feather sätze

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Feather sätze (in englisch)

  1. Quiet as a swan's feather.
  2. He was in very high feather.
  3. His feather tickled my nose.
  4. Her own had a feather in it.
  5. Harvey gave Silas the feather.

  6. We land as softly as a feather.
  7. He held the feather of Ma’at.
  8. Leather hat with a bird feather.
  9. With a heart light as a feather.
  10. Birds of a feather flock together.
  11. A feather from the mountain goose.
  12. And they may have feather pillows.
  13. She put the feather in her pocket.
  14. And whether it was feather or song.
  15. The feather that looked like a hand.

  16. B-boys of a feather flock together.
  17. You could have heard a feather drop.
  18. Well yes, it was a feather in my cap.
  19. With a showgirl in a feather dress.
  20. Light Feather Farming in The Barrens-.
  21. She held up the feather for all to see.
  22. You’re light as a feather, silly.
  23. It was like a feather bed all over me.
  24. You could push them over with a feather.
  25. A wit's a feather, a chiefs a rod;[18].

  26. It really was quite a feather in her cap.
  27. This final feather broke the camel's back.
  28. He then strapped Garuda’s Feather onto.
  29. The Barbeg passed the feather back to Elowen.
  30. In comparison, the feather dwarfed her hand.
  31. It’s as light as a feather, he said.
  32. His next stop would help Silas ID the feather.
  33. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.
  34. It was like being in the room with a feather.
  35. Ah, dearest one, you are as weak as a feather.
  36. This is my friend and mentor, Dancing Feather.
  37. When a bird loses a feather, it grows a new one.
  38. A limp feather pillow completed the furnishings.
  39. A single white feather drifted over one of them.
  40. He noticed that birds of a feather flock together.
  41. A local man who went by the name of Eagle Feather.
  42. Didn't take a feather out of her my handling them.
  43. The black and white feather in his hat fluttered.
  44. What is a feather to others will be a rock to you.
  45. Fluffy towels and water beds with feather pillows.
  46. Birds of a feather, possibly, he said jokingly.
  47. But it would always be a feather on her conscience.
  48. By hair and bone and feather thin, he chanted.
  49. Nova Lee’s white feather stuck out under her cap.
  50. If it wasn’t an iron feather it’s long gone.
  51. Then what would give the feather the time to fall.
  52. On the opposite scale, the Feather of Truth appeared.
  53. A droplet of blood formed where the feather had been.
  54. It began to feather and he pushed the throttle down.
  55. Twining round a pole in the middle was a feather boa.
  56. Feather picking could be linked to a number of causes.
  57. She wished she could be that feather, pure and white.
  58. I saw the rabbit blood on the trail and this feather.
  59. Each item held a memory: the feather, Bucca’s gift.
  60. The feather plummeted to the ground, but we were done.
  61. Nyx, you still have his golden feather, I assume?
  62. Maat's feather and two wings match this categorization.
  63. He continued not looking at her and picked up a feather.
  64. She looked with wounded eyes at the fluttering feather.
  65. He talked of the shaman who wore a brilliant feather vest.
  66. Flash got a bite in to Silas’ tail, breaking a feather.
  67. I reached into the Duat and pul ed out an ostrich feather.
  68. That is enough! he boomed, feather moustache blowing.
  69. Ever has the split feather been a sign used by the Eldar.
  70. Since the feather does not fall as fat as the hammer we.
  71. Garuda’s Feather responded with a phosphorescent burst.
  72. When Sydney came in, I gladly abandoned the feather duster.
  73. Blue Feather come into your life within the next 14.
  74. She moved like a feather on the wind, graceful yet aimless.
  75. Cal reached into his vest and produced a small gray feather.
  76. The hammer and the feather and the vacuum are part of the.
  77. Garuda’s Feather? Echoed the moon god inquisitively.
  78. The dueñas cooed and fluttered themselves with feather fans.
  79. The pod was like a red hawks feather as floated in the sky.
  80. Bartomeu twitched a feather cloak around Jaume’s shoulders.
  81. And the moral of that is--Birds of a feather flock together.
  82. He was also intrigued by the feather and lead ball experiment.
  83. The feather tick on Wade’s bed put down the child and obeyed.
  84. Shinaé mumbled to herself as she collected the feather duster.
  85. Guards, he said, give the prisoner the Feather of Truth.
  86. They also had his original raven feather banner and his weapons.
  87. Feather had been sizing up the pair from the moment they walked.
  88. The thin veil fell like a feather mist, covering her face as it.
  89. It was a blistering college pace, but I felt light as a feather.
  90. As his vision cleared he realized it was a pearl colored feather.
  91. A sea eagle feather was woven into it and hung over her left ear.
  92. And the moral of that is– Birds of a feather flock together.
  93. When I was finished, Willow sat in silence staring at the feather.
  94. Out she swept, the black woman with the dancing feather in her hat.
  95. Incense was burning and she held a feather in her hands in prayer.
  96. Michael touched his lips to hers, just a feather kiss, but oh, so.
  97. Within a few minutes the small feather seemed to lose its buoyancy.
  98. I know, he said huskily, bending to feather a kiss against her.
  99. Nothing farther then he uttered—not a feather then he fluttered—.
  100. John extended the eagle feather he had been holding in his right hand.
  1. It is unknown if he or anyone else specified which engine needed feathering.
  2. The birds can have deep red, rich brown, startling white, or shiny and black feathering.
  3. On the control panel, there were four feathering buttons, one for each engine, covered by a plastic shield.
  4. She pumped her wings until the speed was too great and then she folded them in, feathering just enough to guide her plunge.
  5. The coterie of Ministers, who had so skilfully been feathering their own nests for so long, was now clearly rattled by the turn of events.
  6. This particular night, they seemed to have swallowed the Earth, their shimmering image reflected from a thin film of water left by the final feathering nudges of waves.
  7. Breeding closely related parents can concentrate defects (poor feathering, deformities, and poor personalities) in a line and reduce the reproductive success of the parents.
  8. As the men behind the cockpit fled toward the comparative safety of the waist and rear of the plane, one man, almost certainly the engineer who had hit the wrong feathering button, apparently stayed in front.
  9. It was cash that his country desperately needed, and for any man to make a priority of feathering his own nest when the people he led were in such dire straights was something that Robin could not understand or forgive.
  10. The horse having reached the end of his tether, so to speak, halted and, rearing high a proud feathering tail, added his quota by letting fall on the floor which the brush would soon brush up and polish, three smoking globes of turds.
  11. In a few months, a few years, they could travel anywhere, for the speed of their rocket was the speed of a god, and now for the ten-thousandth time one of the rockets of the far-circling hunt was feathering down toward an alien world.
  12. On the morning of his fourth day trapped beneath whatever is left of the Hotel of Bees, Werner is listening to the repaired transceiver, feathering the tuning knob back and forth, when a girl’s voice says directly into his good ear: At three in the morning I was awakened by a violent blow.
  13. But these were broken again by the light toes of hundreds of gay fowl softly feathering the sea, alternate with their fitful flight; and like to some flag-staff rising from the painted hull of an argosy, the tall but shattered pole of a recent lance projected from the white whale's back; and at intervals one of the cloud of soft-toed fowls hovering, and to and fro skimming like a canopy over the fish, silently perched and rocked on this pole, the long tail feathers streaming like pennons.
  1. Feathered his nest well anyhow.
  2. Feathered away into silvery lure.
  3. Said it was the feathered serpent, the.
  4. Like the old eagle feathered to the heel;.
  5. It wore a feathered crown and bone necklace.
  6. Rain feathered down at first, then fell harder.
  7. Handsome capital relates in all its feathered.
  8. Its feathered body was intact, but its life was.
  9. It spread great black wings, the feathered tips.
  10. Pigeons with feathered feet and skin between toes.
  11. That’s why I had her tarred and feathered first.
  12. Light goes the weather-wind and the feathered starling.
  13. Amen's dual feathered headdress displayed seven aspects.
  14. His feathered hat was ripped away and his baldpate exposed.
  15. Wisps of smoke feathered through the air above the delicate.
  16. Giselle puffed out her feathered chest, and flexed her wings.
  17. When looking at an image of Amen (Amun) with the dual feathered.
  18. Is that your warhorse, Ser Giant? said the feathered lordling.
  19. She looked at Emory in his black velvet breeches and feathered mask.
  20. Suddenly our feathered friend hopped from Franco's shoulder to mine.
  21. These birds are so big, I said, gazing up at his feathered friends.
  22. The woman was russet-skinned with a shock of white hair, feathered and.
  23. He feathered his own nest at the expense of his colleagues and his employer.
  24. Suppose I say this is proof that the Almighty is a feathered and winded being.
  25. The finishing touches were red kid shoes and a red feathered mask for disguise.
  26. Tess walked up to this lady with her feathered charges—one sitting on each arm.
  27. He then rolled over, covering his ears and eyes with the thick feathered comforter.
  28. Amen was often portrayed with a dual feathered headdress that was divided into four.
  29. A beat of wings caused him to look, just as a feathered shadow shot down out of the sky.
  30. A heap of arrows lay at his feet, feathered ends towards him, as he rested on one knee.
  31. He walked to a sleek, silver feathered griffin who gave him a friendly peck with its beak.
  32. When using an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse brows, use light and quick feathered motions.
  33. Amen’s dual feathered headdress, and the fourteen parts of Osiris’ reconstructed body.
  34. It was complete with leather boots of the highest quality, feathered hat and a miniature sword.
  35. I recognized the Chief by a feathered headdress that extended the length of his body to the ground.
  36. Amused, the Nord wasted no time in sharing the summary of his worries with the feathered companion.
  37. The largest ever flying creature was the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus northropi (feathered serpent).
  38. Standing around me, three lovely women with white-and-gold feathered faces regarded me with solemn brown eyes.
  39. A high, merlon-topped wall decorated along the base with sculpted stone feathered serpents surrounded the whole.
  40. At last it was stolen, and in the hands of a feathered shaman of the barbarians it defeated all my mighty sorcery.
  41. The Scribe of Life speaks in a mournful tone as he scratches with a feathered pen the tradegy of a pitiful creature.
  42. Rob was glad to see there were few feathered darts and arrows jutting from the duckbill’s green-streaked orange hide.
  43. Bellying forward to the edge of the clearing, he found Hans, lying on his face, feathered with arrows like a porcupine.
  44. The man yelled, but Connie, who had been staring at the man’s beaded and feathered necklace, did not hear what he said.
  45. I nodded and placed the arrow on the rest, then clicked the feathered end of the arrow into the nocking point on the string.
  46. This also means you probably didn’t wear your hair feathered at least once, he said staring at Samuel in disbelief.
  47. We've feathered our nest; while one of these days you'll find the 'Cafe Francais' closed with a big placard on the shutters.
  48. She looked suddenly like a costumed waif in her feathered finery, gazing up at the face of this bizarre and sardonic creature.
  49. Many clever people feathered their nests and took advantage of her simplicity during the brief period of her rule in the province.
  50. Her red face shone under her feathered hat at the hack window, and her eyes, when flaming passion was subdued, were full of tears.
  51. He stared at the statue of the Adversary, her beautiful womanly form draped in cloth as a set of feathered wings rose up behind her.
  52. The feathered creatures squawked as several of their company thudded against the side and spiralled, unconsciously, to their deaths.
  53. His judges sat upon the Bench in feathered hats; but the rough red cap and tricoloured cockade was the head-dress otherwise prevailing.
  54. She proudly crosses the gangplank wearing her colorful feathered plumes that sway across her robust chest with each bounce of the plank.
  55. Jody skinned the grain from a grass stem and threw the handful into the air, so that each pointed, feathered seed sailed out like a dart.
  56. A fidgety stink bird sitting on a palmetto frond next to his stilled head was snapped up, chomped and gulped down; a feathered hors d‘oeuvre.
  57. She nudged her adored silver-grey mare, Meravellosa, to a walk toward where the giant dragonfly ripped audibly at its victim’s feathered skin.
  58. They would have tarred and feathered him if they could have caught him, but he was safe in Monterey, cooking his yen shi over a peanut-oil lamp.
  59. Matter of fact, I grinned at the familiar fussing of feathered dancers prancing their yard with curious head tilts and random cock-a-doodle-doos.
  60. He could no longer see them in this broken country, but he was certain that they still followed him, guided unerringly by their feathered allies.
  61. All three were skilled in the use of parasols and feathered fans, but their intentions were as indecipherable as those of other women from Mompox.
  62. With a movement as swift and elegant as a summer waterfall, the bird snatched up the cane that glowed a richer black against the feathered whiteness.
  63. Reliving the moment when the arrow struck her breast, when she looked down with eagle eyes and saw the feathered end of the missive protruding from her body.
  64. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone.
  65. One who wore a feathered head-dress had a set of pipes which he set to his lips, and even as the Tecuhltli started to shout a warning, the pipes began to skirl.
  66. Dressed in all his majesty he was a breathtaking figure, his colourful quetzal feathered outfit adding to his majesty, the whole valley seemed to hold its breath.
  67. For emphasis she brandished a feathered twist-dart with its thong of strider hide wound around its meter-long shaft, to give it spin when cast from a spear-thrower.
  68. I wondered if the Spaniards would have murdered those Indians in their feathered headdresses for doing that on consecrated ground two centuries ago or three or four.
  69. Tascela came forward, wiping her sword on her naked thigh, and holding in her other hand an object she had taken from the body of the feathered leader of the Xotalancas.
  70. They wear long masquerade costumes; Victoria in a midnight-blue, mermaid styled dress and Megan in a revealing electric-blue, mini dress with a matching feathered mask.
  71. Yet if we open a gravid female, we find tadpoles inside her with exquisitely feathered gills; and when placed in water they swim about like the tadpoles of the water-newt.
  72. Meg, in the other boat, was delightfully situated, face to face with the rowers, who both admired the prospect and feathered their oars with uncommon `skill and dexterity'.
  73. Celebrations poured out on to the streets of Nordhel from the houses and inns within the city where people held grand parties in fancy costumes and gilded and feathered masks.
  74. They found they could escape being chased, and killed by flapping their feathered arms so hard: they managed to fly completely out of reach above the killers trying to catch them.
  75. What would these women do with a handsome, dashing troubadour, who warbled ditties in feathered cap and doublet? They do not want a tenor about the house, they want their bills paid.
  76. THE VOICE OF VIRAG: (A birdchief, bluestreaked and feathered in war panoply with his assegai, striding through a crackling canebrake over beechmast and acorns) Hot! Hot! Ware Sitting Bull!.
  77. Devil was a six-foot-six-and-a-sixth-inch-tall, red-eyed, white feathered, razor-clawed and diamond beaked, demon possessed rooster, whose sole purpose in life was to torment me and the dogs.
  78. If your vehicle is hard to steer when first started or while trying to parallel park in downtown New York with honking horns, yelling and the occasional feathered finger you have what we call Hard Steering.
  79. They stood still, whereupon little furred and feathered heads popped up from the smooth surface of the water; but, finding that the disturbing presences had paused, and not passed by, they disappeared again.
  80. There was a honking and hooting, and a flapping and a hissing, and I was aware that Detective Inspector Grunt was close behind me, his webbed feet splatting in the mud as he waved his feathered arms over my head.
  81. How differently constructed is the feathered wing of a bird and the membrane-covered wing of a bat; and still more so the four wings of a butterfly, the two wings of a fly, and the two wings with the elytra of a beetle.
  82. The cuckoo, of course, had long been silent; but many another feathered friend, for months a part of the familiar landscape and its small society, was missing too and it seemed that the ranks thinned steadily day by day.
  83. Merrill, of Iowa, that he once found in Illinois a young cuckoo, together with a young jay in the nest of a blue jay (Garrulus cristatus); and as both were nearly full feathered, there could be no mistake in their identification.
  84. She knew that any further movement would run the risk of leaving a crimson trail of blood which would have them homing in on her in seconds, but then she was in no state to move anywhere with the feathered bolt still jutted from her chest.
  85. Pilots are required to test their abilities with one engine feathered when they qualify for multi-engine flying, but even in these cases they keep the engine on idle in the event that they cannot cope with the tremendous change in attitude.
  86. By the time the baby budgie is eleven days old, he can maintain his own body temperature better, and you can gradually start reducing the heat in the brooder; it should be roughly ninety degrees Fahrenheit by the time the bird is fully feathered.
  87. In a minute they were feathered with them, and yet with no sign of pain they clawed and slobbered with impotent rage at the steps which would lead them to their victims, mounting clumsily up for a few yards and then sliding down again to the ground.
  88. At the same moment, deep beneath the turbulent waters of the pool, four spirits strained against their earthly bonds, causing wisps of multicoloured steam to rise from the surface where they were whipped away by the storm– feathered seed-heads on a summer breeze.
  89. Some small spotted deer, a curious wild pig known, I believe, as a peccary, a gorgeously feathered oriole, some sort of armadillo, and a singular lumbering in-toed beast like a very fat badger, were among the creatures which I observed as we drove along the winding avenue.
  90. Although usually referred to in speech as a male being, Mayan priests, if pressed, will aver that Kawa Tzul Taka has no sex; or perhaps is a dual deity partaking in nature of two of the nine Mayan gods of the earth (namely the Creators-Formers Gucumatz, the feathered serpent; and his consort Tepeu, the Conquerer).
  91. Then, with the spray clinging round her like morning mist, she plunged into the shoe store, where a fine young man with doe-brown eyes and black arched brows and hair with the sheen of patent leather pinched her ankles, feathered her instep, caressed her toes, and so entertained her feet that they blushed a soft, warm pink.
  92. In the dream, I had been lying on my back, clutching an urn full of ashes, and these three pretty girls with white-and-gold feathered faces had been standing close, looking down at me, as had been Blossom Rosedale and Terri Stambaugh, who was an Elvis fan of the first rank as well as my friend and boss from the Pico Mundo Grille.
  93. For hours absolute quiet reigned in the little clearing, except as it was broken by the discordant notes of brilliantly feathered parrots, or the screeching and twittering of the thousand jungle birds flitting ceaselessly amongst the vivid orchids and flamboyant blossoms which festooned the myriad, moss-covered branches of the forest kings.
  94. As he admired the exquisite scene before him, feeling whole and invigorated, Feltus noticed Lady Jane, dressed in a formal gown with a high, laced collar and feathered hat, enter the lobby from the south wing, her attention focused straight ahead though she seemed to be in quite a hurry, as if she did not want her presence to be publicized.
  95. From her balcony she had seen the cavalry in dress uniform, the religious communities, the schools, the long black limousines of an invisible officialdom, the carriage drawn by horses in feathered headdresses and gold trappings, the flag-draped yellow coffin on the gun carriage of a historic cannon, and at the very end a line of old open Victorias that kept themselves alive in order to carry funeral wreaths.
  96. As he hesitated to admire the surroundings, a small and unnoticeable action of which he was fond, Feltus noticed the unmistakable form of the Ashburns, the elegantly attired Lady Jane whose hunter green morning dress and feathered hat seemed appropriate for the weather and demeanour of the hotel and who gracefully pushed her wheelchair-confined husband, exiting the dining room after their apparently early breakfast to which they were accustomed.
  97. How can you expect any civilized person to voluntarily undergo any kind of fundamental change that might threaten their own position? Let one person challenge any normality, tradition, custom, or any socially-publicly accepted custom: and they are laughed at, vilified, denigrated, jailed, tarred and feathered, burned, ostracized, exiled, crucified, burned at the stake, shot, hung … the enormous resistance to all new truths has never changed throughout civilized history.
  98. She had been told that, rough and brutal as they seemed just then, they were not like this all the year round, but were, in fact, quite civil persons save during certain weeks of autumn and winter, when, like the inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, they ran amuck, and made it their purpose to destroy life—in this case harmless feathered creatures, brought into being by artificial means solely to gratify these propensities—at once so unmannerly and so unchivalrous towards their weaker fellows in Nature's teeming family.
  99. The residents of luxury nests feathered with humanity’s down plucked from corpses of fledglings slaughtered by “bad guys” are not any more innocent than their 1st, 2nd or 3rd-hand suppliers, are they? Oil and chemical-manufacturing/developing companies with labyrinthine networks derive their gargantuan profits from death and destruction just as directly as if their chairmen, directors and CEOs all sat in the cockpit or had their fingers on the “FIRE” button and trigger of every device that deals out such devastation.
  100. What can be more singular than the relation in cats between complete whiteness and blue eyes with deafness, or between the tortoise-shell colour and the female sex; or in pigeons, between their feathered feet and skin betwixt the outer toes, or between the presence of more or less down on the young pigeon when first hatched, with the future colour of its plumage; or, again, the relation between the hair and the teeth in the naked Turkish dog, though here no doubt homology comes into play? With respect to this latter case of correlation, I think it can hardly be accidental that the two orders of mammals which are most abnormal in their dermal covering, viz.
  1. He stared at the feathers.
  2. The feathers had been kind.
  3. Like feathers on your arms.
  4. A bird preened its feathers.
  5. Dirty Feathers stuck to him.
  6. The more feathers they grew.
  7. White Feathers smiled at this.
  9. Like a crown with feathers!.
  10. No hats, no feathers, no furs.
  11. Apophis and a few gray feathers.
  12. The pigeon ruffled its feathers.
  13. Spitting feathers I called Brad.
  14. He was all covered in feathers.
  15. Creation is covered in feathers.
  16. They landed next to the feathers.
  17. If shes never seen her feathers.
  18. Feathers should appear shiny and.
  19. He will cover you with his feathers.
  20. White Feathers took him under wing.
  21. It’s ruffled quite a few feathers.
  22. Indian man with amulets and feathers.
  23. His feathers were the color of gold.
  24. The ground was covered with feathers.
  25. Duck feathers moved with the breeze.
  26. We saved the feathers in a flour sack.
  27. And if he was lucky with the feathers.
  28. Even now, feathers stuck to its lips.
  29. No feathers had they, but as of a bat.
  30. His body was covered with red feathers.
  31. He saw that his feathers were not black.
  32. Silas shook his feathers of excess water.
  33. Still there were a few ruffled feathers.
  34. A normal replacement of feathers occurs.
  35. The feathers had been unkind to him again.
  36. The hawk stirred and ruffled its feathers.
  37. Each of the two tall feathers is divided.
  38. Livingson, and Great-uncle White Feathers.
  39. Implements would be decided by the feathers.
  40. Each of the two tall feathers was split in.
  41. Most species of pigeons have 12-15 feathers.
  42. A ruffling of feathers and they were silent.
  43. Naked as a fucking blue jay without feathers.
  44. And feathers spawn where there is an opening.
  45. Nearly every time feathers crossed her path.
  46. Its feathers are just barely hanging in there.
  47. Some use wands, others bones, feathers, cards.
  48. Keep feathers for arrow flights and insulation.
  49. I found a few ginger feathers, that’s all.
  50. It had grown back most of the feathers it had.
  51. He feathers the tuner, switches bands: nothing.
  52. The air hangs with salt, staining feathers and.
  53. Her feathers were just inches below the ceiling.
  54. It won’t fluster my feathers A man is as wise.
  55. They tend to puff their feathers and are often.
  56. The raven ruffled its feathers and did not move.
  57. A twisting eddy caught the tips of the feathers.
  58. After seeing the feathers Marie considered going.
  59. Blood and black feathers lay among the wood chips.
  60. A bird is a bird if it has feathers and lays eggs.
  61. As Bob unruffled his feathers, I scanned his office.
  62. But one of my feathers fell through the floor bars.
  63. The black feathers of her dress brushed her cheeks.
  64. The bird ruffled its feathers and let out a low honk.
  65. So when Marie saw the feathers on the steps outside.
  66. Sorren wondered what had their feathers all ruffled.
  67. Think of the feel of the feathers against your skin.
  68. In the grate is spread a screen of peacock feathers.
  69. Servants standing by with peacock feathers made sure.
  70. The watch was a birthday present from White Feathers.
  71. We need one of those Salish feathers we heard about.
  72. Her black wings hung down, the tips of her feathers.
  73. Silas ruffled his feathers, incensed seeing the fire.
  74. Red puffed up his feathers; and what of your quarry?
  75. Becky had put on her mules with the ostrich feathers.
  76. Ours sport violently coloured feathers to match their.
  77. They didn’t have feathers and their wings didn’t.
  78. The arrow was a yard long, flighted with swan feathers.
  79. It didn’t take long before feathers flew everywhere.
  80. The reptiles that had feathers and could fly away: did.
  81. You spy black feathers paused across the watery chasms.
  82. Aunt Minnie wore a big lavender hat with feathers, and.
  83. A super-hero with red hair and sticky feathers?
  84. He gyrated his body, agitating water over his feathers.
  85. It was a tattoo of wings with black and white feathers.
  86. Hopefully this time the feathers would be more generous.
  87. Black feathers attacked his eyes like fits of blindness.
  88. Sickly urban pigeons may puff their feathers in the cold.
  89. A chicken without feathers lay on a large serving plate.
  90. Grace leaned over and touched his feathers with her beak.
  91. I opened my eyes to the sound of the raven’s feathers.
  92. White Feathers never rushed to judgement about anything.
  93. The feathers on her chest had been as soft as a whisper.
  94. The wanderer didn't give a shit about the yellow feathers.
  95. Leaving him alive and unscathed… to grow more feathers.
  96. The feathers of a sea osprey hung limp in Firtha’s hair.
  97. On the ground outside, Simon could see feathers and blood.
  98. In their paints and feathers, the natives were not hostile.
  99. As soon as I saw blood and feathers flying into the air I.
  100. With a flurry of flapping wings and feathers, the pigeons.

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