downplay sätze

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Downplay sätze (in englisch)

  1. This is not to downplay the other’s problem.
  2. Parents who excessively taunt, downplay or tease their.
  3. Commission)—to deliberately downplay what happened at Fukushima.
  4. So, the winning strategy is to downplay my success to develop my equation with him.
  5. A 1991 federal boating tax led Coast Guard spokespersons to downplay the enforcement issue.

  6. Intelligence, or ‘DI’, was careful to downplay any ‘internal involvement’ with the FBI.
  7. My psychologist at the time tried to downplay my fatalistic interpretation, but I never bought it.
  8. I will stop there as some of these people are my colleagues and I do not wish to downplay their work.
  9. I will not try to downplay the atrocities committed by German forces in Europe, which are too horrible in scope and nature to be denied.
  10. Are you okay? She could see from the pinched expression on his face that he was hurting, but he was trying to downplay it for her sake.
  11. Confirmation bias is the tendency to overweight information that reinforces our beliefs and to ignore or downplay information that contradicts.
  12. I would never want to downplay Chris’s military achievements, but the legacy that he leaves is so much more than his brilliant and amazing military records.
  13. The client is guided to be in a relaxed condition then he was asked to imagine from the very least fearful scenario to progressive area armed with relaxation styles to downplay anxiety.
  14. Graisco’s muscles tightened at the question; it was visibly apparent that the question had struck a sensitive issue even though he attempted to downplay the significance of the comment.
  15. Whereas it is not our intention to downplay the importance of option volatility, we believe that these studies are responsible for much of the confusion and intimidation of option trading.

  16. In fact, in many textbooks, US and Western Civilization history have been entirely rewritten to inculcate the collectivist philosophy and to downplay the powerful motivation of independence.
  17. While some top investors downplay the importance they put on assessing management capability, a greater number spend considerable time and use a variety of methods to learn about top managers' track records, their skills, their thought processes, and their motivations.
  1. But what if, Mullaney thought, instead of downplaying the pressure, Smile Train were to highlight it? That is, what if Smile Train offered potential donors a way to alleviate the social pressure and give money at the same time?
  2. Even though the school was furious with me that day in the hallway, I think everyone understood that fooling around with the wheelchair was my way of downplaying my physical problems and was not about being reckless or disrespectful.
  3. In this manner, the learned classes, for example, are often dismissive of ‖pretenders who would breach their professional authority or the clergy, its moral authority, or, as such questions may relate to propertied interests, the upper classes who try to remain inconspicuous by drawing attention away from their wealth or by downplaying its significance or the working and middle classes, who, equally envious or threatened by other groups situated above or below them, are likely to spend nearly everything they earn as fast as they can earn it while stashing the remains or the lower classes who seek hollow ―comfort‖ in their anger and resentment of everyone else who may enjoy more of the ―finer things‖ which have been ―unfairly‖ denied them.
  1. Officials in Chernobyl downplayed what had.
  2. She downplayed it, but it had been her idea.
  3. Trifling issues were downplayed and positive points were accentuated.
  4. Jason then said something about Nick’s behavior at the observatory, but downplayed it.
  5. I had for a long time thought that one of Butterfield’s motives was payback to Nixon, though he downplayed it.
  6. Fundamental indexing is a value tilt, or systematic value strategy, although early articles downplayed this aspect.
  7. The police investigation, that in the past had downplayed the extent of the hacking scandal, was stepped up as it was realised just how widespread and serious the scandal really was.
  8. The European colonialists often downplayed this idea and tried to pretend that imperial rule was based on ideas of common identity, but this didn’t fool many of the colonised people.
  9. Doctors like Walter Freeman and his colleagues publicized the few success stories and downplayed the failures—failures that ranged from tragic loss of cognition to fatalities—which occurred with frightening frequency.
  10. And except for Vietnam veterans, many patients who suffered from post-traumatic illnesses had their traumas questioned, downplayed, or even denied; they were sometimes told it didn’t matter if their traumas were real or imaginary, for the purposes of treatment, something we would never consider saying to someone traumatized in combat.
  1. And if the book downplays or.

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