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    1. It could be that this rock is a decoy, meant to be a near-miss that will hold the world's attention

    2. She then pulled away and I gave her a knowing nod because I believed it was an act, a decoy

    3. "Could the Curitiba have left a decoy generating the signals you are using to track it?"

    4. "That decoy would need a fusion drive the size of hers and an interstellar microwave link

    5. Decoy Something seen where it wasn’t actually located at

    6. Point a trigger that leads the negative force to the decoy

    7. without it appearing that it was lead there by the decoy

    8. There would be a decoy, Stuart gathered, to get the Chinese President out of the care of his guards

    9. He assumed that the small force was a decoy, although he could not imagine how the main enemy force had eluded the scouts

    10. A few bags full of pennies will be thrown to private business as decoy assistance, while the rest is to disappear into the belly of the insatiable sociofascistic monster this administration is patiently breeding

    11. At the moment of your Translocation, thousands of decoy versions of you will be Translocated to similarly Warded Locations all over The Just Alliance

    12. "We'll send out a decoy to the left," Thalia told the team

    13. "I think they use Jimmy as a decoy

    14. As a decoy for the falsity, and to cover up the tracks, Chemind arranged accommodative bills for steel plates and pipes from Agarwala Traders, New Delhi

    15. waters and Indians could well transport tsarist jewellery into Canada as a decoy for treasure hunters

    16. Myra was on patrol when the courier arrived at the decoy site

    17. In order to minimize the risk to the settlers from unstable cargoes in the atmosphere, the plan for the cargo ship was to unload and marshal the cargo in the decoy area on the asteroid

    18. Greg was passing over the decoy area when he observed significantly more ships parked on that asteroid than had been there when he left

    19. What is interesting is that the characteristics used to find the battleship most easily replicated in a decoy

    20. If it was a decoy the balance shifts the other way

    21. “By contrast, in Defenders, in the exact same scenario, the battleship is always a decoy

    22. If the decoy, say a painted asteroid, gave off the easily mimicked appropriate radiation and electronic readings to fool the invaders’ sensors and if defending scouts were placed where they could ambush and pick off the invaders as they approached what they believed to be the backside of a capital ship, the attacking scouts thus deployed could easily be intercepted and destroyed

    23. Marines would first look for command and control locations so they built several locations bristling with rotating radar dishes and antennas where the attacking helicopters would have to fly into a canyon to reach the decoy

    24. They built decoy villages

    25. They broke into groups and headed directly for the four decoy battleships

    26. One of the battleships headed directly for the decoy nearest his position

    27. It rolled so its mushroom top faced the decoy

    28. It pummeled the decoy with lasers, but did not fire any missiles

    29. Solid fueled rocket motors carved out of the rock of the asteroid itself ignited and pushed the asteroid which had served as the decoy toward the Swordsman’s battleship

    30. The decoy had failed to disable the battleship

    31. As Sebastian had hoped, a third of the Swordsman Marines diverted to the decoy sites in the Southern Hemisphere

    32. The reports he was hearing from observers secreted in hardened bunkers at the decoy sites were encouraging

    33. Each decoy site had a single operator who manipulated the site’s defenses by remote control

    34. They would then proceed through the caves to a camouflaged exit some of which were a kilometer away from the decoy site

    35. The escape routes were provided with food and water to enable the retreating decoy operator to stay hidden for three days after their position fell

    36. Each Swordsman Marine that attacked one of the decoy sites was one who would not be able to attack the real population centers in the Northern Hemisphere

    37. The helicopters headed directly inland and initiated their attacks on the decoy command and control centers

    38. The settlers sustained heavy losses of equipment at the Southern Hemisphere decoy sites and in the anti-aircraft positions

    39. All of the decoy operators had managed to escape out the “back door” and none had been captured

    40. All the decoy sites had been neutralized

    41. “In the attack, the Swordsman battleship took the bait and attacked the decoy

    42. We had not fired on the battleship at that point, although we had repelled and destroyed with passive defenses waves of smaller ships that had also attacked the decoy

    43. “A useful decoy

    44. The Quonez you have is just a decoy

    45. “Unless it’s a DECOY!”

    46. The other might be a pirate decoy or it might be what it said it was and she had one missile with which to sort it out

    47. decoy freighter and ending with her decision to bring Captain Darwin for help

    48. The wall of small P A F ships turned like a school of fish to engage them at the decoy

    49. “It could be a decoy,” Rambo warned

    50. Perhaps we can use it as a decoy and split the pirate forces,” Greg said

    1. One missile was decoyed away by the ORION, but another exploded in proximity to it, putting two of its engines on fire and peppering its fuselage with shrapnel

    2. Three of the F-15Js were shot down or heavily damaged by the blizzard of surface-to-air missiles fired in desperation by the Chinese ships, while a third of the Japanese missiles were decoyed or shot down by the Chinese close-in weapons systems

    3. William was decoyed up and shot, and had they only got the whole of the note and paid a little more attention to detail in the accessories, it is very possible that suspicion might never have been aroused

    4. I looked over the paper, for I really did not know what he meant, but he took it from me and pointed out a paragraph about children being decoyed away at Hampstead

    5. It is thought that Flora decoyed my wife out and laid some terrible trap for her

    6. Simon was decoyed away by Flora Millar, and that she, with confederates, no doubt, was responsible for her disappearance

    7. "Is it true that when you were in Petersburg you belonged to a secret society for practising beastly sensuality? Is it true that you could give lessons to the Marquis de Sade? Is it true that you decoyed and corrupted children? Speak, don't dare to lie," he cried, beside himself

    8. Had Richards decoyed him into it for some reason? Any reason of Richards was not a good one

    9. Was not the royal family decoyed by artifice from Madrid to Bayonne? Was not the old Monarch compelled to resign his crown to Ferdinand the Seventh, and was not that Prince a prisoner of Bonaparte; and, while in this condition, and, for aught we know, the bayonet at his breast, or the cup to his lips, constrained to resign his crown to the Emperor of France? Sir, what sort of title is this? Upon the eternal principles of justice, upon the principles of the common law and common sense, an instrument thus obtained is not obligatory on the party executing it

    10. And, was it not a different question, whether we should interpose our authority between the subject of a foreign nation and his Government, when that subject is fighting your battles, bleeding on the deck of your public ship, at twelve dollars a month, and when he is decoyed into a corsair by the temptation of eighty, fifty, or forty dollars a month? There is a difference, sir, said Mr

    1. One shoulder-launched SA-7 missile was fired from the largest boat before it was obliterated by rockets, but the Israeli planes released a string of countermeasure flares that succeeded in decoying the missile away

    2. In the fifth place, I am of opinion that, owing to the exaggerated and erroneous significance attributed by our society to love and to the idealized states that accompany and succeed it, the best energies of our men and women are drawn forth and exhausted during the most promising period of life; those of the men in the work of looking for, choosing, and winning the most desirable objects of love, for which purpose lying and fraud are held to be quite excusable; those of the women and girls in alluring men and decoying them into liaisons or marriage by the most questionable means conceivable, as an instance of which the present fashions in evening dress may be cited

    1. Six renegade Kleti spell-mongers and six human wizards from Venak appeared in a circle around the decoys, and twelve more humans appeared in four groups of three scattered about the sky about two hundred meters up

    2. All of them were already spell-casting as they Translocated, and somehow they managed to cast a spell of great destruction that manifested within the incredibly dense Shielding that protected the two decoys

    3. Just as the assassins appeared and blasted the decoys, the Six appeared above and behind them, deeply Linked through Lady Povon, and they also were striking with blows and spells in the instant of their arrival

    4. The assassins cast their spell at the decoys, while here Lady Povon casts spells at this trio and this trio, catching them off guard and encasing them in silver energies, incapacitating them

    5. It does not form in time to prevent their part of the attack upon the decoys, but it is firmly fixed an instant later

    6. We thought the decoys were Shielded so heavily that any attack on them would be completely contained

    7. “Fifty-nine elves suffered minor magical backlash when the Shield around the decoys was disrupted

    8. Six renegade Kleti spell-mongers and six human wizards from Venak appeared in a circle around the decoys, and twelve more humans appeared in four groups of three scattered about the sky a few hundred feet up

    9. decoys and one that will actually be holding the heroin

    10. 5 helicopters: 1 for you, 4 decoys

    11. Her past experience boasts twenty-eight robot kills, and hundreds of successful missile deflections and target decoys

    12. Even more interesting is that in Soldiers there is no mention of using decoys, and we know that Captain Solomon is extremely fond of decoys

    13. Planetoids, however, uses decoys extensively

    14. “One of the things we have learned from the games we played is how to use decoys

    15. I suggest we immediately begin building decoys and traps

    16. Sebastian and his team began building decoys and defensible positions

    17. They built several armored divisions worth of decoys placed in strategic positions where they could trap the Marines and lob incendiaries into their midst

    18. Accurately predicting the Swordsman battle strategy based on the combat simulations Greg had created specifically for this purpose, computer controlled lasers mounted on the decoys and on the surrounding asteroids quickly dispatched the entire first wave of scouts

    19. Some missiles fired from the scouts did get through to the decoys, but exploded harmlessly on the surface of the rock

    20. The defenders’ piloted ships held their positions waiting to see if the decoys worked

    21. As he searched for the remaining invaders, Greg tried to evaluate how well another of his decoys had worked

    22. It ignored the decoys and headed straight in

    23. Doug hit a few of them as they threw missiles at the decoys intended to divert them from his real position

    24. Sebastian’s Northern Hemisphere decoys and defenses fell one by one

    25. “Among other things we created decoys to give the appearance of a defending battleship

    26. “Those ships were decoys

    27. “Do we know the force is as big as we think it is? Could there be more decoys?” Avi asked

    28. Decoys are light

    29. Four of the sixteen ships that appeared to be cruisers were decoys

    30. They quickly sorted out the decoys and attacked the cruisers en masse

    31. Firing radar decoys and maneuvering violently their aircraft helped them evade six of the incoming missiles, but the other eighteen AIM-120D found their marks, obliterating both the four FLANKER fighters and the KJ-2000 surveillance aircraft

    32. They punched out small, prepared holes in the tailgate; decoys made to look like the other rusty scars

    33. The plan was, that they would use a couple of the security staff, to act as decoys

    34. They also decided to give Kathy’s crutches to the woman who would pretend to be her, to make the decoys more believable to the press corps

    35. The things that are not real are often called decoys, illusions, perceptions,

    36. Another way of expressing this idea is how duck shooters will cleverly place decoys or imitation ducks upon the ponds and lakes to fool the ducks flying overhead into believing that this is a safe place to land

    37. On the other hand decoys are catching hunters

    38. The other three ponies were caught in the same manner as the first, using those caught as decoys each time

    39. Kaitabh claimed that she had numerous subalterns at her command with this same ability, suggesting that they could switch places with heaven’s dancers in order to act as decoys and lay an ambush

    40. acting as decoys during the acquisition of raid

    41. He needed to draw their fire with identical decoys of our vehicles

    42. As the decoys took the regular route to Disney World from the Prophecy Center, an assassin was spotted on the First National Bank roof

    43. The director said there would be three decoys

    44. He was a great gunner alongshore, and owned a flock of live decoys for which he had refused bids as high as fifteen dollars each

    45. There was a rattlin’ noise behind me, and I turned, to see Lonesome Huckleberries himself, settin’ on the seat of his old truck wagon and glarin’ over the hammer head of that balky mare of his straight at brother Todd and the dead decoys

    46. She held up the decoys

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