate nor encourage, however, the discriminate non-participation of any of its members

    46. Present tendencies, however, seem to be running counter to traditional practices that sought to integrate diverse cultures (E Pluribus Unum)

    47. It would not be the first time, however, that evolving cultures have compromised traditional arrangements

    48. The French, not unlike other (relatively) uniform cultures, lack the traditional foundations and temperament to support the social, political and economic requirements of burgeoning multi-ethnic societies

    49. Proving that bigots do not have the best grasp of other cultures, they also imprisoned many people they mistook for Germans and Austro-Hungarians: Greeks, Dutch, French, Belgians, Ukrainians, Polish, Serbs, and Italians

    50. The New Deal for Indians also ended forced assimilation in boarding schools that killed thousands of Native children and destroyed cultures and languages

    1. These continuous culturing techniques enabled the laboratory to produce sufficient blood cells to supply the needs of all the incubators in the Section

    2. They lacked the finer culturing that higher societies often possess at the cost of going soft militarily speaking such as was apparent with the Western Kingdom

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