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    1. She had a light knit-wrap with her, but she hung that on the rail, leaving only her thin jersey covering her long and elegant body

    2. Tall and elegant like Galadriel but with shiny dark hair and a daintier nose and sharper eyes

    3. elegant and less refined

    4. away was the fact that he was wearing the most elegant set of dress frock and tails,

    5. She had an elegant shape, long legs and pert breasts, high arched eyebrows and a long neck

    6. her soft, elegant hand holds a glass

    7. Her taste, like mine, leans towards the elegant and unfussy, unlike Gilla’s preferences for patterns and frills

    8. The roadway is busy here at the entry to what must count as docks … wagons piled high with all sorts of goods trundle heavily along, drawn by much sturdier ggs than my elegant Sefir

    9. He noticed the elegant line of her jaw, the smoothness of her skin

    10. ‘To be honest, I haven’t given much though to it but it would be nice to have something elegant yet special, if you know what I mean

    11. The fourth one looks more promising – they have several outfits which are stylish and elegant but not ‘middle aged’

    12. Valiant was an elegant horse used in dressage, a

    13. Like its mistress’s attire, the room is elegant but not flashy in any way

    14. Her face was very elegant and well shaped and smooth, an almond flavored creme in color, not quite as tan as one usually expected in this highland sunshine

    15. Livingson appeared to be oriental, and I already know the proprietress of the Lodges is an elegant Indian woman with adorable children by the way

    16. Had there been any passersby, they would have observed only a beautifully choreographed dance by two elegant women which protected them from painful death at the hands of a master

    17. The strength beneath their elegant demeanor was nearly palpable

    18. When upon our return journey of a mere few blocks to our rooms at the elegant Chelsea House, we were momentarily detained by four disconsolate fellows whose evening's entertainment I'm afraid was not furthered by our own contributions

    19. “She looks like an elegant, dark-curly-haired seventeen year old with knowing eyes and a face that’s a bit elfish

    20. ” He handed his daughter to Jameson, “You know, when we were children, after her mother died she walled herself in behind courtesy and elegant gowns, her house duties and her father's factory

    21. Under the helmet she is a tall and elegant woman, very, very, reserved but childlike in many ways

    22. Yompere herself isn't really that bad, she's tall and elegant, quite thin, and at this time conservatively dressed in a flowing emerald robe that blended to royal blue at the edges

    23. While sitting in an elegant chair and gazing about at the beautiful surroundings, he chanced to hear a discussion concerning the best way of getting his eyes before he should die

    24. next day to present me with an elegant string of pink-tinged pearls

    25. Glifada, among them, with shops and elegant

    26. elegant mini-microbus of 9 seats, with which

    27. up til the most elegant areas of the city, but

    28. But Athens is more elegant in the

    29. lithe, elegant and all that

    30. is elegant face to the reality

    31. city, one of the most elegant

    32. The place is more elegant, has a

    33. The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene (it sure is)

    34. Zarko had to force himself to concentrate on what she was about to say, rather than on her elegant neck

    35. Everything she does is elegant, Danny thought

    36. Yoga is an elegant and subtle way to become aware of your true Self, thereby permitting happiness to flow into your life

    37. Silently they followed behind the elegant wing-beats of the owl

    38. I thought to myself this is more like it the large public rooms kitted out as wards were roomy and airy and the décor of them was both elegant and opulent I mean after all this had been one of the worlds finest liners

    39. A very tall elegant model moved toward her

    40. “It sounds elegant, I’ll be the hit of the party in my own daughter’s creation!” Pamela beamed with pride already

    41. Tonight she definitely felt elegant and Jill had seen to that

    42. A very elegant store to be sure,” she an-

    43. Rex picked one of the most elegant restaurants in Paris

    44. She adored the very old, elegant décor of Paris

    45. His office was immaculate, organized and elegant

    46. “My gown is elegant

    47. represents all the moods you are; soft, exquisite, shining and elegant

    48. Each panel slimming and elegant

    49. Most of the Siamese we saw were slender and elegant, modern cats with wedge-shaped heads

    50. does it look classy and elegant, but also it is very easy to maintain

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    Synonyme für "elegant"

    elegant graceful refined embellished fancy florid ornamented rhetorical exquisite artistic choice finished courtly gentle cultivated