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    1. The play is a fairly classic farce working round this idea, complicated by the writing of a note from Molly to Jim, the errant husband, which then goes astray with predictable consequences

    2. But his nuttiness just diluted all the menace and turned it into farce

    3. “Inquiry forsooth, we’ll come to that farce later

    4. This is, in my not so humble opinion, another example of an intellectual farce

    5. Thus, Obama"s knockoff of the recurring mantra in „Star Wars:" May the farce be with you

    6. After the countess had gone I was at a bit of a loss I sat thinking about how I had been shafted and railroaded through the farce that was my Courts Martial

    7. ” The time had come for them to go and we all hugged with tears in our eyes as they both railed at what a farce this was and how they wished they could do something like busting me out

    8. Sunday’s were a rare occasion for them to meet in the old days, as it was usually recovery day for the farce of being ready for work on the Monday shift for both of them

    9. American Foreign Policy under this present Administration has devolved into a theatrical farce by making a mockery of the death of young American soldiers who are needlessly placing their lives in harms way in countries that have little or no strategic value

    10. The funny thing was, he found himself feeling a great sense of loss and gratefully accepting their sympathies, although the partnership had been a farce from day one

    11. From what Sim said, he didn’t know if they took him seriously, or if they thought it a farce

    12. The leading role in this farce had now been unilaterally assumed by yours truly whilst I had become an extra

    13. It is just that I have been following notes all the way from Itsati and the whole business borders on farce

    14. What a farce

    15. Being a drunk, I had the chutzpah to have actually demanded custody for myself! What a total farce that would have been

    16. What a farce it was…

    17. Besides, this idea of scanning for trouble was a farce

    18. It was modern inside, and I was glad to see the farce wasn’t carried any farther than the exterior

    19. But all a farce

    20. Could it be that maybe this is all a build up? A farce, and someone is taking advantage of it all?” The three old friends all looked in different directions before bringing their eyes upon Monica once again

    21. Yet, taking no chances, they would keep the bait dangling by doling out hefty advance, on and off, to an odd insider to keep up the farce

    22. While some keep their course to fulfill their destiny, the unfortunate lose direction on their way to make a farce of their lives

    23. 'Enough of this farce; let us on to the next act in the comedy

    24. It was a farce, the defence counsel made a complete hash of the whole thing

    25. It was a farce

    26. He would conceal himself somewhere here, wait until the Keshani priests came, and then, after they had gone through the farce of consulting the oracle, he would follow them to the hiding place of the gems, to which he was certain they would go

    27. It was a farce, a scam, leaving a paper trail of conflicting goals and achievements where few existed

    28. "This whole thing's a farce," cried Travis suddenly

    29. Aureliano, José did not realize how much ground he had lost on, the night he could no longer bear the farce of indifference and went back to Amaranta’s room

    30. “The farce is over, old friend,” he said to Colonel Gerineldo Márquez

    31. But it all seemed like a farce

    32. Oh, the power of politicians! Speaking of which, there are a few programs on the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) network that you may have seen: Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22

    33. I mentioned Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has

    34. ” He laughed as he apparently recalled the farce of a storyline

    35. Law and order in Benghazi, was a farce

    36. Their so-called ‘War on Terror’ was a farce!

    37. I have already sent a message authorizing Brigadier General Dows to start the thinning of her unit on the ground in Korea and am now going to see General MacArthur to put an end to this farce

    38. information over the course of the farce he was watching

    39. Their trek around the world had been a farce

    40. I hope that this legal farce is about to end?’

    41. He is wearing dark shades, perhaps going for the Men in Black look, or maybe a farce of the Blues Brothers

    42. The drug war is a farce

    43. The first report concerned the Yellowstone Evacuation farce

    44. reduced to farce; in spite of his strength

    45. I know about God and the Bible and it is all a farce

    46. ‘A bit of farce is probably just the ticket

    47. Our farce, for all its heavenly battles and beautiful shadows, could only appear crass with our bright silk costumes

    48. My sister, the born actress, and Marcus, my husband without a clue; what a farce

    49. If I hadn’t lived it, I’d consider it a fanciful farce

    50. My Uncle Joshua's the only man who's not off limits to me, so there's no way on God's green earth I could or would be married to you! Enough of this farce

    1. “You know better than I,” he said, “that all courts--martial are farces and that you’re really paying for the crimes of other people, because this time we’re going to win the war at any price

    2. thedays of the old farces; we may go further and state that in La

    3. Linked with the old farces by such works as A

    4. One perfect example of the hidden evil of these undead turd-filth is the orchestrated farces and the propagation of two World Wars and the ensuing Cold War of the 20th century

    5. Life was starting to resemble one of those coy ’60s American sex farces, in which a roguish bachelor bundles one of a rota of girlfriends down a laundry chute in borrowed pajamas to avoid the discovery of another sweetheart arriving in the uniform of an airline stewardess

    6. She defended herself with a pair of gardening shears that she had hidden in her bodice, and six men were needed to put her in the strait jacket while the crowd jammed into the Plaza of the Customhouse applauded and whistled with glee in the belief that the bloody capture was one of many Carnival farces

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