disband sätze

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Disband sätze (in englisch)

1. And yes, he did promise to disband the Planning Commission.
2. The group took him at his word, and started to disband, heading for bed.
3. In contrast, hyenas group together only when hunting is easy: After an easy kill, they disband.
4. Danny said there was one thing left for the meeting: a vote on whether to disband Diamond Head Crater.
5. Why didn’t the soldiers revolt and demand to be paid and disband themselves? Mass cultural brainwashing.
6. Government should disband all of its military camp set ups in different foreign countries the world over at once.
7. When he was at peace, which he was very seldom, and never for any long time together, he was careful not to disband that army.

8. Without a tenacious leader to rally them, they would disband within minutes and trickle off into homes, bars, and hotel rooms.
9. Still less effective will be the advice to governments to disband armies and have recourse to International Courts of Arbitration.
10. Still less effective will be the recommendations to governments to disband their armies and replace them by international boards of arbitration.
11. The nations of the world have simply been too consumed by their own interests to disband their armies and trust the governance of a collective body.
12. To attain the second object the congress appeals to governments with the suggestion that they should disband their armies and replace war by arbitration.
13. Sound economy would authorize the retaining them a few months longer, till we come here again in the fall, till we know whether it be proper to disband them or not.
14. I am about to send you on your last mission as volunteer messengers of the kingdom, and in so doing I release you from your oaths and thereby disband the messenger corps.
15. I now disband you, bid you farewell, and send you on your respective assignments, and the message which you shall bear to the believers is: `Jesus has risen from the dead; the tomb is empty.
16. Will it contradict itself by taking away the seamen? Now that our naval force consists of picked men and the very best officers, I am unwilling to disband them and pick up men just as they are wanted.
17. From all this speechifying and writing it will come to pass, according to their notions, that governments will cease to levy the soldiers, on whom their whole strength depends, will listen to their discourses, and will disband their forces, leaving themselves without any defense, not only against their neighbors, but also against their own subjects.

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