first sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

First sätze (in englisch)

  1. In the first was a.
  2. First I land in the.
  3. The first was too fat.
  4. You have to be first.
  5. First he looked up Ava.

  6. At least not at first.
  7. It was for the first.
  8. First man to climb Mt.
  9. At first glance is a.
  10. This is his first book.
  11. It was the first day.
  12. This is his first novel.
  13. First you and now Lori.
  14. The first of their (I.
  15. For the first time in.

  16. It was the first time.
  17. It had been his first.
  18. The first step is to go.
  19. But first he needed food.
  20. This meant he ate first.
  21. We first thawed in 2332.
  22. Henri was the first to.
  23. At first it worried her.
  24. That was the first death.
  25. First Brush With The Law.

  26. Is better than the first.
  27. That was the first thing.
  28. At first she thought he.
  29. She was the first of many.
  30. I had lost my first love.
  31. Mitzka was first in line.
  32. First, I needed the money.
  33. First to five points wins.
  34. At the first symptoms of.
  35. The first thing you need.
  36. It followed with a first.
  37. Ish cry for the first time.
  38. From his first step onto.
  39. It was the first time he.
  40. First of all his finances.
  41. Its first line of defense.
  42. We maintain the first six.
  43. The first two visions my.
  44. I grabbed at the first bag.
  45. The first one that I ever.
  46. First up to sing is Celeste.
  47. First, I will outline the.
  48. Harry went in first, seven.
  49. That was the first video.
  50. But first – have you ever.
  51. It was Jason who spoke first.
  52. But first he asked her name.
  53. His first day was beginning.
  54. It worried Nerissa at first.
  55. The first remark is one of.
  56. I couldn’t answer at first.
  57. The first is the lie about.
  58. Only the first time, girl.
  59. It was the first sleighing.
  60. Oedipus was one of the first.
  61. You are always my son first.
  62. First, he prayed that they.
  63. First, she had to find Jewel.
  64. It's the first day of my tour.
  65. I ducked in the first floor.
  66. You even remember your first.
  67. The first is the outer power.
  68. We passed the first two cages.
  69. His first reaction every time.
  70. I was on my first job abroad.
  71. You should have spoken first.
  72. Fuck the daughter first and.
  73. The first ever champion was.
  74. For the first time I felt I.
  75. First the American, then the.
  76. At first, Onidas was relieved.
  77. First, they saw a dark figure.
  78. I was only ten my first time.
  79. First, it was a theological.
  80. Adros was the first to arrive.
  81. I did not know this at first.
  82. Nerissa had the number first.
  83. I thought it was God at first.
  84. This was the first time they.
  85. First the joy of love, of sex.
  86. She drove the first mile hard.
  87. The first cultist still choked.
  88. Kelvin, of course, came first.
  89. The first destination was Mars.
  90. First, who was patrolling the.
  91. First, without the records of.
  92. First his grandson died, then.
  93. Need some more of these first.
  94. Chief Swanson refused at first.
  95. It was all quite easy at first.
  96. The Man was the first to speak.
  97. In fact, his first action had.
  98. This was a terrific first step.
  99. Alexia was just the first step.
  100. The first kick connected with.

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