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    1. We seriously considered promoting you instantly to the Lower Sixth, but I had to account for your inexperience in a formal educational setting, and therefore would wish you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with both that new arena and our own culture here at Malvern

    2. He decided against that because he needed to familiarize himself with the trail maps and anything that updated their current condition

    3. It was probably those darn leash expeditions to familiarize her with our property that got us into trouble

    4. A few hours in which to familiarize himself with the matter at hand, but not

    5. And maybe later, a short run to familiarize herself with the city a little bit

    6. He had set off to familiarize himself with his new neighborhood, and ended up walking the entire three and a half miles around the crescent shaped lake surrounded by a one hundred twenty-three acre botanical garden, resplendent with more than seventy varieties of trees from every continent on Earth

    7. He did not directly familiarize himself with the working conditions he so vehemently condemned

    8. With the practice of meditation we can familiarize our mind with appropriate thoughts

    9. Normally he would hunt down fugitives from the Khakhan’s justice, but he had been summoned in the spring and told to familiarize himself with the path on which he would be guiding me

    10. To find the best hashtags, take a look at the Twitter pages of any industry influencers and familiarize yourself with the hashtags that they use on a regular basis

    11. I highly recommend my readers familiarize themselves with it

    12. They went downstairs to familiarize themselves with the locations of their stored items

    13. You should take time to familiarize yourself with the oils that can be

    14. The pilots were required to familiarize them�selves with each camp from the air and, if feasible, on the ground

    15. Most assuredly, however, the pilots must continue to familiarize themselves by direct ground observation the areas and Special Forces camps that may go into Flaming Arrow emergency

    16. association and initially take classes to familiarize yourself with the beauty of real estate investing and the potential pitfalls because the more knowledge you have, the more lucrative your investments

    17. But first he would drive around in order to familiarize himself with the area

    18. This is just to familiarize you with some more of the jargon that you will likely come across on your Forex journey, you don’t need to worry too much about these

    19. Before starting to shoot, I had to familiarize myself with

    20. Before getting involved in politics, he toured India to familiarize himself with people and their problems

    21. For now it’s just important to familiarize yourself with each step in the pyramid and the foods associated with each step

    22. familiarize himself with the use of new tools of any kind in this physical

    23. A visitor can quickly familiarize themselves with the website and navigate

    24. Familiarize yourself with the families in your neighborhood

    25. It’s a good way to familiarize children with sleeping outdoors

    26. endeavor to familiarize yourself with both the traditional/classic studies in the field, as

    27. Hector began a program with medical students and residents to familiarize them with hygiene, diabetes, immunization, cancer and the prevention of disease, so it could be headed off before striking

    28. technician and familiarize him with the machine and provide the service documentation

    29. At least, the poor weather of the last two days had allowed her and Jesus to familiarize themselves with their new P-40Es and to fly a few hours on them

    30. As preparations were being made for the buyers’ arrival, Max watched the computer technician familiarize himself with the system

    31. These courses are intended to familiarize and management with BA and equip them with the knowledge that is needed to gain their support for BA in the organization

    32. ‘’In three nights, after our Air Force ground crews have had time to familiarize themselves a bit with the prototype

    33. Wickland casually followed her into the room, hoping that it would present him the opportunity to familiarize himself with the personal life of the deceased in order to merely satisfy his own curiosity

    34. “I have tried to familiarize myself with as much of Earth’s history as I can, especially 20th century America because it’s one of your main fields of interest

    35. familiarize yourself with the ship specs that were provided us

    36. chest and familiarize yourselves with the different types

    37. The price pattern reminds you that every movement of importance is but a repetition of similar price movements, that just as soon as you can familiarize yourself with the actions of the past, you will be able to anticipate and act correctly and profitably upon forthcoming movements

    38. Interestingly, in the two years when he was forced to live in Delhi because of his bail conditions, he would travel to different parts of UP on weekends to familiarize himself with the environment

    39. More so, only when the educated Hindus familiarize themselves with the ways of Islam to engage the Musalmans in an informed debate would there be a dawn of the genuine secularism in India, but that is unlikely to happen, at least in the foreseeable future, and till that happens, India would remain a stymied state

    40. the Upanishad in detail if he wanted to familiarize himself with the

    41. Most companies will have a demo that is made available to you so that you can familiarize yourself with the interface and see how some of the functionality works

    42. For those wishing to familiarize themselves with this in more detail, we

    43. The Hebrew Alphabet chart on the second page of this entry was included to help you familiarize

    44. The second and better way is to familiarize yourself with your county or provincial courthouse

    45. service or product, which would familiarize readers with your brand

    46. The way to familiarize our mind with the true nature of the

    47. later) and familiarize yourself with the major diagnoses you can expect to see during your

    48. instead to familiarize you with the common (and some not-so-common) conditions that

    49. The plans are encoded in an Earth song I downloaded to familiarize myself with the planet

    50. Familiarize yourself with things you

    1. Park’s accountability device: the teletype that Park had familiarized himself with during his early newspaper and publishing experiences

    2. Sutton"s Vietnam combat experience had familiarized him with the importance of protecting ports and coastal regions from sea borne threats, and the significant role the U

    3. Mike Teal chuckled inwardly; he had already familiarized himself with the hotel and knew he would have done the same had he been in her position

    4. She climbed up into the cockpit, familiarized herself with the controls and started reading through the bulky hand book

    5. “It would be better if I familiarized myself with the ship,” Tammas said

    6. He activate this and familiarized himself with the information display

    7. The metal was so very cold, and his wrists and ankles took on a dull, gray hue as the iron familiarized itself intimately with his flesh

    8. Nancy familiarized herself with the room

    9. But when the second moment had passed, when she found every doubt, every solicitude removed, compared her situation with what so lately it had been,--saw him honourably released from his former engagement, saw him instantly profiting by the release, to address herself and declare an affection as tender, as constant as she had ever supposed it to be,--she was oppressed, she was overcome by her own felicity;-- and happily disposed as is the human mind to be easily familiarized with any change for the better, it required several hours to give sedateness to her spirits, or any degree of tranquillity to her heart

    10. And the highest thoughts, when they become familiarized to us, are always tending to pass into the form of feeling

    11. familiarized to this humour, blushed indeed, but less than I did at the

    12. landlord of them was familiarized to their ways; and provided the rent

    13. familiarized with all those scenes of debauchery, so fit to nauseate a

    14. The vengeance of the Hurons had now taken a new direction, and they prepared to execute it with that barbarous ingenuity with which they were familiarized by the practise of centuries

    15. David, in some measure familiarized to the scene, led the way with a steadiness that no slight obstacle was likely to disconcert, into this very building

    16. Amongst us you will not meet with any of those episodes with which your adventurous existence has so familiarized you; our Chimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien, our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they are now boring an artesian well to water the caravans

    17. The kindly folks at Quickshot Shooting Range familiarized me with various weapons

    18. , for not appearing too much in the thing herself, sent a friend of her's, on the day appointed for my removal, to conduct me to my new lodgings at a brush-maker's in E—— street, Covent Garden, the very next door to her own house, where she had no conveniences to lodge me herself: lodgings that, by having been for several successions tenanted by ladies of pleasures, the landlord of them was familiarized to their ways; and provided

    19. C*** O***, you know his estate, his worth, and good sense: can you, will you pronounce it ill meant, at least of him, when anxious for his son's morals, with a view to form him to virtue, and inspire him with a fixed, a rational contempt for vice, he condescended to be his master of the ceremonies, and led him by the hand through the most noted bawdy-houses in town, where he took care he should be familiarized with all those scenes of debauchery, so fit to nauseate a good taste? The experiment, you will cry, is dangerous

    20. On the contrary, he would have despised any ostentation of expense; his profession had familiarized him with all grades of poverty, and he cared much for those who suffered hardships

    21. Born a Provencal, he easily familiarized himself with the dialect of the south

    22. But when the second moment had passed, when she found every doubt, every solicitude removed, compared her situation with what so lately it had been,—saw him honourably released from his former engagement, saw him instantly profiting by the release, to address herself and declare an affection as tender, as constant as she had ever supposed it to be,—she was oppressed, she was overcome by her own felicity;—and happily disposed as is the human mind to be easily familiarized with any change for the better, it required several hours to give sedateness to her spirits, or any degree of tranquillity to her heart

    23. I ought to have familiarized the old De Lacey to me, and by degrees to have discovered myself to the rest of his family, when they should have been prepared for my approach

    1. After moving their things aboard el Tiburón Limon and familiarizing Beth with its workings, he left her to tidy up while he went out to shop for supplies – or so he told her: perhaps he had been overly hasty

    2. He had spent the better part of the previous afternoon and evening familiarizing himself with the location of instruments and supplies, and making sure that there was a stock of each of the items that made up the Army Standard Drug Stock List

    3. By familiarizing yourself with these foods that are listed and

    4. After familiarizing himself with the problems that he faced, Nehemiah began the work in earnest

    5. Mark and Talia spent the remaining seconds familiarizing themselves with the Translocation references and pre-casting spells

    6. Chris found the nearest convenience store when he went for milk, met another of the doormen and generally just mooned around the apartment familiarizing himself with where everything was located and preparing himself for his second week at work by washing and ironing a few clothes

    7. However, do you remember that you are now the co-pilot familiarizing yourself with all the controls? and that the other passengers are oblivious to your actions? Well, the same could be said for your overall consciousness

    8. As Bateman drove, following an asphalt road leading to the personnel quarters of the base, Ingrid had her identify the building and hangars they were passing by, so that she could start familiarizing herself with her new base

    9. Familiarizing yourself with these home buying terms

    10. O’Brien had been on the bridge familiarizing himself with his new station, when

    11. In the meantime, she kept occupied familiarizing herself with anything that might come within her purview during the course of the flight

    12. Alex left the bedroom for the spacious en-suite bathroom and she set to familiarizing herself with his agenda

    13. Jacob stood at the pulpit, familiarizing himself with that intimidating view

    14. shouted, and he sang, familiarizing himself with the acoustics of the place

    15. to familiarizing Yakov with the communication software and computer equipment

    16. Clare had been using the protractor herself, quickly familiarizing herself with it

    17. "Today's class is only about familiarizing yourself with focus items

    18. Spend an hour familiarizing yourself with each of your books

    19. This long-term therapy, designed to reduce a patient’s allergic responses to given allergens, relies on gradually familiarizing the patient’s immune system with the offending proteins, in the hope that the immune system will eventually stop overreacting to its presence

    20. I am convinced that both Daniel and I became better cooks after familiarizing ourselves with this kind of kitchen that builds on deepseated knowledge about chemistry and physics with a whole new range of tools in the kitchen

    21. I swoop and soar over the basin, familiarizing myself with the controls

    22. For many of you, this means familiarizing yourself with data, methods, and concepts very different from those you’re accustomed to hearing, seeing, and using

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