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    fend for

    1. Also with a greater number of individuals moving out of the joint family system, this will ensure that retirees are better equipped to fend for themselves when faced with medical expenses

    2. No longer able to fend for themselves, they slumped on the streets awaiting whichever came first, a handout or death

    3. away and leaving the child to fend for herself, as well as

    4. abandoned and left to fend for herself at an early age

    5. , was left to fend for itself

    6. Even had the original plan been completed, there had been no plan to cut them loose and leave them to fend for themselves

    7. The kids have to fend for themselves then

    8. Tragically, those in serious need of treatment and proper medical supervision were summarily discharged and ushered into the streets to fend for themselves

    9. The irony now was that with Amonas missing, and her protector unable to come to her aid she would have to fend for herself

    10. His place was among the dead the moment he left me to fend for myself

    11. homeland to fend for itself! This shift has removed thousands of jobs

    12. I asked if they fed her or left her to fend for herself

    13. The air outside was freezing, the sun had left his children a long time earlier to fend for themselves without his warmth for the rest of the night

    14. A strong confident person that was here just minutes ago was slowly leaving me alone to defend for myself

    15. The innocents were returned to it and will have to fend for themselves

    16. to fend for themselves without clear guidance

    17. I don’t feel right about leaving you to fend for yourself on the trail

    18. We just need to learn to fend for ourselves

    19. need to fend for themselves

    20. In the future, they would have to fend for

    21. Perhaps if, like Francis Bacon, I'd been horsewhipped as a boy, or thrown onto the streets to fend for myself, or been sold into slavery, I too might have become a tortured, drug-raddled soul living a life of towering highs and debilitating lows with an entourage of devoted sycophants encouraging my physical and mental self-destruction

    22. I’ve had to fend for myself and I guess that left no time for carefreeness, if there’s such a word

    23. If the assignment was to bump off a woman, wouldn’t the widower be free to have a younger mate? The death of a parent should not make much of a difference to the children either, as anyway; they had to fend for themselves sooner than later

    24. you to fend for yourself

    25. ‘As we currently have a total population of almost twelve billion, this will leave almost nine billion to fend for themselves with no services, power, medication or sufficient food

    26. „You are now old enough to fend for yourself, boy"; that"s what they said to me

    27. on them, telling them to fend for themselves

    28. They were left to fend for themselves while he drained the family’s life savings to spend on excess

    29. of Christ Church has to fend for itself during the tribulation, then we, as part of the last

    30. Those people could not just be abandoned in the middle of Germany or Poland to fend for themselves

    31. out of their homes, left to fend for themselves on the tough

    32. Too many Americans would have simply told the servants to fend for themselves alone

    33. The candles still flickered, as if threatening to die and leave the gathering to fend for themselves in the total darkness, but managed to stay dimly lit

    34. I began to have a flicker of respect for him but I was still going to head back to Tollan alone, to be truthful the hairy one scared me, many an afternoon I’d listened spellbound to the stories told by the well travelled traders but I’d never heard anyone mention the like of this hairy beast and I was not going to jeopardise my trip back to Tollan by having to look after him, I would leave alone and he would have to fend for himself

    35. Sam and Everette had been warned, and they could fend for themselves

    36. Evidence suggests they were trying to prolong human life and then ended up killing off all the adults, leaving the children to fend for themselves

    37. If the people did not want to evacuate in any of the cities, then they would force them to, or they could just leave them there to fend for themselves; depending on the severity of the storms and availability of FEMA camps

    38. “He’ll just have to fend for himself for now

    39. but he will have to fend for himself for now

    40. you wil have to fend for yourself without pack protection”

    41. Nancy had to fend for herself in the end

    42. a fish, teach him rather to catch fish, so that he can fend for himself”

    43. For now, he had just abandoned her without warning to fend for herself against the most powerful and evil being that walked Midgard

    44. We have to fend for ourselves in the pathless woods of personal prejudices

    45. Hurried by her mother, she left her fiancé and her mate to fend for themselves

    46. fend for himself in London was disgraceful

    47. When I wanted to study engineering at Manipal, he said I was too young to fend for myself

    48. One by one, the kith and kin, with heavy heart, took leave of the bereaved, leaving Roopa, her family and her in-laws to fend for themselves

    49. It was only time before Muhammad developed acumen for trading, and thus was able to fend for himself

    50. he seemed just like the rest of us, had a very bad past, was abused, traumatized, forced to live on the streets, and fend for himself, and was just trying to scrape by

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