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    1. But I am responsible for your creation this time, though I ask of you nothing but to desist

    2. I know that by now you understand that when you put a sjambok into a highly disciplined constable’s hand, and order him to attack someone, chances are that he will attack that someone, and not stop until ordered to cease and desist

    3. He did not really bite as I gave him two evil eyes, and a lot of frantic (read roared) commands to desist with this f unpleasantness before I f kill him

    4. It is a sight to see the handler running flat out and yelling over his shoulder “foei los” which is decent Afrikaans for “please desist and please leave the explosives alone and please stop chasing me right now

    5. An answer had come back a few minutes later, telling us that the hardest part of their trials was probably over since the lawyers in Falconi’s disposal - after having obtained a cease & desist order - were forced to retreat for a recess because of the ‘non-government organization’ status of the Normal Bureau

    6. Ño Josefina already put an endpoint to this illegal chain of animal adoptions, so I hope that Mariana desist once and for all this devout spirit that as Saint Francisco disciple makes her collect from the streets to whatever animal is on her way

    7. This maneuver would also move me away from the "grelis", whose sharp teeth would be entangled in the vines that hung from the trees of that small forest and would desist to pursue me

    8. In time, having freshened herself, when she rejoined him, he found it hard to desist from desiring her

    9. As his sense of decency restrained him from daydreaming about her, he tried to desist from thinking about her altogether

    10. Though his enemies did not witness this scourging, Pilate did, and before they had finished this wicked abuse, he directed the scourgers to desist and indicated that Jesus should be brought to him

    11. When the captain saw this, knowing what Jesus had already endured, he commanded the soldiers to desist

    12. As in most accidents involving the genitals the unfortunate resists attempts to help; violently if such attempts or attempters don‘t cease and desist! Of course such resistance had to be vocal since the poor soul couldn‘t release her hand holds for a second for fear of embracing her unfeeling lover ever more passionately

    13. Nothing made him desist except his own lamentable state of demoraliza-tion

    14. Johnson absconded with the body, altered key evidence (the limo), got Bobby out of the way with his “Cuban connection story”, chose the Warren Commission, with advice from Nixon, swayed the chairman of the WC to determine an Oswald finding while asking him to seek the truth in the same breath, told the Dallas Police to cease and desist on any further investigation, and took us into Vietnam within 2 weeks

    15. Although most of these cases involve cease and desist orders, some states have assessed fines and are contemplating stiffer penalties

    16. They will either cease and desist, or they will cease to exist

    17. General Pot was to try to convince to desist on the

    18. In her case anyway, were she to succumb in her moment of weakness, then she would suffer even more for having failed to desist from it

    19. ‘Perhaps, one should try to desist from it as far as one could earnestly avoid it

    20. When hope tired me, her enchanting persona was blurred in my mind but the beauty of that brief encounter ever remains fresh in my memory; even now, as I ponder over her inexplicable behavior, I wonder whether it was her vanity to desist from an affair with an older man that blinded her attraction; would’ve my disclosure in the midst of our lovemaking made her recoil from my arms? What if she were to know about my age after we were true and thick into an affair, wouldn’t she have still carried on with me? I know that I would never know

    21. In all seriousness—well, maybe not all seriousness, but as close to it as she could get under the circumstances—Margaret wiped the smirk off her face with one hand and said, “I will henceforth cease and desist from tampering with Mrs

    22. And do our stealth bombers and missile launchers seek out their killers and rapists and baby-bashers and village-levelers? Do we threaten their despotic despoilers with death and destruction, if they don't cease and desist? Not on your "Guess"-clad bippy, buster! The military might of this mightiest of nations is reserved for only those deemed politically or ethnically/attractively/color-correct! Prove me wrong

    23. One of the spirit’s rules and laws is that it does not care about the exhortation or desist from its error unless it ascertains the might of that who exhorts it and his power to overcome it

    24. In fact man will not desist from his denial whatever he sees of miracles or signs, for the wrong deeds stand as a veil between spirit and facts

    25. He reveals to them that if they do not come back to their senses and desist from their error, destruction and distress will be their share just as what had happened to those nations whom Al’lah quoted as examples

    26. That is why the Almighty Al’lah warned the ones who enthrall the believers then they do not desist or repent from their action, lest they will undergo the distress of Hell and then the torment of conflagration

    27. “EvE, if the web is severed or censored, will your, will our mind decease, devolve, or desist in the digital winter that would ensue?” I asked the EvE not here but somewhere, and therewhere knew she was asking herself

    28. If they do not desist from so saying, those of them that disbelieve shall be sternly punished

    29. All those which our conscious really allow and all those which we would like to be subjected to are all good karmas while those which we detest and find inappropriate and resentful are bad karmas and we should, therefore, desist from performing those in our lifetime

    30. A smile threatened to reveal his gladness, but he counseled it to desist

    31. In the meantime rest assured that I will inform Charlie of his impending punishment, which might cause him to desist

    32. The banks may desist from sanctioning advances against FDRs, or other term

    33. minted gold coins sold by banks and desist from granting advances to the silver

    34. " Moses glanced over at Olin with an expression that seemed to make the entreaty that he desist in his comments to the court

    35. desist their violent actions

    36. The Colorado ACLU, in cahoots with the Anti-Defamation League, filed a lawsuit demanding that a charter school in that state desist in all mentioning of Christmas, including ancillary renditions of “Jingle Bells”, on the grounds of the harm and intimidation such jubilation inflicts upon Jewish students

    37. warnings that one should desist, or restrain themselves, as pursuing their intentions violates

    38. You can request a Cease & Desist of all communication from a debt collector if that request is made IN WRITING! If you do this, they can not even call you at home any more

    39. They can only contact you one time after the Cease & Desist and that is to inform you of what they intend to do regarding the matter

    40. I request that you CEASE and DESIST in your efforts to collect on the

    41. This is the Creator’s “cease and desist” order to the Vatican and its

    42. I gave of my best, with some quite violent shouting and ranting but had to desist when he punched me forcefully in the mouth

    43. This Cease and Desist order is directed against the long-term deceptions and misdeeds of the

    44. And if you desist, it would be best for you

    45. If the hypocrites, and those with sickness in their hearts, and the rumormongers in the City, do not desist, We will incite you against them; then they will not be your neighbors there except for a short while

    46. He who believes in the divinity Jesus Christ is Christian; he who does not, (whatever his profession), is a mere Desist

    47. accompanying the flock shouted to him to desist; seeing it was no use, they ungirt their slings and began to salute his ears with stones as big as one's fist

    48. He saw that his squires (for so they call those who follow that trade) were about to rifle Sancho Panza, but he ordered them to desist and was at once obeyed, so the girdle escaped

    49. Meantime the oars were got out in order to reach the Faroes, which were about thirty miles dead to windward, but after about nine hours' hard work they had to desist, and, putting out a sea-anchor, they took shelter under the canvas boat-cover from the cold wind and torrential rain

    50. me to desist, which I instantly did; and proceeding to untie him, I could

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