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    dispense with

    1. He knew the Haadij would also be eager to dispense with the revenge part of the mission and start the seed-ship part

    2. "We don't need a fourth order condensate to entangle the dark bodies, we can entangle the virtual particles created in the veron store and dispense with that massive and hungry equipment

    3. They would isolate them from the main group and dispense with them

    4. and assets fall to the King to dispense with as he wishes

    5. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should dispense with its farcical practice of holding mock elections and simply designate its Senior Senator Senate Pro-Consul for life and be done with it!

    6. “It is one of the luxuries of the modern age that we can dispense with curtains and shades

    7. I try to dispense with pomp and luxury wherever applicable

    8. I like to dispense with physical form whenever possible, I find it serves no purpose other than easing the fears of fairly primitive cerebral cortices like yours

    9. salaries paid are paid directly to the UNDP government who can dispense with them as they wish

    10. As I said, I have nothing to lose, except my virtue, which I was getting ready to dispense with anyway, out of sheer necessity

    11. derstanding of communication will try to dispense with possession and

    12. Amalric felt he could well dispense with Valerius, once he had paved the way for a Nemedian victory

    13. Human evolution and spiritual progress are hardly sufficient to enable all men to dispense with religious authority

    14. That last word should be a good clue that we need to dispense with certain information, which just isn’t on the money

    15. “I think we can dispense with the formalities from here on

    16. The evidence that demonstrates that Jesus appeared to dispense with His usual religious

    17. I don’t know if the relief of this strange, unconscious confession was to be thanked, but it seemed that, from that night, Anthea made slow but steady progress and it was but a short time later that I was able to dispense with the services of Mrs

    18. A most awesome weapon that even the dullest witted could see would change the rules of war forever and force the users to dispense with honour or mercy

    19. WACC to other capital structure variables, and almost completely dispense with the

    20. “Yet now you have chosen to dispense with her services

    21. The illumination from the floodlights mounted at interval between the warehouses, while mostly directed towards the quays, provided enough light to dispense with the use of night vision goggles

    22. Slowly, short steps, short distances at first, but part of her personal policy now was to dispense with the wheel chair and to rely on it no more

    23. He wanted to get this operation into motion and dispense with all the trivialities

    24. Let's dispense with the measuring piece up front

    25. And I do solemnly, in the presence of God, profess, testify, and declare, that I do make this declaration, and every part thereof, in the plain and ordinary sense of the words read unto me, as they are commonly understood by English Protestants, without any evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation, and without any dispensation already granted me for this purpose by the Pope or any other authority or person whatsoever, or without any hope of any such dispensation from any person or authority whatsoever, or without thinking that I am or can be acquitted before God or man, or absolved of this declaration or any part thereof, although the Pope or any other person or persons or power whatsoever shall dispense with or annul the same, or declare that it was null and void from the beginning

    26. He told us that our life is dependant on His permanent sustenance, so we cannot dispense with Him a moment

    27. We dispense with extraneous data and focus on the message, not what are the parts telling me in their holistic trans-437

    28. The Almighty would then protect them from all evil and damage and would overwhelm them with heart’s bliss and happiness, in this way making them dispense with the delights of those vices of which they have repented

    29. • Fun -- You may think that having fun is frivolous, something you can dispense with

    30. so let"s dispense with protocol

    31. It would not have been very difficult to persuade them to dispense with the mirror

    32. "I think we can dispense with formalities considering the circumstances, not to mention my attire

    33. dispense with the necessity of reflection

    34. I can certainly dispense with the gift of the present, the future is not only uncertain but does not augur anything good and my only comfort and source of strength and happiness is my past

    35. be truth-realized is not so they can achieve it, but so they can dispense with it and reset

    36. But it will be some years before the beginner has got his eye trained to such accuracy of observation that he can dispense with it

    37. ideas of reality, and that my only sensible course of action was to dispense with the self

    38. The qualifications which have received the testimony of Lord Lawrence and Sir Bartle Frere, in respect of the Indian detachment, dispense with further reply to the calumnies of skeptical criticism

    39. It was impossible for Monseigneur to dispense with one of these attendants on the chocolate and hold his high place under the admiring Heavens

    40. "Citizen, I desire nothing more than to get to Paris, though I could dispense with the escort

    41. Used to dispense with other lands, incarnating this land,

    42. "Monsieur," replied the count, with a chilling air, "I am very happy to have been the means of preserving a son to his mother, for they say that the sentiment of maternity is the most holy of all; and the good fortune which occurred to me, monsieur, might have enabled you to dispense with a duty which, in its discharge, confers an undoubtedly great honor; for I am aware that M

    43. He hoped that with intelligent assistance I should meet with little to discourage me, and should soon be able to dispense with any aid but his

    44. help in that quarter, but, happily for me, he can dispense with it

    45. de Villefort," replied the doctor, with increased vehemence, "there are occasions when I dispense with all foolish human circumspection

    46. Let us dispense with useless words

    47. We’ll have to cast our projectiles with the same grooved bases and fit them with a seal, after all, but Brother Sylvestrai suggested we could still dispense with the rifling studs the heretics rely on if we used a wrought-iron skirt or shoe the same diameter as the shell but stamped around its rim to take the rifling

    48. In certain circumstances, momentum could be more important than caution, though it was never wise to dispense with wariness

    49. Giry had bowed herself out, with the dignity that never deserted her, the manager told the inspector that they had decided to dispense with that old madwoman's services; and, when he had gone in his turn, they instructed the acting-manager to make up the inspector's accounts

    50. more than he demanded: she might really be such a helpmate to him as would enable him to dispense with a hired secretary, an aid which Mr

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