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    1. To enjoy a rendezvous just for fun was dubious because the young man was expected to be seriously looking out for the future mother of his legal children - certainly not for casual dalliance

    2. May turned her gaze on me and said quietly, “You do not know us, and if you tell anyone about this evening, or your dalliance with The Colonel last Saturday, you will regret it for life

    3. ‘I hope you realise you are being let off lightly, Ms Nimffo? We are giving you a chance to start again and reform your ways instead of being prosecuted and spending years in a women’s prison where tonight’s little dalliance would be nothing compared to what some of those hardened women can dream up

    4. He hadn‘t even told her it was on, or that he was likely to win the hundred metres! Her brain drifted off while Sebastian regaled her with an unnecessarily detailed account of his dalliance with the handsome pool-guard

    5. Thus, she was reasonably certain this dalliance had been his first real lapse, and judging by the girl’s manner, it had almost certainly been entrapment

    6. Earlier I mentioned the Sally Hemings / Thomas Jefferson dalliance and that of Strom Thurmond and Essie Mae Washington-Williams, so maybe politics was at work with Melvinia and her partner, even if one of the two wasn’t that willing to get involved

    7. He wasn’t there for a dalliance

    8. after a few dates this dalliance sadly faded to nought in the face of busy timetables,

    9. someone on? And how this “bit of a dalliance” will end? All that is immediately obvious to

    10. of the self, dalliance with the self or Ahimsa are the same thing

    11. sequently, the worshipper begins to view God’s dalliance in his breath-

    12. “What of Slovan, then? Though he is officially nothing but an orphan taken in as a ward, he’s undoubtedly the consequence of some youthful dalliance by the Prince-not-yet-King

    13. "Those," said Herr Dremmel, who in the lush meadows of dalliance had forgotten that what had first attracted him to her had been a certain bright baldness of brain, "would be pretty little nonsense sermons the small snail would produce

    14. But though she would do it to any extent in order to guard her boy she need not, she said to herself, be pleasant besides,--she need not, so to speak, be the primroses on his path of dalliance

    15. Fully expecting Isabel, as a woman, to be an emotional wreck Alaric was ill equipped to find himself dealing with a cool and collected rock, instead of the hysterical female he was used to when parting ways after a dalliance

    16. Well, that dalliance wouldn’t last long after this Eilidh girl had spent some quality time in the presence of a courageous Thorn

    17. When his wives knew if they did not conceive they would have their heads cut off; do you think they might want some insurance to save their own necks from the executioner’s blade, eh? Like a secret dalliance with someone who is not impotent…? Has infidelity ever been historically traceable or provable? Regardless of his impotence, his heirs all three of them did not leave any descendants and that was the end of another rotten die-a-nasty-death dynasty

    18. They had brought to his notice Fay"s dalliance with homosexuality and it was one more thing gnawing at his insides

    19. why he didn't grab what I considered to be such delectable opportunities for a dalliance

    20. "How little thou knowest about it," answered Don Quixote; "I would have thee to know, Sancho, that it is the glory of knights-errant to go without eating for a month, and even when they do eat, that it should be of what comes first to hand; and this would have been clear to thee hadst thou read as many histories as I have, for, though they are very many, among them all I have found no mention made of knights-errant eating, unless by accident or at some sumptuous banquets prepared for them, and the rest of the time they passed in dalliance

    21. Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,


    23. meanwhile all this dalliance and disport had so far consumed the

    24. dalliance, my youth proceeds immediately to those extremities, which all

    25. thus largely pleased himself with this branch of dalliance and delight, he

    26. dalliance, all received by the boy without other opposition than certain

    27. dalliance of the bath, had led his nymph to one of the benches on the

    28. He is now lain down by me, and the minutes being too precious to consume in ultimate ceremony, or dalliance, my youth proceeds immediately to those extremities, which all my looks, humming and palpitations, had assured him he might attempt without the fear of a repulse: those rogues the men, read us admirably on these occasions

    29. When he had thus largely pleased himself with this branch of dalliance and delight, he trussed up her petticoat and shift, in a wisp to her waist, where being tucked in, she stood fairly naked on every side; a blush at this overspread her lovely face, and her eyes downcast to the ground, seemed to be for quarter, when she had so great a right to triumph in all the treasures of youth and beauty that she now so victoriously displayed

    30. For presently the eldest unbuttoned the other's breeches, and removing the linen barrier, brought out to view a white shaft, middle sized, and scarce fledged, when after handling and playing with it a little, with other dalliance, all received by the boy without other opposition than certain wayward coyness, ten times-more alluring than repulsive, he got him so turned round, with his face from him, to a chair that stood hard by; when knowing, I suppose, his office, the Ganymede now obsequiously leaned his head against the back of it, and projecting his body, made a fair mark, still covered with his shirt

    31. Nor did he: for Louisa, fully bent on grappling with it, and impatient of dalliance or delay, directed faithfully the point of the battering-piece, and bounded up with a rage of so varocious appetite, to meet and favour the thrust of insertion, that the fierce activity on both sides effected it with such pain of distention, that Louisa cried out violently, that she was hurt beyond bearing, that she was killed

    32. At the same time he made me feel his own engine, which was so well wound up, as to stand even the working in water, and he accordingly threw one arm round my neck, and was endeavouring to get the better of that harsher construction bred by the surrounding fluid; and had in effect one hiway so far as to make me sensible of the pleasing stretch of those nether lips, from the in-driving machine; when, independent of my not liking that awkward mode of enjoyment, I could not help interrupting him, in order to become joint spectators of a plan of joy, in hot operation between Emily and her partner; who impatient of the fooleriesand dalliance of the bath, had led his nymph to one of the benches on the green bank, where he was very cordially proceeding to teach her the difference betwixt jest and earnest

    33. But as action was now a necessity to desires so much on edge as ours, Charles, after a very short prelusive dalliance, lifting up my linen and his own, laid the broad treasures of his manly chest close to my bosom, both beating with the tenderest alarms: when now, the sense of his glowing body, in naked touch with mine, took all power over my thoughts out of my own disposal, and delivered up every faculty of the soul to the sensiblest of joys, that affecting me infinitely more with my distinction of the person, than of the sex, now brought my heart deliriously into play: my heart, which, eternally constant to Charles, had never taken any part in my original sacrifices to the calls of constitution, complaisance, or interest

    34. Clare hardily kept his arm round her waist in sight of these watermen, with the air of a man who was accustomed to public dalliance, though actually as shy as she who, with lips parted and eyes askance on the labourers, wore the look of a wary animal the while

    35. Or had Maud and Samantha’s bond been strengthened, even transformed, after my mother learned of my father’s dalliance with a woman young enough to be his daughter?

    36. He called upon the House to reflect whether they were not about to abandon all reclamation for the unparalleled outrages, "insults and injuries" of the French Government, to give up our claim for plundered millions; and asked what reparation or atonement they could expect to obtain in hours of future dalliance, after they should have made a tender of their person to this great deflowerer of the virginity of republics

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