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Digit sätze (in englisch)

  1. He dialed a four digit number and.
  2. Keep this up until you have just one digit.
  3. He delicately bandaged the devastated digit.
  4. Using his thumb print and a six digit PIN, he.
  5. Even one digit would make a world of difference.

  6. If the result contains more than one digit, add.
  7. The possible values for this digit are as follows:.
  8. Digit nine links with death while ten links with life.
  9. Before you know it, the year will need another digit.
  10. The impatient arm is waving a single digit in the mirror.
  11. He keys in the four digit code and presses the green button.
  12. He placed his middle digit on the pad and the LED lit for a.
  13. Then snapping his fingers, he pointed a grubby digit at her.
  14. He produced his cell phone, pushed only one digit, and held.
  15. Tim looked at the short stub where the fifth digit had once been.

  16. He likes his job, except for the hard parts, like digit amputation.
  17. Teller picked up the telephone and pressed the nine digit three times.
  18. Gianni went to the keyboard and entered the digit 7, then [<---.
  19. He shook his head, picked up the phone receiver and dialed a single digit.
  20. What about in the hundred thousands, the six digit figure? a man asks.
  21. The gas guzzlers may be lucky to get a single digit for the miles per gallon.
  22. As a result, the leftmost digit would be truncated, which is not what we want.
  23. I tested my memory one more time on the seven digit phone number on the back of Mrs.
  24. As would be expected the digit was one of ten removed from the corpse of Anton Clegg.
  25. Is this too tough for you? Then pay the penalty - become one more digit on the counter.

  26. As he did so he reached into his jacket and took out his mobile and punched a single digit.
  27. It feels like half an hour has passed when a single digit on the clock advances one minute.
  28. A byte of storage represents a character or digit so say that each date can only have 5 not 6.
  29. One digit was sufficient because the system was to have been replaced by the end of the decade.
  30. They entered a service elevator and Hester used his key, then tapped in a five digit code on a keypad.
  31. I glanced down at where I had unconsciously hidden my extra digit, tucked between my legs and the seat.
  32. The path to the file is made up of single digits corresponding to all but the last digit in the filename.
  33. He listened through several sets of menu instructions, punching in the corresponding digit to what he wanted.
  34. Decade any other decimal digit, you may press reset switch counter iC CD4026 or CD4033 (whichever available).
  35. It’s a twelve digit number code that was part of a communication that I know was sent from Tyre’s home.
  36. The dollar sign used the way it is here allows it to float to just left of the significant digit in the amount.
  37. He had about £25 pounds in cash as well and a credit card with a four digit pin number scratched into the back.
  38. One argument is that the Dow was trading at a higher level and, therefore, triple digit gains are not as meaningful.
  39. Stock Trader: I wish I had known about Spreads back when the Dow was making hourly triple digit swings a while back.
  40. Y5K can be avoided by adding a digit and having our dates stored as 7 digit numbers or you could even pack the date.
  41. But as we saw with All Stocks, the triple digit excess performance periods were highly concentrated in the year 2000.
  42. It was probably a cosmic ray in a low order digit of a secondary cal somewhere in the fabricator when this went thru.
  43. This makes all the difference in performance and accounts for the years in which he has achieved triple digit returns.
  44. If you enter 9 for the account number, you would not need to key the leading zeros, since that one digit would suffice.
  45. The century digit is calculated by subtracting 1900 from the current year, dividing by 100, and dropping the remainder.
  46. The first digit of the reply code indicates whether the command was completed successfully, unsuccessfully, or not at all.
  47. The next burst of body heat caused him to sweat despite the single digit temperatures: It meant history could be covered up.
  48. Note that in the following example there are two spaces between the date and the time because the hour is only a single digit.
  49. When double digit card numbers are pulled you have two choices to bring them to a single digit for more meaning or clarification.
  50. The first digit of the code specifies the general nature of the response, and the second two digits give more specific information.
  51. There came a point when the triple digit swings were simply too much for average investors to stomach and they threw in the proverbial towel.
  52. Informational Codes Informational codes are used only in responses with no message bodies and have the numeral 1 as their first digit, as shown here:.
  53. Once the claw seized a number, you could press the corresponding digit on a keyboard, whereupon your fortune would be dispensed to you on a printed card.
  54. Client Error Codes Client error codes have a 4 as their first digit and indicate that the request could not be processed because of an error by the client.
  55. Server Error Codes Server error codes have a 5 as their first digit and indicate that the request could not be processed because of an error by the server.
  56. Forecasts for oil to hit $100 per barrel in 2007 were greeted with great skepticism as most on Wall Street laughed at the idea of triple digit oil prices.
  57. A triple digit move on the Dow was at one time considered to be a volatile day, but even with the Dow cut in half, it is no longer eye popping and has become the norm.
  58. Successful Codes Successful codes have a 2 as their first digit and indicate that the client’s request message has been successfully received, understood, and accepted.
  59. The extreme (in some models, it’s the left, in others it’s the right one) digit reflects the value of the lowest order and that is why it changes with the greatest speed.
  60. If you can buy the bond of a corporation at a 30 percent discount, bring in a double digit annual yield, and have less risk than the common stock—why would you not buy the bond?
  61. Thus there will be exactly four spaces between the # sign and the label last and exactly three spaces between the last digit of the account number and the first letter of the name, Smith.
  62. But while this single digit percentage point global ideology continues to attract adherents in first world nations, young men and women will continue to feel the consequences of that ideology.
  63. You think I'm a DigIT? You're the DigIT, I mean, seriously, literally, it's not a put down, but you are a DigIT chine, aren't you? That's the reason I'm here, to see my court appointed DigIT.
  64. Redirection Codes Redirection codes have a 3 as their first digit and indicate that further action from the client (either the browser or the user) is required to successfully process the request.
  65. The Dow traded higher in 2007 than it did in 2008 and the majority of the triple digit moves in 2008 came with the Dow below 10,000, when in 2007, the index was above 13,000 for most of the year.
  66. These three position fields would represent transaction numbers and by looping through the values in the same fashion, we could check to see if the three digit number we had was a valid transaction.
  67. A typical laptop can factor a 60–80 digit number in less than a second, but the required time grows exponentially: To factor a 300-digit number or greater would take a modern supercomputer decades.
  68. He then went on to generate triple digit percentage returns for six years in a row during the 1995-2000 period before moving to cash for most of the 2000-2002 bear market, one of the worst in history.
  69. The severed digit lashed back and forth and steamed like smoke from a forge, forcing the children to turn from the heat, but the Dangler kept his hands in the core of the combustion like a blacksmith with skin of iron.
  70. The long digit that entered him brushed a place within him that sent starlight skittering across his vision, pleasure searing through him, making his body arch as feeling that was both foreign and remembered seized him.
  71. Her first rendition of how it worked was 5, attn#, 5, 4 digit session id, 5, 4 digit address modifier or subsession id, 5, 1 digit random data, in groups of 2 or 3 at a time, every 1000 – 5000 packets, 5, 0 to about 1 million digits of data.
  72. And although the PIN number is often encrypted, it’s the easiest thing in the world to record a four digit number on to a magnetic strip, and even easier to watch someone tap in their code on a chip and PIN machine, whether in a store or at the bank.
  73. This debt generally adheres to one of the following criteria: default rates for the particular debt are in the double digit, more debt is accumulated that what can comfortably be paid back; the interest rates of the obligation are subject to discretionary changes.
  74. In the mammalia, for instance, the males possess rudimentary mammae; in snakes one lobe of the lungs is rudimentary; in birds the "bastard-wing" may safely be considered as a rudimentary digit, and in some species the whole wing is so far rudimentary that it cannot be used for flight.
  75. If, for instance, the digit of an adult animal was used less and less during many generations, owing to some change of habits, or if an organ or gland was less and less functionally exercised, we may infer that it would become reduced in size in the adult descendants of this animal, but would retain nearly its original standard of development in the embryo.

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