dock sätze

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Dock sätze (in englisch)

A dock in Snow City.
We are due to dock in.
She went down to the dock.
Lewis, God in the Dock, 324.
However, on the dock, there.
Ole stepped back on the dock.
With all these dock and wharf.

There’s a house with a dock.
Then I headed toward the dock.
Footsteps thundered on the dock.
The people at the dock, in the.
Most of the dock labor has left.
You hope to place me in the dock.
The dock where Cosmicblasto and.
The hall ends at an internal dock.
Please dock with the cargo ship.
On the left bank are the old dock.
She was several months in dry dock.
Cliff rolled onto the dock suddenly.
Eleven more adults lay on the dock.
Warren’s ship was the last to dock.
Dock and thistles overgrew the yard.
She leaned over the edge of the dock.
With no fish, we headed for our dock.
She looked at the folders on the dock.
He sat alone in the prisoner’s dock.
Wren was the last to dock at the tender.
It’s moored at a Port of Seattle dock.
The ship was slowly approaching the dock.
Son, I'm a dock rat that moves boxes.
Regretfully I watched the dock grow near.
Now it was again a green light on a dock.
We can’t spin while we dock with things.
Herndon was busy bringing the boat to dock.
But now they couldn’t dock at Kefallinia.
One minute until Dock Two begins filling.
To their left was a makeshift dock where.
We will have it repaired as soon as we dock.
Thirty seconds until Dock 2 begins filling.
When he got to the dock, he jumped toward.
Docking in a few minutes.
We will be docking with your station soon.
He looked at the clock on the iPod docking.
They stopped inside the nearest docking port.
Docking Station Seven, Ares orbital terminal.
He hailed Myra to initiate docking procedures.
She took a step toward the nearest docking tube.
I have changed my mind about docking your pay.
Nostradamus wil be docking within the next hour.
Please proceed to the illuminated docking port.
Docking estimated in seven minutes at Docking Station 5.
Zipping down to Monterey, docking at the marina there.
Once changed, Lori proceeded to Docking Hangar Number Six.
Roger had left his laptop in the docking station on his desk.
Marie glanced at the clock on the iPod docking station on the.
Because we’re docking with the Taiyang Shen in a few days.
Farah would call with docking instructions when he heard from the.
Sir, there is a vessel leaving the station’s upper docking ring.
Their docking equipment was a large suction device that would match.
Sorren walked into the docking bay, which was bustling with activity.
She jumped off the boat and threw the bow line around a docking cleat.
Turning Hagan toward the nearest docking tube, Ash ordered, Open it.
Wren saw Kim running ahead of him and sprinted for Tracker’s docking bay.
Langemann pointed with his right index the rings and their docking clamps.
The elevator opens and Floor 3: Docking Platforms glows on the opposite wall.
While the last docking tie-downs were being made, a squad of soldiers appeared.
Release docking clamps and power us away, prepare for the jump to transwarp.
Buddy and Daisy docked to the new ship as soon as the docking ports were ready.
He counted four docking ports spaced equally around the sphere’s circumference.
Also, without suitable docking points, their batteries would not last very long.
The sounds of docking interrupted Sabrina’s debate as to their course of action.
For the record, Tyu said looking about the docking area, she was my mother.
Alexei headed for the docking bay and suited up, he placed the camera on his helmet.
Another boat was coming in and was just now docking up as we had earlier in the day.
The freight yard’s docking cradles were designed to handle a wide variety of ships.
As the king's courier went his way, Moshe noticed the whole demeanor of the docking.
Her mission saw China’s first manned docking with its Tiangong-1 space laboratory.
He was inside the docking building, directly connecting the shuttle that would take.
Docking ports for passengers entering and exiting the ship ringed the passenger liner.
More was due to arrive in December when Mars Runner made its first docking at the Mars.
As the Carpathia docked, Mrs.
The shuttle docked against its side.
Docked to the Callisto Space Terminal.
The next thing we knew, we had docked.
PWC carries a bobtail or has its tail docked.
The individual P I ships docked to the tender.
Once docked, Rachel called her father on the comm.
The two passenger ships docked to the cargo ships.
What did the RCMP do, they docked him 10 days pay.
Did you see the lighthouse when the ferry docked?
The largest ships were docked to piers on the shore.
Lyons to Macon, where the craft docked for Jean and.
The small cutter had just docked at the Branga office.
In minutes the ferry had docked and Louella looked up.
Perhaps she saw the ship docked at some American port.
With her flag at half mast, the death ship docked slowly.
Shobal and I will have to leave as soon as we are docked.
With each ship that docked there were more and more of the.
You know the Soviets have missiles docked in space forever.
Boarding craft report they have successfully docked, sir.
Jermaine turned on the spot; docked into the station was a.
In the US the last illegal slave ship docked in the US in 1859.
He docked the MP3 player into the hi-fi and fingered the display.
Calvin wasn't in uniform but they knew a military ship had docked.
I do know he was leaving on a ship that was docked at airlock.
They should be better off docked than drifting away by themselves.
He docked and immediately went to the Lab and began the usual tests.
November 15, 2108: Mars Supply Two docked, Mars was closer to Earth.
Finding the ship in port when they docked was an unexpected surprise.
Eventual y they reached a port that had a vast cruise ship docked in it.
It was a short walk from my quarters to where the Dark Talon was docked.
The four Shuttle were unloaded and had also docked at the Earth Orbiter.
For his perverted indiscretions, Marquis only received 8 days docked pay.
The Princess Andromeda, Luke's demon cruise ship, was docked at that beach.
The Harbinger has docked with this ship and cut and sealed several openings.
As soon as they docked, he scurried into the shadow of the nearest building.
Among those who later arrived at the pier before the Carpathia docked were P.
Pennsylvania, which was docked on the Elizabeth River near Norfolk, Virginia.
He cussed and cursed and docked us all every cent of that weeks pay ( $30 - 60.
Buddy and Daisy docked to the new ship as soon as the docking ports were ready.
Head back to the docks.
Went down to the docks.
A warehouse on the docks.
It would be out on the docks.
Conroy of the Port and Docks.
Sam from the docks sent us.
He said he worked at the docks.
Meet me at the docks at sundown.
The docks were a scene out of hell!.
At the wheel coming in to London Docks.
Three war-ships jerked away from the docks.
At present they were rotting in the docks.
The address was for warehouse near the docks.
We just went down to the docks, that’s all.
Some floating docks had walkways to the shore.
The docks were active with trucks and forklifts.
The south side of the docks were directly ahead.
I’m going to carpool with her to the docks.
He was ready to run down to the docks by himself.
I found a spot to sit at the marina fishing docks.
Soon they had pulled up alongside one of the docks.
The three women stood in a private area of the docks.
They followed it toward the eastern end of the docks.
Oh, Sam from the docks? asked Juan rhetorically.
Got a cousin there in Customs Inspection on the docks.
There's an abandoned warehouse at the end of the docks.
Ports of call are the various places the ship docks at.
They had stopped in their tracks across from the docks.
Fallsten wants me in the docks before two forty-five.
It can be seen on almost every tug working in our docks.
Ships closer in were moored to individual floating docks.
Count yourself lucky, the man at the docks had said.
The loading docks at the far end of the bindery would be.
Quick, her father said, leading Gary towards the docks.
A couple of the docks had more than one ship tied to them.
One of the large warehouses by the docks caught fire and.
A gigantic steamboat sat near the docks in the river below.
Secretly, Faustine had already sent Margus to the docks of.
Truckloads of finished orders sat out on the loading docks.
Nem’s relief was palpable when they finally made the docks.

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