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    1. that the essence of the ministry manifests more outside

    2. Our faith is the substance, essence, foundation, and the

    3. He realises that there is one underlying homogeneous essence, a living truth, behind these names and forms of living beings

    4. Love is the essence of Christianity

    5. A part of me, the lingering essence of the creature in the box, wanted to lash out at him, but I kept my calm, breathing slowly, not wanting to antagonise the beast

    6. The one thing that our companionship did achieve was the restoration to us of the essence of being social creatures

    7. "I think you know that the essence of you is your mind and not your body

    8. "I think my mind is the essence of my body and 'me' is all of the above

    9. I think that the very essence of who we are will be before all

    10. so that he can expose her essence,

    11. "What have those wondrous yoonberry eyes seen? What works behind them? What is your essence?"

    12. The westering sun caught gold in the glistening faces, the essence of life on the mountain, something exclusive and transcendent

    13. ‘You believe Athena is the natural energy - the essence of the universe

    14. While there are many keys to effective meditation, the essence of the practice is learning to focus your attention as you choose

    15. 3) Embracing the essence of the feeling

    16. strengthen our connection with our source or 'soul' essence, enabling us to live more heart-centered and fulfilled lives

    17. "If you know that, you have the essence of it

    18. "So I understand that, the essence of it anyway, not the system or biomedical details of either one, but what of it?" Kelvin asked

    19. God is the pure essence of true

    20. He is given the capability of emotions and conscience, and he may develop intellect and reason, respectively; we can also call these two subcategories of his spiritual nature essence and personality, something given and something acquired

    21. Essence is a 'given,' it should not be expected to change over a lifetime, at least in regards to the physical being of a man

    22. For once, time’s not of the essence and we can sit in the park in Queen Square for lunch, before making our way over the new bridge by the Arnolfini

    23. its safe to surmise you’ve already mastered the essence of this rule

    24. Not as a ghost or anything silly like that, but the essence of him – nothing’s changed in that respect

    25. "I'm sorry but time is of the essence so there is no time for you to go thru the shakes right now," it said as it mainlined her with that needle

    26. Besides, they did not understand the essence of the

    27. not modify the essence of the process, which suppose a

    28. I’d given her some perfume that I’m made from essence of sea roses

    29. This is the essence to online business success and, has been the foundation

    30. essence of Christianity, in any case, not at the

    31. In essence, there are four questions that every one of your customers is asking

    32. It burrowed through my barriers, until it found my core and coiled around my essence

    33. The covens magic pulsed into one purpose; one conscious goal, to merge my essence with my inner power, while building a bridge to my mental self

    34. immerse in the essence of knowledge

    35. It’s just that the real Sally, the emotionally caring and spiritually grounded Sally that is the true essence of your being seems to be bottled up

    36. After lunch Zarko went to the royal court to see Arioch – time was of the essence

    37. Time was of the essence and he had to act fast to get everything organised

    38. Our essence is pure our sorrow is ego

    39. Perfect happiness, he believed, comes from seeing God or the Divine Essence

    40. “Final and perfect happiness can consist in nothing else than the vision of the Divine Essence

    41. In this work I use the word soul synonymously with the word essence

    42. In the very essence of all spiritual teaching is about getting rid of all

    43. Sisyphus remaining happy in spite of a terrible situation is the essence of absurdity

    44. To meditate without an awareness of the reason for meditation, however, is the essence of nonattachment and the essence of not-doing

    45. You may have moments when you “get” the essence of your object of meditation — be it a word, a flower, a concept such as love — with complete clarity

    46. You have a feeling of “getting” the essence of yourself

    47. Here is how Lao Tzu expresses the essence of not-doing:

    48. Mahatma Gandhi expressed the essence of the message of the Bhagavad Gita as selfless work and sacrifice


    50. essence of - ‘the balance’

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    essence perfume center centre core gist heart heart and soul inwardness kernel marrow meat nitty-gritty nub pith substance sum burden effect spirit distillation juice elixir alcohol liquor nature sum and substance