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    financial support

    1. “I am not withholding my cooperation and friendship and financial support from this investigation

    2. This is my life and obligations in my family and I think I can't be out of this being financial support until I'll be married and have my own family

    3. As such sentiments relate to the latter, the perception that financial support hasn‘t been freely offered but ‖coerced‖, rather, enhances some of the passions indicated above

    4. Although not every citizen, for whatever reason(s), is predisposed to defend his or her nation during a time of war, each should properly support the nation‘s war effort in some (other) manner by lending either moral or financial support to American troops who have selflessly placed themselves in harm‘s way so that others on the home front might live in peace

    5. Much of the Cuban-American community provided shelter and political and financial support for terrorism

    6. ===> Function of partner-investor with financial support to the organizations of the Third Sector that are agreed to Bank3Sector

    7. ”) I learned how organisations co-opted financial support from businesses eager to advance their own interests

    8. and/or have a custom that that any widow who has no other financial support can

    9. It transpired that the old lady had cut off her son's financial support and the son, knowing the propensity of his father to use the shotgun threateningly, loaded the gun with the expectation that his father would shoot his mother

    10. He had become increasingly despondent over both the loss of his financial support and the failure of his attempt to engineer his mother's murder

    11. “In response to Cardinal George of Chicago’s reflection that it would be necessary for the church to end its financial support for an immigration ‘rights’ group that sought legalization of same-sex-marriage --- eight Illinois lawmakers recently published a statement that included their belief that the threat of funding withdrawal ‘was not worthy of the church we know, love and respect’; and further claimed that the Cardinal was using “immigrants and those who seek to help them as pawns in a political battle

    12. no help or financial support – what would she have

    13. before, but lacked the needed financial support

    14. “I would say that companies have been very supportive,” he says, with somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of participants receiving financial support from their companies

    15. The schools would generate their own financial support

    16. 16 As confusion increased in the faculty, the three brothers withdrew their financial support, and after five years the school closed

    17. president, had already approved the changes in Iran and provided Ayatollah Khomeini with three-hundred million dollars of financial support to take power in Iran

    18. They would not show your hidden assets – your wealthy friends and the financial support of friends

    19. Like last year you show love in material ways – though giving financial support and material gifts

    20. As we mentioned, there will be better financial support from the family or family connections

    21. Though family relationships are unstable, there does seem to be good financial support from the family, and from you to the family

    22. You have a lot of financial support from friends, from the beloved and from the spiritual people in your life

    23. The Chief Minister of Mumbai had promised to provide financial support to the hospital, but he decided to withdraw his application at the very last minute

    24. Parents contributed immensely but still couldn’t provide financial support

    25. I wish we had a mathematical solution to compensate for the lack of financial support for African-American full-time missionaries by black- and white-governed churches

    26. Several of my African-American colleagues in the ministry express frustration because black churches decline their requests for financial support

    27. In the past, privileged white Christians enjoyed economic freedom to choose “faith missions” as an option to receive financial support

    28. They cannot culturally connect with the Biblical principle of missionaries seeking financial support from churches or individuals

    29. Presenting one’s need for missionary support, or giving financial support to missionaries, seems to cut across African-American middle class and working class convictions

    30. When college-educated missionaries seek financial support from black Christians, I think African Americans equate their requests with charity

    31. Raising financial support might look like begging to African Americans, but many white churches regard the same kind of requests as honorable missionary statesmanship

    32. Your missionary financial support-need may provide the means to teach believers how to invest in Christ’s mission

    33. He had raised financial support to only travel to the field but not enough to return home

    34. I had needed time, a place to work, emotional support, and eventually financial support, as I relived my embarrassing life while attempting to put Bonnie’s teachings into a reasonable order

    35. Working as a congressman before and during WWII, he was able to channel important government contracts to Texas cronies who offered him financial support for his campaigns

    36. If the French corporation were a front for this intelligence operation, they would have bought the cocaine from the Iranian opposition, thus taking the drugs out of circulation and providing financial support for the opposition party

    37. He begged his parents for financial support, but his father wished to teach the young man about frivolity, so he cut him off

    38. According to the files I found in Nancy ‘A’s office, she was discreetly approached in 1943 ‘B’ in Jerusalem by a mandated representative of the d’Orléans Foundation, who offered her financial support for her humanitarian projects

    39. I know you are not in need of financial support, but I will see to it that you have access to unlimited funding due to his special potential medical needs, and also provide you with names of specialist that you may want to

    40. “That’s why we stopped financial support for the land reform programme

    41. It’s certainly true that ‘corporate America’ - the business community, which tends to give financial support to the Irish Republican cause - has become very disenchanted in recent years with the antics of people like McFosters

    42. without meaningful financial support

    43. But the country’s finance minister, Brian Lenihan, wrote to the bank on Monday threatening to withdraw state financial support if the bonuses were honoured

    44. While some came for his ‘blessings’ and support towards their political ambitions, others solicited for his financial support, or advice on strategies that would enable them to win elections

    45. Because come to think of it, we did suspect that my brother has powerful financial support, and Holy Mountain right now, sticks out as a prime suspect

    46. Once the cadaver’s line of financial support dries up, his life

    47. afflicted and he did what he could, offering financial support to those who were

    48. I suggested to the high temple priests that the continuing financial support of these grounds and festivities would be best served if the children meant for sacrifice were instead raised apart from the society, until such a time was needed for a renewal of the currently available flesh

    49. Volunteers and financial support to provide volunteers with the

    50. Securing that there is a stable finances that would cover the needs of the family can be difficult, especially if there is no financial support on the part of the spouse

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