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    1. all the finesse of a rich kid who’d just graduated from etiquette classes

    2. With the whipping finesse of a frog’s tongue, he

    3. Whereas in other matters, those requiring finesse and subtle adaptations of the energy, Tetloan seemed lacking in the slightest hint of power

    4. the world his speed and finesse

    5. It had been old time smash-mouth football all afternoon and it showed the offense was not just about finesse and passing

    6. He could have attacked me with all the finesse of a bull in season, and under his thrall, the pain would have been turned to pleasure

    7. That made it a matter requiring finesse so as not to cause an international incident

    8. A lot of prayer and a little finesse turned that epi-

    9. The words start to spill out, without finesse or sophistication

    10. “I’ve watched Jesse grow into a man, he did everything with finesse; ever the perfectionist

    11. of the grunt and bash serial killers to a place where finesse and planning is

    12. Occasionally, due to hunger, they are driven to kill but there is no finesse

    13. ’ She redirected her attention to me and asked with all the finesse of a prosecuting lawyer, ‘Tell me the truth, Asa, have you ever had an erect penis inserted into your anus?’

    14. Where Conan beat down opposition by the sheer weight and power of his blows, breaking spears, splitting skulls and cleaving bosoms to the breast-bone, Valeria brought into action a finesse of sword-play that dazzled and bewildered her antagonists before it slew them

    15. but Danny did this with such finesse and artistry that it was more

    16. She rose above every other woman through her finesse and elegance

    17. What the pilots of these ships lacked in finesse they certainly made up in bravery

    18. and finesse, and has an underlying wit and inventiveness," Ry-an writes

    19. a finesse that his old hack and chop lacked

    20. Their domination consisted of talented power hitters that were complemented by smooth, finesse pitchers

    21. Finesse was not one of Andy's strong points

    22. A career diplomat, skilled in the profession of finesse, and the strategic negotiations and personal

    23. This was definitely going to need more finesse than brawn

    24. What the ROE components lack as tools of managerial finesse, they more than make

    25. Wickland hoped he would be able to finesse this man and encourage him to cooperate as that was in his best interests

    26. Forty years had done much to change the home, but behind the finesse of fancy name plates and gleaming paint it was the same home he had left to go to university

    27. The buzzer sounded, and as the match began Lyil noted that Ben's quickness and finesse more than compensated for his broad shoulders and stout chest

    28. with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop

    29. Finesse and civility had left his mind now, and black revenge burned brightly

    30. The job was awkward and it lacked the finesse of the Lakeland dry stone

    31. Finesse stretches out infinitely – what is the sky? Stars

    32. Pete was at his desk, checking out computer code for sub routines on a program he was trying to finesse for someone else in the department

    33. For instance, when the young duck hatches it soon rushes to the water where it swims with amazing skill and finesse

    34. Verily, there are uncountable indications in the moon that lead to its Grand Creator who has made it upon such state of finesse, accuracy and perfection

    35. For instance, as soon as the young duck hatches, it soon rushes to the water where it is able to swim with amazing skill and finesse

    36. Deciding the direct approach would be best, Joel bluntly verbalized this query, without the usual finesse and tact he was renowned for -

    37. They seemed to think a touch of finesse he lack

    38. As for himself, he handled only the big cases in which he veneered the dirty work by a sort of finesse

    39. possibly with less finesse than he had anticipated

    40. And they do it with such finesse!

    41. may not have the same finesse of the old long-ski tech-

    42. little edge with a lot of finesse

    43. down the mountain with finesse as they finish every

    44. with the finesse of an experienced author

    45. But once he discovered their distant family ties, Brown would plunder his most secret cranny with all the finesse of a mad rapist

    46. If you did not learn how to lie well, artistically, with finesse: you were not cultured

    47. “Now that my friend here has given you teeth, with which to leave a nasty bite, please allow me to complete your ensemble by providing the claws you will need to rend the enemy and the finesse with which to use them properly with the greatest effect

    48. She was a virtual weapon of finesse and graceful power

    49. But it is at the sacrifice of many beautiful qualities of form, as this roughness of surface does not lend itself readily to any finesse of modelling

    50. That whole idea is not better than saying god did it, which while not technically incorrect, lacks certain finesse

    1. Dodging and ducking were skills she had long since acquired and finessed, owing in no small part to her petite size

    2. refinements of a finessed reluctance; adieu the friendly feint! She was

    3. In a little time, however, the champion was fairly in with her, and had tied at all points the true lover's knot; when now, adieu all the little refinements of a finessed reluctance; adieu the

    4. ” When people asked why I was looking for them, I finessed the truth; Samantha’s name hadn’t reached the papers, and I hated to cloud the objectivity of a source

    5. My friend Kerry Lovvorn finessed this idea by plotting not one but three sets of channels around a moving average

    6. And once that entry is finessed, it is then time to manage the position in such a way as to continually reduce one’s risk while allowing the trade, if it so desires, to stretch its legs and run

    1. finessing touch that will differentiate an original image from the masked one

    2. “I am not finessing, and I am not in the least afraid of telling you; but I don’t see the slightest reason why I should not have written

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