dice sätze

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Dice sätze (in englisch)

1. He counted it like a dice.
2. Es Dios que me dice, etc.
3. Cameron would roll the dice.
4. Or just a fine pair of dice.
5. They held the dice on this.
6. He throws the dice, seven.
7. The Old Lady Who Throws Dice.
9. The dice read " Jamaal" and ".
10. But life is a roll of the dice.
11. He could not ass bet in a dice.
12. Clean, core and dice the apples.
13. With every roll of the dice he.
14. Just ask a question, and rol dice.
15. Ace and Dice nodded in agreement.
16. Shiva’s dice were still in play.
17. You throw the dice: there are two.
18. He made the dice clatter in the cup.
19. One dice read Guard and the.
20. Norah rolled the dice, took her turn.
21. You ever revolve in this mortal dice.
22. It was Dice calling on behalf of Ace.
23. This (adventure) is not a game of dice.
24. Gripping the dice box with a stubborn.
25. Always your dice, said Vanderbeck.
26. Dice the sausage into very small pieces.
27. Slice the leek, and cut celery into dice.
28. They decided on one last shake of the dice.
29. Have each player roll the dice and say the.
30. Normal y this doesn't use dice but, if the.
31. En inglés (1) esto / (2) eso se dice (___).
32. He was unsure about how the dice would fall.
33. Dice the eggplant, tomatoes, and pumpkin and.
34. Que dice? (what did you say?) she asked.
35. When cooked and cooled, dice into 1 inch cubes.
36. Yet her lawyer had said no and rolled the dice.
37. Vinny picked up the dice and caressed them in his.
38. What does the road sign say? ¿Qué dice la señal?
39. Jerry took the cup off him and placed the dice in it.
40. Al Dice Actions are divided into the same 4 Classes.
41. The ve dice leaped from the box and when they had.
42. But trains are real y strong so they can rol 5 dice.
43. Vinny tossed the dice on the blanket and snapped his.
44. That’s anything except coin tosses and dice throws.
45. Wiggles? Then she picked up the other dice and read it.
46. Instead of the dice containing dots there were names.
47. He held the dice with the names on it in front of her.
48. When the dice settled down one dice read "Tony" and the.
49. How had he forgotten about the game? As he held the dice.
50. His winning streak was phenomenal, passing the dice over.
51. The player who throws the highest score with the two dice.
52. Then he held up the second dice with the catastrophes for.
53. This power is a ranged attack that causes 2 dice of damage.
54. As Vinny jotted down the answers to his baneful dice game.
55. After 2 or 3 strokes he released the dice onto the coffee.
56. Whatever knack he had for cards didn’t carry over to dice.
57. He walked over to Tina while still concealing the dice in.
58. Slice and dice time, the handler quipped with a smile.
59. If the first throw of the dice is a seven, you are a winner.
60. The order’s color is red, and its symbol is a pair of dice.
61. Dice was going to translate but Ace stopped him with his hand.
62. As the dice started to roll it was apparent to Henry that he.
63. Give me the dice nigga! Another man said in the dice game.
64. It all hinged on the roll of a dice, or a marble, or something.
65. This is a strong hand to hand attack that causes 2 dice of damage.
66. This is a strong hand to hand attack that causes 4 dice of damage.
67. With that, Lord Vishnu picked up a pair of ebony dice and tossed.
68. He rolled the dice, sticky with dregs, onto the mottled tabletop.
69. Let someone else roll the dice earlier; the odds do not favor her.
70. This power is a very long ranged attack that causes 2 dice of damage.
71. Smiler was not the only player in the game, but he held loaded dice.
72. He scooped the dice into their unusual box, and then glanced up at her.
73. His eyes shifted from the direct stare and he again produced the dice cup.
74. This was the one time that fate or the throw of the dice was against him.
75. Somebody’s been shooting craps with the Parcheesi dice, she said.
76. The man with the gold teeth handed Junya $200 and put the dice in Junyas.
77. Dice of Holy damage to undead creatures, if the character has a Holy origin.
78. I bet this nigga cant even roll… Another man in the dice game said.
79. The man in the dice game that pulled out the back to back $100 dollar bills.
80. Narasamma, however, tried to interest Sandhya with a game of dice and shells.
81. Urim mentioned here is thought to have been a six sided dice, on each side a.
82. Matthew rolls the dice, Seven, cries the stickman, and the crowd cheers.
83. In the meantime, dice the bacon and sauté in vegetable oil and butter 2 - 3.
84. Dice: 1+4 = Love+Mother (Water Hexactys); 3+1 = Family+Mother (Fire Hexactys).
85. How appropriate I’d named the blades 切片 and 模子… or Slice and Dice.
86. They gamble now — they roll the dice — that the lie won’t be discovered.
87. Here was William shaking a handful of change as though preparing to shoot dice.
88. Dice the sour gherkins too and mix with apples and juniper berries in a mixing.
89. And abrogate Allah did, his original revelation to Muhammad about drink and dice.
90. Skil s characters can never cause more than 3 dice of damage with unarmed attacks.
91. She didn't like the clicking of rosaries, but was attracted to the sound of dice.
92. This power doesn't normal y use dice, but it might al ow a Search rol when other.
93. But the bo’s’n slipped some dice out of his pocket and threw them on the deck.
94. There were even some dwarves playing some sort of dice game with a group of humans.
95. The conditional probability of rolling a total of seven spots on the two dice is 1/6.
96. To Derham's and Ward's disappointment, Sally put down the dice calling the game a tie.
97. Apart from Glain and a rowdy group playing dice in the corner, they were almost alone.
98. There was a tiny decahedron, just a little bigger than the average pair of gaming dice.
99. It causes 4 dice of damage every round for 100 rounds, to every target in an area as.
100. ELIZABETH ROLLED THE dice and moved her last counter into the home position on the board.
1. Young boys on motorbikes dicing with death conquer streets.
2. Ma looked up from dicing some pink carrots and showed her teeth.
3. Dicing is a rather broad technique that consists of several different types.
4. Like dicing, slicing is a broad term and generally consists of the following.
5. He then watched from above as his mother pull out an onion, dicing it frantically with a butcher knife.
6. Annabelle grasped the handle of the large chef's knife and clamped its sharp blade swiftly over the strips of carrots, dicing them.
7. In no time, it seemed, the cabbage had been cored and tossed into boiling water to blanch, and Betty was put to work dicing and slicing and mixing, turning up her nose at first about sliming around in ground beef, eggs and onion, but soon with no more concern than the guts testers at Halloween.
1. Two were sliced and diced.
2. Other suggestions are diced.
3. Chill crab meat and add the diced celery.
4. With a plethora of sliced, diced, and chopped.
5. I could almost hear them laughing as they diced.
6. Put diced vegetables into a pot of boiling water.
7. Add diced chicken, diced onion, sea salt and black pepper.
8. Stir in your cooked, diced ham, the salt, pepper and thyme.
9. Add the diced tomatoes, thyme, and salt and pepper to taste.
10. In a large frying pan, brown the hamburger and diced onions.
11. Sprinkle diced tomato, cheese, and green onions evenly over chicken.
12. Add the diced bacon and the sliced onion and sauté for 3 - 4 minutes.
13. My knives twirled, sliced and diced, in a smooth fish-gutting fashion.
14. In a skillet, heat diced chicken breast in olive oil over medium heat.
15. Preeti had chopped the chicken, peeled and diced the potatoes and carrots.
16. The fillets are diced and laid on the plate with the still-alive fish as dressing.
17. The neighbor had already removed and diced up the fallen sycamore tree with a chainsaw.
18. Diced beets and apples on a bed of greens, with walnut bits and a whiff of vinaigrette.
19. Put the diced green bel pepper in the pot and add the remaining ingredients, stir and simmer.
20. In the microwave, melt one stick of butter with one diced clove of butter/margarine in a bowl.
21. Add 1/2 cup diced peppers, diced scallions and all the rest and cook on medium for a half hour.
22. One time, my partner on the egg roll filling line tipped over a huge top-heavy bin of diced celery.
23. He squirted half the syringe into the heavy frying pan, along with plenty of diced onion and garlic.
24. Place the chopped onions together with the diced bacon in the frying pan and sauté until the onions are glassy.
25. For an eternity the two diced for position, with Petra losing some of her head of steam each time she pulled out of Brett’s draft.
26. Annabelle then dumped the diced carrots in the pot, stirring them together with her chopped onions and sweet peppers into the thick gravy.
27. This was only possible because mortgage loans were securitized, bundled together into packages that were in turn sliced and diced into new securities, so-called tranches.
28. The other kitchen staff prepping everything else for lunch, the hand-cut fries, the sliced and diced onions, the salad greens, the fresh pesto, they each looked to Rod and smiled.
29. Once cooked completely, reduce to low and move the chicken mixture to one side of the skillet and add one diced yellow squash, one cup shredded carrots and one cup sliced baby portabella mushrooms.
30. He moved in the hell-fire steams and sudden baking-powder flurries of snow in this miraculous climate where Grandma, with the look of the Indies in her eyes and the flesh of two firm warm hens in her bodice, Grandma of the thousand arms, shook, basted, whipped, beat, minced, diced, peeled, wrapped, salted, stirred.
1. Cut the bacon into small dices and slice the onion.
2. Fry the meat dices (or heat the already cooked meat.
3. Large cubes or dices are made using the Carré style of knife cut.
4. Wash and peel the apples, remove the core and cut into small dices.
5. The old bookseller, knowing about Aureliano’s love for books that had been read only by the Venerable Bede, urged him with a certain fatherly malice to get into the discussion, and without even taking a breath, he explained that the cockroach, the oldest winged insect on the face of the earth, had already been the victim of slippers in the Old Testa-ment, but that since the species was definitely resistant to any and all methods of extermination, from tomato dices with borax to flour and sugar, and with its one thousand six hundred three varieties had resisted the most ancient, tenacious, and pitiless persecution that mankind had unleashed against any living thing since the beginnings, including man himself, to such an ex-tent that just as an instinct for reproduction was at-tributed to humankind, so there must have been another one more definite and pressing, which was the in-stinct to kill cockroaches, and if the latter had succeeded in escaping human ferocity it was because they had taken refuge in the shadows, where they became invul-nerable because of man’s congenital fear of the dark, but on the other hand they became susceptible to the glow of noon, so that by the Middle Ages already, and in present times, and per omnia secula seculorum, the only effective method for killing cockroaches was the glare of the sun.

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