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    1. ROBERT: My first witness will demonstrate to the jury that my client is a loving, caring, and a considerate young man

    2. active part in the conversation to demonstrate you are a good listener

    3. ‘Alastair tells me there’ll be a whole cast rehearsal up at the hall and I think it would probably be a good idea if you and I went along to it to demonstrate to the operatic society precisely what good terms we’re on

    4. After dinner, the kids went off to do their own thing and Gary insisted on helping with the washing up, saying that he was fully domesticated and proceeding to demonstrate that very effectively

    5. Ava wondered if this was the entertainment or if the girls had to demonstrate that their bulls were safely trained

    6. No, the real reason was to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the

    7. A bath big enough for him to completely submerge between her legs and demonstrate how long he could hold his breath

    8. demonstrate his authority over the Church

    9. demonstrate to the Pope that it is he who is in charge of

    10. demonstrate to them that we’re not here to harass them,

    1. Not all stress is bad, as has been demonstrated by the pioneering work of Professor Hans Selye

    2. She held them up and demonstrated their use

    3. Like many other Yoga asanas the Swan Posture consists of two opposite movements which I have demonstrated in figures 15 and 16, page 61

    4. knees, and sink into the kneeling position I have demonstrated

    5. I have demonstrated the correct Camel

    6. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 18, and you can see why this posture is named the BOW

    7. ground as I have demonstrated in figure 25

    8. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 30, page 91

    9. While sitting in the Lotus Pose with your hands above your head with the fingertips touching as in figure 31, raise your buttocks off the floor and remain balanced on your knee-caps as 1 have demonstrated in figure 29

    10. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 45

    1. The entire Old Testament demonstrates the fact that it is impos-

    2. If we are to be rulers of this kind of Kingdom, then we need this same heart and attitude that David demonstrates

    3. The fact that he flirts outrageously with her – much to her enjoyment – demonstrates that he is a frequent visitor to The Centre

    4. ‘What has that got to do with anything, Sally? It merely demonstrates that you’ve something to show for the past twenty odd years

    5. about healing, dramatically demonstrates the concept

    6. It clearly demonstrates, first, their great abundance in proportion to that of corn, and, consequently, the great extent of the land which they occupied in proportion to what was occupied by corn ; and, secondly, the low value of this land in proportion to that of corn land, and, consequently, the uncultivated and unimproved state of the far greater part of the lands of the country

    7. It clearly demonstrates, that the stock and population of the country did not bear the same proportion to the extent of its territory, which they commonly do in civilized countries ; and that society was at that time, and in that country, but in its infancy

    8. The experience of all ages and nations, I believe, demonstrates that the work done by slaves, though it appears to cost only their maintenance, is in the end the dearest of any

    9. The necessity of these temporary statutes sufficiently demonstrates the impropriety of this general one

    10. demonstrates, that this colony was very likely to prosper, had it been protected by the mother country

    1. There was only one male and by the time he was done demonstrating those acts with their instructor, he had little left to use for personal instruction

    2. His t-shirt was stained with sweat, demonstrating clearly the effort he was putting into the digging

    3. Concentrating on not dropping the tray he was holding, the uniformed policeman kicked the door gently with one foot while he balanced on the other and manipulated the tray through the doorway, protruding tongue demonstrating precisely how much effort it was taking him

    4. He was still there when she got to his grotto, and before she could finish saying hi, was already demonstrating more interest in her body than he had the last year they were together

    5. " She was feeling for the post next to her, demonstrating questioning her sight

    6. The human male was speaking, demonstrating the effect of the temporal eradication process through the probe’s recording Zorandi himself had forwarded, speaking (according to the audio translator) as if he were central to the plan

    7. C: -- it demonstrating similar numeric design as that found in the surface text and

    8. house, demonstrating how quick she could be

    9. D: -- All of the information contained in the book is ordered in such a way that the text ends up demonstrating amazing numerical, structural and chronological features when analysed - the design structure demonstrating that every letter’s placement was carefully planned, positioned and anchored

    10. When I completed the first drafts of all of my requirements of the Project Demonstrating Excellence, I decided it was time to start actively looking for a job

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    demonstrate establish prove shew show attest certify evidence manifest demo exhibit present march describe display express make clear illustrate teach confirm protest parade picket