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    1. After eight hours none of the automatic scanners had detected the proton signature of a cooling coiled furball from the planet below

    2. Unlike the earlier missions, this ship did not underestimate their enemy and was careful that it was not detected in its approach so it could strike without warning

    3. There was no instrument yet that had detected the presence of an electromagnetic signal from the planet ahead

    4. It detected the output of a data feed that Brazilian intelligence had secretly attached to all outgoing starships

    5. Its flares would be detected by the Kassikan in a few years and they would also be welcomed

    6. "We have detected an enemy starship in the area

    7. That could be just because he knew her better, but he detected the chance that Luray would remain somewhat more aloof and never be quite as open with him as Desa

    8. Their instruments had detected the possibility of naturally occurring condensates but they had not done entanglement studies

    9. "We've detected impactors from this far out

    10. Darryl Yorkham had detected bodies that were destined to pass close to Sol's environment, and careful position measurements and calculations showed that they were undergoing course corrections to aim them at specific targets within the system

    11. Bodies the size of the smallest impactors could be detected to a range of only a hundred million miles or less, depending on their size

    12. There was another starship detected on a parallel course to their own and that was of great concern to the captain

    13. The data flow levels he had detected required a thirtieth of a percent of the mass of the larger bodies to be in He4 condensates

    14. Now human science can detect quantum signals that could not be detected when they left

    15. pathology could be detected in the energy field of the

    16. Super Sensory Anything which is not detected through a sense (such as

    17. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey

    18. We could think of it as a creature that has detected a tumor growing in its body and its immune system is at work excising the tumor, or we can think of it as an OS that has detected a competing OS

    19. “Other than electromagnetic radiation, which biology caused as much emission of as we did, how were we detected by this thing?”

    20. Tom thought he detected a suggestion of a strong, untamed nature

    21. He wondered if he detected a trace of disappointment in her voice

    22. In fourteen decades, he had never detected Athnu to have an interest in women

    23. However, we detected signs of a

    24. The distant land could barely be detected, Kortrax couldn’t quite meet his reflection, there was the tiniest line between them

    25. Jarvis detected the air of desperation appearing down the telephone line with satisfaction

    26. She detected a sense of sorrow in his voice, so refrained from questioning about the separation

    27. The best astro-prospector remotes had been used to examine Gordon's Lamp itself and only the potassium known had been detected

    28. More seriously, it could mean that the virus had detected the interest of the souls in the potassium balance and was trying to cover it’s tracks

    29. This time his frustration and agitation were too much, they detected something as soon as he entered the channel

    30. His general purpose sniffer detected lubricating oil and lots of cosmetics and cleansers on the clothing

    31. He was interested to know that the only planets that could be detected at so large a star were too big and cold to harbor life

    32. By all appearances, it seemed like Emily ignored him, standing gracefully and walking to the front of the class, through his years of training and an overly acute eye for detail, Brice detected a hair thin thread of blue leave her body and work its way toward Tetloan's sandals where it rapidly tied his laces into knots

    33. Not only do each of our ships have the same signature, but that signature can't be detected except by our own sensor-scanners

    34. “No mother-ship detected in the sectors already investigated, Captain,” Elenir volunteered from the science station as she rose and crossed to her nav post, transferring the sensor and scanner data to her own station

    35. The young man’s presence is detected and, aroused from its sleep, the dragon’s eyes open

    36. ‘Your presence has been detected

    37. ’ He still detected a certain reservation in her voice

    38. In the clinical white-greyness of the observation room Torbin once again poured over the monitor logs, despite the b’tari technician’s insistence that if any anomaly had occurred it would have been detected

    39. No malfunction could send them so far off that they can’t even be detected

    40. ‘And just disintegrated? Shouldn’t something have detected it – a telescope

    41. On a basic portable device – with its screen display that only allowed him to observe – he noticed the probe’s sensors had detected a spatial field anomaly: space was being warped

    42. But since the probe was showing no accordant sign of acceleration towards anything, this effect did not seem to be produced from a source that could be detected

    43. Prior to that it appeared that it had not been transmitting, surely they would have detected it years before if it had been?

    44. A chill ran through him when he realised that the block must therefore have been sat waiting, not reacting until it detected the colony radio transmissions

    45. Whoever it is can act from anywhere without being detected

    46. Had Zardino been detected, prevented? Or had he no intention of delivering on the only logical course of action? Roidon’s broken mind could not possibly determine

    47. ‘This is our technology, it is how we detected your craft

    48. Zardino said, ‘You reasoned that one day the TE wave would be detected and then its nature comprehended

    49. Rosemary detected a sadness in her aunt

    50. This observation, however, may very probably be the mere suggestion of fraudulent dealers, whose smuggling is either prevented or detected by their diligence

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