dissonance sätze

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Dissonance sätze (in englisch)

  1. There is a constant dissonance between these conflicting ideas of.
  2. We try to solve the dissonance between the ideal and the reality.
  3. The energy in the room converted from expectant to awkward dissonance.
  4. He could see now that the dissonance had been slowly driving her insane.
  5. And rather than soften with time, the dissonance grew harder to tolerate.
  6. The dissonance of the higher purpose and our love and care�September 16, 2011.
  7. Hawkes, although by no means in the same ratio, as the aggregate dissonance is less.
  8. A speaker should ascertain that there is no cognitive dissonance amongst the audience.
  9. Yet, the original upsurge of dissonance could have been a sufficient clue that the distrustful.
  10. As the aggregate dissonance of the changeable scale is calculated on the same principles, in Prop.
  11. Life, however it changes, integrates or not, creates new fluid harmonics or conflicting dissonance.
  12. The relative dissonance of the two systems which form the object of this essay, is nearly as 17 : 27.
  13. A way to address the dissonance between surface and driving needs is to begin to assess the validity of goals.
  14. This owning of our cultural self which can't be owned is the social dissonance of social self to individual self.
  15. But this variety of character is obviously neither more nor less than that of greater and less degrees of dissonance.
  16. What would this better world have? KG asked from a growing dissonance, under a noise spinning holes in the brown gauze.
  17. In fact, intuition will be at odds with logic and reason at times, creating a dissonance that the trader will have to resolve.
  18. At the end of the third day, the last of the bombers left the runway and the reverberating dissonance lost itself among the fjords.
  19. It had been induced by the dissonance in her having to stoke the embers of Johnny's complicity with her own servility of sex alike.
  20. In a critical moment when cognitive dissonance feels like it assaults our identity, our ego responds by saying, That's just the way I am.
  21. Their merits, when every consideration is taken into view, are nearly in the inverse ratio of the sums denoting their aggregate dissonance.
  22. A healthy community resonates with dissonance that compliments the search for a higher harmony and not the entrainment of a monotone culture.
  23. This dissonance between values and beliefs, between conscious and unquestioned perspectives, will initiate a critical moment of cognitive and emotional dissonance.
  24. The last has decidedly the advantage over the first, both in regard to the aggregate dissonance, and the equality of its distribution among the different classes of concords.
  25. The aggregate of dissonance, heard in a given time, in the system of temperament unfolded in the last Proposition, will be less than in either of the systems generally practised.
  26. It has, in a small degree, the advantage over the third, in regard to the aggregate dissonance; while, as it respects the equality of its distribution, it has the decided preference.
  27. By tempering them unequally, the aggregate dissonance heard in a given time, by supposition of their equal frequency, would not be diminished, whilst the disadvantage of a transition from a better to a worse harmony would be incurred.
  28. Were we guided only by the consideration of making the aggregate of dissonance heard in them in a given time, the least possible, we should make the one of most frequent occurrence perfect, and throw the whole of the temperament upon the other.
  29. From an inspection of the sums at the foot of the table, it will be seen that the amount of dissonance heard in a given time is decidedly less in the new scale than in either of the others; and that it is scarcely more than half as great as in the scale of equal semitones.
  30. The smooth manner of the spy, curiously in dissonance with his ostentatiously rough dress, and probably with his usual demeanour, received such a check from the inscrutability of Carton,--who was a mystery to wiser and honester men than he,--that it faltered here and failed him.
  31. Is there a difference between organic and artificial electricity, organic and inorganic energy? Is cancer a dissonance between these and health an eco-harmony? For our mind? For the GlobalMind? What will be the doing of our Frankeinstein vivisection of Eartheart and GlobalMind?
  32. Hence, as the dissonance head in each, in a given time, is in the compound ratio of its frequency of occurrence and its temperament, their aggregate dissonance will be as a · m ~ x + a′ · m′ + x; a quantity which, as a is supposed greater than a′, evidently becomes a minimum when x = m, or the chord, whose frequency is a, is made perfect.
  33. Smith's measure of equal harmony, the rows of products belonging to the Vths, IIIds, and 3ds, must be divided, respectively, by ⅓, 1/10, and 1/13 (the reciprocals of half the products of the terms of their perfect ratios,) before they could be properly added to express the whole amount of dissonance heard in all the concords; but, according to Prop.
  34. The slightest dissonance that emerges in the cause-and-effect relations appearing in this system results instantly in exclusion of this Form of Self-Consciousness from the system and in its refocusing into another wave diapason that forms a different rotation Cycle with completely different development scenarios of Forms that structure this Cycle.
  35. We have gone on the supposition that tunes on the more difficult keys are as often performed, according to their number, as those on the simpler keys; and have taken for the measure of dissonance, in different systems, what would be actually heard, if the 1600 scores, whose signatures were examined, were all played in succession, and on the keys to which they are set.
  36. Her tension pricked into his skin like millions of little needles and then, his nervousness became a taut wire and it encircled them both and switched them around as though they were clutched body to body so that not even a breath of air separated them, neither of them knew how to go about unravelling the chords of dissonance, and both desperately wanting to, and pull them back to harmony.
  37. Her mother was seeing a chiropractor now, the headaches seemed further apart and milder in intensity and duration, and as they drove together through the weird SoCal Yuletide, the fake snow on the roofs of bungalows, fir trees in the windows of service stations flanked by palms, the massive cognitive dissonance generated by consumer culture, the Cartesian fallacy, and so forth, Jenny saw Mom flinch a little when Dad reached across the seat to take her hand.
  38. Nobody can tell that on a given ODS sublevel there is the end of the Sphere of creativity of one conglomerate and the beginning of the Sphere of creativity of another, — it cannot be like that! If the low-frequency dynamics of some karmic Channels are deactivated in the structure of your Self-Consciousness due to a profound Synthesis, then the dissonance that appears during Meditation when performing a conscious research of their typical Spheres of creativity will quickly increase, which will make it impossible for you to get necessary VVU-Information.
  39. That is why there can be no discomfort or dissonance in the Self-Consciousness: if you “make a perfect match”, you will simply feel yourself naturally, perceiving the “new” NUU-VVU-Configuration as “yourself” without remembering anything that you remember now, because the whole Experience gained by your “present” NUU-VVU-Configurations and recorded in the individual ODS of your current Self-Consciousness will become inaccessible to you, just like the “present” you don’t have an access to richer Experience of your “personality” Interpretations that structure in their “now” much higher-qualitative Formo-systems of Worlds.
  40. Every new deeply felt Experience adds its kleks-changes to the VVU-Configuration of Self-Consciousness of the UU-VVU-copy, and owing to this it, in this particular “niche”, is in the state of dissonance with its “previous” VVU-Configuration (that has a different kleks-mark) and, without interrupting its new typical state, it resonates with another VVU-Configuration of the same “niche”, immediately becomes an active part of its peculiar “life” dynamics, and “changes” its kleks again, which also causes dissonance with the “previous” VVU-Configuration and results in another change of the individual creative dynamics within this realizational “niche”.
  41. If we consider only a narrow vibration diapason of different-qualitative irkkulligren types of Realities, then it is possible to state with a high degree of accuracy that stable refocusings in the Direction of development and cultivation, in Self-Consciousness, of Conceptions (SFUURMM-Forms) characteristic of Aspects of such a recessive (to people) Quality as ALL-Primordiality-ALL-Initiality (when it is in dissonance with the existing Dominant ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence in LLUU-VVU) will contribute to the manifestation of the state of “Creative Cosmic PRIORITY” or MMAINTANA’KNAMM-A’ALL in Self-Consciousness and to a frequency “displacement” of UFS from LLUU-VVU into LGUU-VVU-Forms of gre’ysc’es (maklaks, mafits, vergons, glumids).
  42. Owing to the dissonance that appears during this process, it becomes impossible to infinitely make such different-qualitative reprojections “inside” the general dynamics of the information “space” of your individual ODS: when the destruction between the dynamics of a high-frequency part of VVU-Configurations of the conglomerates used by you in a Meditation and low-frequency Configurations of SFUURMM-Forms from the Spheres of creativity of the individual ODS explored by “you” achieves its critical phase, your Focus of Close Attention that resonates with the Focus of Dual Reflection of these UU-VVU-conglomerates is also influenced by the strong dissonant effect, which automatically reprojects its dynamics into its typical range of Creative Activity of the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by You.
  43. As I have mentioned above, in quite rare cases of spontaneous refocusings from one Formo-Type into another one, when the Creative Activity of a conglomerate of UU-VVU-copies of “a personality” that “died” several centuries “ago” equals the activity of a conglomerate of UU-VVU-copies of the same Levels of the individual ODS of the Self-Consciousness of “a personality” that lives “now” (but in fact, in the “noo-time” mode, this apparent — owing to the influence of the factor of time — subjective difference in the qualitative state is just a manifestation of slloogrentness of the VVU-Information of one and the same energy-information conglomerate!), psychological reactions of “the present personality” may have a certain dissonance, there can be imbalance of the Self-Consciousness which is called in medicine as “dissociated personality”.

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