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    1. True authority and power is established when we defer authority and power

    2. Duncan smiled, “I will defer to your judgment where the Scathers are concerned

    3. vow to God, don’t defer to pay it; for he has no pleasure in fools

    4. ) Presidents from FDR to LBJ to Reagan to now Obama have shown themselves to ultimately defer to military leaders when questions of civilian casualties come up

    5. Defer to the old bugger, and listen to his Kiplingesque notions of what was right

    6. "I fully understand your position and will defer to Ruby's direction

    7. We defer to you Brother, may our Father's spirit be with you

    8. 4 When you vow a vow to God, defer not to pay it; for he has no pleasure in fools: pay that which you have vowed

    9. 9 For my name's sake will I defer my

    10. It all sounded rather hollow to me, but it was prudent of them to defer to the largest army

    11. I have some training, but defer to your superior skill,” I said and passed him all that I had

    12. 3 Add not more trouble to a heart that is vexed; and defer not to give to him who is in need

    13. glory, and do not defer what has been promised by you

    14. none of the commandments of your Lord, but accomplish them fully, as I have commanded you, and defer not to do them

    15. However, constraints of time will require me to defer the study of these industries to another time

    16. 25 And now quickly show Your glory and do not defer what has been promised by you

    17. 13 And take you heed that you transgress none of the commandments of your Lord but accomplish them fully as I have commanded you and defer not to do them

    18. He said he would defer to her new friend and bow out

    19. continue to grow without restriction? Why did they continuously decide to defer this problem to

    20. Jesus talked with Matadormus concerning the requirements of ordination and requested that he defer decision until after he had thought more fully about the matter

    21. I don‘t defer to teachers or teachings

    22. I don‘t defer

    23. His night had been less than perfect, his head hurt and he was not about to defer to this black pig

    24. I defer to the harbor master’s judgment

    25. The Swordsman Church has agreed to defer his sentence if you take him with you to the next planet you will be colonizing

    26. The team on site there has mixed feelings and will defer to your judgment when you arrive if you elect not to stay at the first location

    27. “As I said in the meeting, I defer to your judgment, but I would much rather you stayed here,”

    28. My mothers name is Xosal and she is highly respected not only in Tollan but also throughout our tribe, being the wife of the now departed hereditary chief of the Toltec nation she is regarded as the temporary holder of our tribal leadership until I come of age and take my manhood trial, when she walks in the square, tall and regal, people always defer to her

    29. ‘’You would still defer to King Charles after he has basically abandoned you and your people at the mercy of the Vikings, Count Raymond? Know that, if we establish an exchange point here in or near Toulouse, we intend to build permanent structures in it, structures that we would want to keep

    30. “Monsieur,” replied firmly Nancy, her face stern, “know that you should defer to me as far as social rank goes, and by a good margin

    31. • How readily is the customer willing to defer the purchase?

    32. Spock looked to McCoy, suggesting he would defer to his counsel, folded his

    33. One Vice President of Texas Instruments recently reported that that company improved operations to the extent that it could defer a $600 million investment in new plants

    34. This means that my love of other is such that I defer my concept of love to an act of love which must be called a leap of love, love as faith

    35. As for why my prayer for relief resulted in such extraordinary consequences, I defer to the

    36. His friend replied, ‘For me, I defer to you wholeheartedly as I’m quite sure that it’s impossible for whoever goes into partnership with you to lose; in fact I’m certain that he will profit

    37. “Why did he defer to

    38. I defer my turn to my cohort, Ares

    39. He did not know whether he would then forgive her--he would probably defer forgiveness as a disciplinary measure, after having implored heaven's guidance--but he would allow a certain amount of resurrection, sufficient to enable her to sit up at her desk every day and disentangle the confusion her wickedness alone had caused

    40. Lucy didn't prefer it, and was beginning to feel worried, because as the days went on Wemyss grew more and more persistent the more he became bored by Miss Entwhistle's development of an independent and inquiring mind, and she hated having to refuse or even to defer doing anything he asked, when her aunt one morning at breakfast, in the very middle of apparent complete serene absorption in her bacon, looked up suddenly over the coffee-pot and said, 'How long had your father known Mr

    41. “With all due respect, Great Sage,” better defer to his vanity a bit, “you have been away from Wizards’ Keep for a long time

    42. To defer the attention from the true problem they cry about one

    43. "We'll defer the requirements for more staff for a while, too

    44. So with all things in all our houses we were expected to defer to our father’s instructions, his rules and one day I had had enough

    45. Children – Your job is to nurture them and in all matters except where he is in the wrong defer to your husband because he knows best

    46. Though in the early stages of a gathering a leader might not be gifted or called, so always believers must defer and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as the ultimate leader over the Church Assembly

    47. You may defer any of them you wish, and receive any of them you wish

    48. He said, "Lord, defer me until the Day they are resurrected

    49. With a deep concern for belonging comes a tendency to defer to the group so as not to be ostracized

    50. Lothario was not so dull but that from the first moment when Camilla directed him to make Anselmo hide himself he understood what she intended to do, and therefore he fell in with her idea so readily and promptly that between them they made the imposture look more true than truth; so he answered her thus: "I did not think, fair Camilla, that thou wert calling me to ask questions so remote from the object with which I come; but if it is to defer the promised reward thou art doing so, thou mightst have put it off still longer, for the longing for happiness gives the more distress the nearer comes the hope of gaining it; but lest thou shouldst say that I do not answer thy questions, I say that I know thy husband Anselmo, and that we have known each other from our earliest years; I will not speak of what thou too knowest, of our friendship, that I may not compel myself to testify against the wrong that love, the mighty excuse for greater errors, makes me inflict upon him

    1. As the younger lot today is more focused on his/her career, marriage and having babies gets deferred to late 20s or early 30s vis-à-vis early 20s in the past

    2. Jerry was surprised that she had deferred to Daniel

    3. Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life

    4. He was asked his opinions on topics under discussion, deferred to in matters of a practical nature, and generally respected as an equal

    5. She deferred to Mr

    6. mountains, they all deferred to his judgement, and began

    7. They deferred to the Lieutenant, always a wise choice

    8. This judgment can be deduced from the Machiavellian principle that “war is not eluded: it’s only deferred with advantage to the others”

    9. Colling deferred to the Poles, so that he was the last to bathe

    10. Everyone had deferred to this one as they gabbled in their strange tongue

    11. deferred to her to drive when they took her car

    12. Both of us deferred to Audrey, a nursing sister now retired and devoted to “our babies

    13. Once-proud Friedle needed Ikati's permission to ceremonially scratch the rough trunk of any thorn tree; the other two cats had no problem since they deferred to his majesty without question

    14. He deferred reading the latest Harry Potter, to press his own conjurations

    15. but he who gathers by labour shall increase; hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life;

    16. The bug could be deferred or rejected based on its

    17. Deferred means that the bug is considered but the fix is made in the next sprint

    18. I sought the guidance I needed, but he deferred to Carlotta, who also finally appeared

    19. I told him that we often had princes along on campaign, but they usually deferred to the man appointed to lead the campaign, or they would have to answer to their father’s wrath if things went wrong

    20. 19 And the young man deferred not to do the thing, because he had delight in Jacob's daughter: and he was more honourable than all the house of his father

    21. Therefore, the hip replacement which finally occurred on Labor Day, was deferred and the cancerous one-half of Mike’s left kidney was removed in July

    22. Having driven to the IL state line on the 11th, I looked forward to a quick and easy drive to Naperville, but that did not come to fruition due to normal commuter traffic as well as deferred heavy maintenance being done to the interstates because it was still hot late summer

    23. 19 And the young man deferred not to do the thing, because he had delight in

    24. is that I have always deferred to them in the past because I always

    25. When Bill is in office and has to remain sort of clean, Hillary does the dirty work, such as the deferred $100,000 bride

    26. obviously of a higher rank by the way that the first ones deferred to him

    27. “That being said, had I known I was having triplets when I started, I would have deferred

    28. Deferred tax payments would allow the young investors to use their big cash clout to

    29. On graduation he was offered a position on the University staff working on a new project but this had to be deferred while he did his medical residency, so he spent as much time as he could allow working on the project at night and doing his rounds during the day

    30. Brian winked and deferred gracefully to his son

    31. bureaucracy thought it better to trust in the idea of a limitless resource base, and deferred

    32. They had questions but he deferred to the FBI spokesman and left the room

    33. But if every eye is to behold him, and if only spiritual eyes are to discern his presence, then must his advent be long deferred

    34. With a hand motion, Artemus deferred to Zelda

    35. A passionate writer, I have recently deferred a PhD in Developmental Molecular Biology to pursue my writing career

    36. My cold spot was intense as I let them in, so I deferred to it as a lesson in trust: I told them we had been put together for a reason, so let’s see what happens

    37. newer locations had been deferred in favor of a more traditional

    38. Teal only took a couple of seconds to weigh up the situation and deferred their arrest until later

    39. dignity carried lightly but self-consciously, and Kay liked how her eyes deferred away

    40. emerge when a firm can use leverage to its advantage; the mix of cash-flow, deferred taxes

    41. receiving deferred savings payments as promised to them

    42. I took charge and I should have deferred to you

    43. Hope deferred makes the heart sick

    44. Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick

    45. 13:12 - Hope deferred makes the heart sick – but when desire comes it is tree of life

    46. At the Goa meeting, Swaraj had suggested that any announcement on Modi as campaign chief be deferred because Advani was not present

    47. Only to be deferred on the agenda pending a later examination

    48. I’d have deferred enrollment and been right there with you, while I had my mother pulling every contact she had to get your mom in to see the best cancer specialists in the country, instead of just stopping with a few phone calls

    49. She looked away and deferred her answer, straightening her short linen skirt and playing for a moment with the straps of her roman sandals

    50. Standard of deferred payment – I don't have any need for your chickens today, but you can pay me ten dollars next Tuesday

    1. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile

    2. To my surprise, Wiesse comes with Berndt and I, gracefully turning down Berndt’s polite offer that Wiesse should take the reins – they chat idly while I try to work out if this is mere good manners – the younger man deferring to the older – or because Wiesse is a skilled wagon driver, or whatever they are called

    3. Indeed the Council – although deferring to the wisdom of their future selves – had emphasized the point of using minimal force

    4. They seemed to be deferring to the Imperial codes in his computers

    5. deferring to him, so Selma and Nyla presumed that he was the

    6. Scratching his head for a moment, Moshe thought, Your deferring to me? The difference is

    7. This entire situation, together with Jesus' ever deferring his slightest wish to the will of the Father in heaven and his daily life of implicit trust, made such a profound impression on John that it produced marked and permanent changes in his character, changes which manifested themselves throughout his entire subsequent life

    8. The 1031 Exchange is a completely legal way of deferring

    9. He was now deferring to her

    10. deferring to the the old timers

    11. deferring to his very bubbly, energetic, pistol of a wife, Eleanor

    12. deferring to her better judgment

    13. There was something about deferring to medical professionals that gave me “permission” to be who I was

    14. When you see the kings of the past deferring to the Pope and kissing his ring, and then

    15. He made a great pretence of deferring to Sweater's opinion, and assured him that he did not care how much trouble he took as long as he - Sweater - was pleased

    16. He had made a little fantasy for himself, that Jorkins should I be an American and throughout the evening he played a delicate one- sided parlour-game with him, explaining any peculiarly English terms that occurred in the conversation, translating pounds into dollars and courteously deferring to him with such phrases as 'Of course, by your standards

    17. In fact, it is probable that but for Mary's existence and Fred's love for her, his conscience would have been much less active both in previously urging the debt on his thought and impelling him not to spare himself after his usual fashion by deferring an unpleasant task, but to act as directly and simply as he could

    18. This was really an argument for not deferring the marriage too long, as he implied to Mr

    19. Perhaps Lydgate and she had never felt so far off each other before; but there were strong reasons for not deferring his revelation, even if he had not already begun it by that abrupt announcement; indeed some of the angry desire to rouse her into more sensibility on his account which had prompted him to speak prematurely, still mingled with his pain in

    20. Hence he replied that he had reasons for deferring his departure a little, and would be happy to go to the sale

    21. (The company will continue to use the accelerated rate on its income-tax return, thus deferring income-tax payments on the difference

    22. But Global Crossing did not book most of the revenues up front, instead deferring them over the lifetime of the lease

    23. He’d been born rich, and was used to those around him deferring to whatever he wished

    24. If the cash saved from deferring income taxes is invested in depreciable assets, the tax may never become payable

    25. He accomplished this turnaround by firing 11,200 employees (which consisted of 70 percent of its head-office staff, 50 percent of its management, and 20 percent of its blue-collar workers) and by cutting the research and development (R&D) budget in half, suspending corporate philanthropy, and deferring plant maintenance

    26. The other way is for the manager to take out a loan, using the stock as collateral, to pay the tax, which has the effect of deferring the tax

    27. Also, remember that if you are investing through a tax-deferred vehicle like a 401(k), IRA, or annuity, you are deferring taxes

    28. As a result, if you’re investing in an index long term, you’re not taking the tax bite each year; instead, you’re deferring the taxes, since you haven’t sold anything

    29. He was not meditating, but only deferring the moment of making the effort to lift those legs up and turn over on the bed

    30. Even the Pakistani detail seemed to be deferring to him—a shameful display of weakness that Taj would deal with later

    31. Rochester living at Thornfield Hall now?” I asked, knowing, of course, what the answer would be, but yet desirous of deferring the direct question as to where he really was

    32. Integrated looked like it was attempting to manage earnings by deferring expenses

    33. Now I can understand it, he was like a man who had received a precious, interesting, and long-expected letter, and who lays it down before him and purposely refrains from opening it, turning it over and over in his hands, examining the envelope and the seal, going to see to things in another room, in short deferring the interesting moment of perusal, kno-ning that it cannot escape him

    34. All that they can do to save themselves is only deferring the hour of their downfall

    1. This kind of heart defers

    2. Allcock defers to your observations often; I am so glad to at last have your acquaintance

    3. The most ferocious form of night beast still defers knowingly to the Black Fox

    4. The discretion of the man defers his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression

    5. • Convertible debt in the early rounds can be preferred because it defers the pricing

    6. His voice stirred my oldest memories: that warm glow I remembered as a baby, the sensation of this god’s hand on my forehead, “The boy defers to his father

    7. ' `Discretion defers anger,' while `he who has no control over his own self is like a defenseless city without walls

    8. wants to tell the story, but he defers to Jason

    9. defers the advent of Altsheimers

    10. He only defers them until a Day when the sights stare

    11. But He defers them until a stated time

    12. Ronald Reagan defers to Haig

    13. THE WAITER opens the bottle of wine and hands the cork to Justin, who defers to me

    14. And he defers to her because he trusts her perhaps, but I fancy rather as if he wished to make up for some subtle wrong, for that sentimental unfaithfulness which surrenders her happiness, her life, to the seduction of an idea

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