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    1. It was disloyal to a man as principled as Theoton to believe he

    2. A man who’d be disloyal to his guests cannot be trusted by his family or

    3. Longleaf, in particularly, wanted a go at Fysto, first for being disloyal to the Calamity and secondly for holding Capt

    4. Of course beginning swimmers did not jump of that Eiffel tower, so they could afford to laugh at us and did so with much gusto (very disloyal too says I)

    5. If their mother has a negative reaction whether quiet or otherwise, the children may gravitate more to her during this time because the children do not want to appear disloyal to her

    6. There were large sections of the northern areas disloyal or apathetic, rural whites in the Ohio Valley and urban Irish populations in large cities

    7. The idea of having Laura’s and Helena’s photographs on display troubled David not a little, but Alison disabused him of the thought that there was anything disloyal to her in the act

    8. The disloyal opposition sat in long tactics sessions that usually ended in screaming,

    9. The Saxon considered Koskinen a runaway from his lord, an exceedingly disloyal act in English law, no matter that the professor was a free man of high status

    10. It'd be disloyal, and he'd get put in the same category as this old clown, Farrell/Beret

    11. Evil is the immature choosing and the unthinking misstep of those who are resistant to goodness, rejectful of beauty, and disloyal to truth

    12. He was not only disloyal, but he was a real coward at heart

    13. Usually, insane delusions come in the form of an irrational belief that someone is not the deceased’s child or that the deceased spouse has been disloyal in the conjugal sense

    14. He loved her and would do anything for her, but there was always something that felt wrong, disloyal even

    15. Gaal was standing beside Ben waving his sword back and forth—a city patroller—how could he have become disloyal? Dahms ran over and was holding Sam's hand

    16. With one ten-minute coup, I rid myself of the last congressional opposition, maneuvered the most disloyal elements of my army to the Melioran side and crushed them at Fort Hope

    17. He wasn’t being disloyal to you or nothing

    18. It was because in her heart, she had a secret, a guilt - one that was disloyal to her husband

    19. This poor woman walked endlessly, overwhelmed with anxiety, as the disloyal lower life spares none, and the young man in his prime will also grow old and weak, deprived of all the gifts and pleasures which once surrounded him

    20. Even if you had been disloyal to me and produced those children with another

    21. And after all, what was this strange change in her and in Cyril? Was it not the mere effect of time and absence? Had not her heart grown cold and dead, so that it would never love again? — for Cyril's self was his only rival — he who had wooed and won her years before — of him she had no disloyal thought, from him her allegiance had never wandered

    22. It would have been disloyal to Levi’s memory to ignore his warning, she felt

    23. ' 'If that,' said this disloyal gentleman,

    24. Hopkins seemed to understand but he insisted none of his people were disloyal

    25. And, because Ma refused to be disloyal to him, Gwenda could not trust her either

    26. “This crisis has been brought about by the disloyal and disobedient attitude of Mother Caris,” Henri said

    27. He neither regardeth prince nor people, law nor custom; but doth all that he can to possess all men with certain of his disloyal notions, which he in the general calls principles of faith and holiness

    28. What I should never forgive would be a disloyal spying and eavesdropping in order to satisfy an illicit curiosity

    29. Licked? These people—why, of course not! The very idea was impossible, disloyal

    30. Perhaps he’s embarrassed about it, worried that he’s been disloyal

    31. Without saying a disloyal word about Suellen, she could tell him she understood how badly her sister had treated him and what good treatment he merited from a woman who really appreciated him

    32. Instead, God the father was largely a god of sticking it to your enemies—“Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones”—and even meek Jesus threatened the disloyal with everlasting fire

    33. After Lenin’s death, Stalin led the moves to get Trotsky thrown out of the Party, saying Trotsky had been disloyal to Lenin for attacking the NEP

    34. Disloyal beast!" And a rock hurtled down

    35. Still, they continued to be intermittent lovers for almost thirty years, thanks to their musketeers’ motto: Unfaithful but not disloyal

    36. Was Lillian, instead of helping, trying to put Blanche at her worst? He thrust that thought out of sight as disloyal

    37. New Orleans and its dependencies were separated by a vast extent of wilderness from the settlements of the old United States; filled with a disloyal and turbulent people, alien to our institutions, language and manners, and disaffected towards our Government

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    disloyal unpatriotic deceitful false fickle inconstant perfidious treacherous