dally sätze

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Dally sätze (in englisch)

1. They laugh and dally.
2. I cannot dally, for who knows.
3. Will ye play, then? Will ye dally.
4. Dilly Dally Shilly Shally, Cloud.
5. At least Dally had finally admitted it.
6. In either case, don't dally; make that.
7. Let us not dally here, said Drumtone.

8. But with the mystery of God we dare not dally.
9. Come, for the third, Laertes: you but dally;.
10. But I’ve recovered, and I can’t dally anymore.
11. But he feared that Ralph wanted to dally with her.
12. Talk about Dally by name and dally by blooming nature.
13. While Peter Dally and Joan Gomez (1979) have found that issues of.
14. May I be a pleasant one of her friends for you to dally with now and then.
15. Struck by it and then promptly forgotten about it, until Dally had remarked on it.
16. In his experience, anything was possible and Sam Dally had said a woman could have murdered the girl.
17. But he wasn't really in the mood for their usual banter and Dally was, anyway, impervious to insults.
18. Since the news he brought was distressing, and he wasn’t strongly attracted to her, he decided not to dally.
19. But there'd been no trace of optical glass under or around the body and, according to Sam Dally, no struggle either.
20. Still, the air conditioning lessened the burden, and it gave him all the excuse he needed not to dally on specifics.
21. Buddy informed Brad that he should not dally because there was a squall line headed for the beach, and they needed to land before it hit.
22. By a curious irony, Whittaker might be a dedicated and respected psychiatrist, but, according to Sam Dally, as a researcher, he was singularly inept.
23. And moving masses as wild demons surging, and lives as nothing risk'd, For thy mere remnant grimed with dirt and smoke and sopp'd in blood, For sake of that, my beauty, and that thou might'st dally as now.
24. As though to drive the fact of the impenetrable alibi more forcefully home, Sam Dally, their own police surgeon, was a prominent witness—one amongst many unfortunately, all eminently respectable professionals who were prepared to swear on their Hippocratic Oaths that the good doctor hadn't left The George all night.
25. He was tempted to dally in a carriage full of secretary-clones with generous chests and frugal skirts, but he remembered the Office line-up with an uncomfortable shudder, and hurried on through soldiers on furlough, holidaymakers in lurid beach clothes, and exhibitionists who leered at him as he passed, disappointed by his gender but displaying their wares anyway.
26. May I suppose that the judgment is given in the hearing of us all by one who is able to judge, and has dwelt in the same place with him, and been present at his dally life and known him in his family relations, where he may be seen stripped of his tragedy attire, and again in the hour of public danger--he shall tell us about the happiness and misery of the tyrant when compared with other men?
27. With the wanton damsels dally,.

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