fixed sätze

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Fixed sätze (in englisch)

  1. Why he fixed on me.
  2. It has to be fixed.
  3. My eyes fixed on his.
  4. And to keep it fixed.
  5. I fixed my eye on her.

  6. Well, I fixed him up.
  7. He had no fixed abode.
  8. Big Paul fixed him a.
  9. He fixed his eyes on.
  10. But that can be fixed.
  11. He fixed his eyes on me.
  12. Have to have you fixed.
  13. I fixed myself an old.
  14. But the date was fixed.
  15. She fixed me with a look.

  16. Her eyes were fixed on.
  17. Our eyes stay fixed on.
  18. I fixed it, he said.
  19. Often the fixed size is.
  20. My eyes fixed on the word.
  21. It’s not a fixed truth.
  22. No fixed order of planets.
  23. All eyes were fixed on him.
  24. He fixed his eyes on the.
  25. If you are using a fixed.

  26. Well, that could be fixed.
  27. Every eye was fixed on him.
  28. So I fixed how it was hung.
  29. Its eyes fixed on the door.
  30. When the Surati got fixed.
  31. Who fixed the broken pieces.
  32. Karma is fixed and definite.
  33. Peter fixed his eyes on him.
  34. They fixed the damned thing.
  35. Matt fixed his eyes on Yakov.
  36. So, I should have fixed that.
  37. Eyes and ears are fixed on.
  38. I fixed our drinks, sat back.
  39. Suzuki fixed his eyes on him.
  40. Fletcher fixed it into place.
  41. My eyes fixed on the car seat.
  42. It really needed to be fixed.
  43. His eyes fixed into a squint.
  44. Fixed costs in a department.
  45. We’ll soon have that fixed.
  46. What if he fixed things?
  47. They became dreamy and fixed.
  48. Reality is not fixed forever.
  49. We’d exited a fixed portal.
  50. The time fixed was March 1st.
  51. Got her fixed, said Tom.
  52. Bonds and other fixed income.
  53. Keep your eyes only fixed on.
  54. He can have it fixed in hours.
  55. Roman obviously had fixed it.
  56. My eyes roved and fixed on one.
  57. His eyes were fixed on her feet.
  58. We’d a fixed her some way.
  59. Her eyes were fixed on his face.
  60. As the ship is being fixed the.
  61. He fixed her with a grim stare.
  62. She fixed him with a gimlet eye.
  63. Tom fixed the braces onto them.
  64. His gaze is fixed on Tregannon.
  65. So’s she fixed a big basket.
  66. Then he fixed George with the.
  67. I fixed my eyes on the car door.
  68. Her flaming eyes fixed on Tara.
  69. Twinkling of fixed stars, v, 156.
  70. Her eyes fixed on the night sky.
  71. But let’s get you fixed up.
  72. His eyes were fixed on Madeline.
  73. He kept her eyes fixed with his.
  74. Archie fixed her with a cold eye.
  75. He cursed and fixed the problem.
  76. Gerrid was fixed in one position.
  77. For in truth, as the day fixed.
  78. Fixed her a Scotch on the rocks.
  79. Locke fixed his thoughts on Jade.
  80. Jesse’s eyes fixed on the cross.
  81. Mitya fixed his eyes on the floor.
  82. Element Width may be fixed as 50.
  83. Nanos found and fixed the problem.
  84. She should really get that fixed.
  85. He fixed her with a steady stare.
  86. Carol’s body is fixed and rigid.
  87. Consciousness has no fixed state.
  88. The shaman fixed him with a stare.
  89. All eyes were fixed on my brother.
  90. My gaze was fixed on the red bag.
  91. She fixed him with a steely glare.
  92. An ass's nole I fixed on his head.
  93. He fixed Manda with a steady gaze.
  94. He stood there fixed to the spot.
  95. He fixed the engine in the Pinto.
  96. He would have fixed Josh’s sock.
  97. Joey gave the woman a fixed stare.
  98. You’ve fixed worse, she said.
  99. He was now fixed on the far east.
  100. He fixed me with a confident look.
  1. The method of fixing the.
  2. Match fixing and all that.
  3. This is called bug fixing.
  4. Just fixing this ring here.
  5. We had spent thousands fixing.
  6. I was fixing to come after you.
  7. With eyes of steel, fixing his.
  8. Fixing his coat, buttoning it up.
  9. Some things about fixing the house.
  10. A yogi reaches his goal by fixing.
  11. Her dad was fixing up a car for her.
  12. Fixing technology involves more jobs.
  13. In exchange for fixing the machines.
  14. Who says you need fixing? I said.
  15. Not much harder than fixing pot roasts.
  16. Not much harder than fixing pot-roasts.
  17. What if you put off fixing that broken.
  18. There, said Mother, fixing his tie.
  19. Awaken the mind without fixing it anywhere.
  20. Fixing His eyes upon him, the Lord said :.
  21. I nodded, all the while fixing in on his eyes.
  22. I was thinking of fixing him up with Cynthia.
  23. After fixing the price of the product, it is.
  24. Never wear a dress without fixing up the rest.
  25. Monica is in the bathroom fixing her hair, Jack.
  26. Set, said Archie, fixing her with his eye.
  27. Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs.
  28. Filbert when things need fixing, or an argument.
  29. He stared into the darkness, fixing his gaze on.
  30. OK, he said, fixing his ice-blue eyes on me.
  31. You are so good at fixing things around the house.
  32. After fixing the lock he told us that our key was.
  33. Furnbecker thanking Ethan for fixing his car and.
  34. Teresa is looking in the mirror fixing her clothes.
  35. He suggested fixing the things that could be done.
  36. She’s fixing the holes in my socks, I noted.
  37. He surveyed the area with his eyes, fixing on the sky.
  38. Pamela remembered all the fun they had fixing up the.
  39. When fixing cracks in walls and ceiling size matters.
  40. Day by day we inch closer to fixing your space craft.
  41. My reflection – just fixing my hair in the window.
  42. Rowan went on, her eyes fixing on me, then moving away.
  43. Where are the conductors? Why aren’t they fixing it?
  44. John was outside fixing the battery on his panel truck.
  45. The first 12 minutes were spent fixing the refrigerator.
  46. She finished fixing the cracked board, jumped back on the.
  47. It provides for unlimited profits while fixing loss levels.
  48. I did not question him, but set about fixing our evening meal.
  49. I walked back out of the closet, fixing the collar of my shirt.
  50. She was very happy fixing the house up and working in the yard.
  51. Nancy didn’t say a word, instead fixing the Mufti in the eyes.
  52. Set up a schedule for washing the clothes and fixing the laundry.
  53. And what did I say about fixing your hair in the morning?
  54. The table back home had one uneven leg that dad was always fixing.
  55. Quite helpful with fixing things, in fact, which we need a lot of.
  56. Harold looked up with a worn face, fixing his glasses and resuming.
  57. He began fixing his shirt, and patting the sides of his hair flat.
  58. I can only guess that they'd been fixing all the doors into place.
  59. He coughed and was gone, death fixing the smile to his face as he.
  60. Instead of just going up there and fixing the stupid things he had.
  61. The last time I’d seen that car, Keith had been fixing the oil pan.
  62. George? Amazing, he said, fixing her with an incredulous stare.
  63. By fixing your relationship you fix the other person's relationship.
  64. He puts them all in a straight line, fixing this corner and that one.
  65. Chairman, as fixing the great policy of a navy under this Government.
  66. That little girl is plum messed up! Past fixing by my recollection.
  67. Such functions are defined by fixing two parameters: mean and variance.
  68. Jordan also opposed and acted to stop price fixing by the corporations.
  69. Regression Testing: Re-testing after fixing of defects or modifications.
  70. Roman talked Carl into letting him fix the place up; fixing things was.
  71. Then, won’t it be a case of quick fixing them in wanton liaisons?’.
  72. That and fixing again the trailer’s tarp cover took only a few minutes.
  73. Daisy went to the mir-ror and stood with her back to us, fixing her hair.
  74. I told you to stop it! Ben shouted, his fraught eyes fixing on Jose.
  75. He immediately went through the process of fixing the raft's position, by.
  76. I could have been dreaming, she said, finally fixing her eyes on me.
  77. It was a warm day and I was hunched over Remy's bike fixing the chain when.
  78. Her eyes glimmered in the night, fixing me with indulgent amusement, but I.
  79. We see him fixing his eyes on the death ground gazing at his inevitable end.
  80. He waited for Teller to speak further fixing him with a steady, blank state.
  81. A week later in the afternoon, Richard is sitting on the bed fixing his bike.
  82. When he returned home, Emma was sitting at the dressing table fixing her face.
  83. Gertrude looked at him with a neutral expression while fixing him in the eyes.
  84. You will have to create new grooves by fixing the mind again and again on God.
  85. Oh my God, is he coming over here? she asked, frantically fixing her hair.
  86. While still fixing Garber in the eyes, Ingrid gave an order to Angie Dickinson.
  87. He rested his elbows on the bar and leaned towards her, fixing her in his gaze.
  88. Now I was here and I didn’t know where to begin fixing the mess I’ve created.
  89. Quiet child, Elfi barked kindly, fixing the chest plate back on the machine.
  90. He’s actually better at fixing ships than flying them, but pilot pay is better.
  91. You must understand,' she said, fixing my eyes with an intent stare, „that the.
  92. Inside Teresa’s bedroom, Teresa is fixing her clothes as she looks in the mirror.
  93. A friend, went missing, it is true, I’m fixing that, Richard passes the smoke.
  94. Morrel was leaning against one of these, mechanically fixing his eyes on the graves.
  95. Then I see Toria sitting at the vanity, fixing her hair without a care in the world.
  96. Relational referrals come from fixing a problem or satisfying needs known and unknown.
  97. Thomas only came out to use his brute strength to help; he had no interest in fixing.
  98. They always see something that needs fixing, something else that could look a little.
  99. When Ignacia did, she went cross-eyed, fixing on a spot in the center of her own face.
  100. You are a 'thinker' (success comes from figuring out what doesn't work and fixing it).
  1. Then he fixes his eyes on me.
  2. He fixes his eyes on the cross.
  3. I don't have any of those fixes.
  5. He fixes the bouquet as best he can.
  6. Noah fixes a glare on the prosecutor.
  7. He fixes his gaze on the window and.
  8. Instead, they chase instant fixes or.
  9. Only douches end up in fixes like his.
  10. He looks in the mirror and fixes his hair.
  11. A few more glasses of Passion-Pop fixes that.
  12. John fixes his plate and then sits next to.
  13. The loveliest landscape-painting fixes but.
  14. Gradually, he fixes his mind in God, even while.
  15. The fixes have not affected the existing features.
  16. Information is what fixes cars today, more than ever.
  17. We get information about the world, and our "I" fixes it.
  18. This fixes in your mind the fact that you CAN be a success.
  19. However, there were no easy fixes and no off-the-peg software.
  20. While Windows ME includes some of the latest fixes and updates.
  21. A spirit fixes the foundation of Good in society and constitution.
  22. Suddenly the lot goes quiet, and the producer fixes me with a stare.
  23. You need to be able to come up with some quick cash fixes (without.
  24. They’d simply spread their usage over a wider selection of fixes.
  25. This God of mercy fixes in His wisdom the 'price, that shall be paid.
  26. ME has the look and feel of Windows 98 with some additional fixes and.
  27. I do not think that slow serial fixes is the way to go for timeliness.
  28. Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.
  30. My recipe may not be the way she fixes it, but it’s close, easy and delicious.
  31. It is, Marcus says as he smiles to his brother, then fixes the pillow on his bed.
  32. As he speaks his last few words, Johan hunkers down and fixes the scribe with his gaze.
  33. He needed to hunt; needed to keep moving; needed his adrenaline fixes in closer proximity.
  34. Zachary lets go of me, fixes his shirt in haste while I wipe traces of the kiss off his cheeks.
  35. Here are several basics: she fixes her clothes; she puts her hands on her hips; she pushes her.
  36. Consider carefully the benefits of this planet (the moon) and the Power that fixes it in space!.
  37. I’ve tried the quick fixes too many times with no real results, but I’m a little frustrated.
  38. Where did I wind up after throwing in the towel of quick fixes? I had made a remarkable decision in m life.
  39. Software Manager Ken Murray would surely dream up a large number of "fixes" for that situation, left alone.
  40. We use service credit (when the mechanic at the garage fixes your car first, then calls on you to pay him).
  41. A prioress can only be re-elected twice, which fixes the longest possible reign of a prioress at nine years.
  42. He listened and then waved the guard away, it was time to listen to Ricardo’s advice and weaken the fixes.
  43. He fixes the shape of the doctor in his eye, squares up and waits for Jock to touch the gloves and say the word.
  44. On the reputation of the British Government it fixes a blot which nothing short of the power of time can efface.
  45. Babelon, after careful study, fixes upon Abrocomou, the only reading in which we can recognize an historic personage.
  46. Again, traditionally, Microsoft’s policy was to produce security fixes for both the current service pack and the previous one.
  47. Therefore, the solutions never really address root causes and create permanent fixes that changes the peoples experience to the better.
  48. By choosing a certain distribution, the expert fixes a model intended to describe a certain variant of the possible future market developments.
  49. It shows a need to avoid ‘quickie’ health fixes – things that only give temporary relief – and a focus on long-term cure and prevention.
  50. But here (as has been shown in a previous page) he uses a word in explication of the death -dealing action of the law, which fixes the signification.
  51. Take the selfishness and inequality out of the equation: and the whole system fixes itself automatically without anything else needing to be changed.
  52. Having a companion fixes you in time and that the present, but when the quality of alone-ness settles down, past, present, and future all flow together.
  53. Nonactivists and activists alike count on the fixes being made, with activists looking in varied ways to shoulder more of the load to insure that happens.
  54. Typically high priority tickets may not have code fixes, and low priority tickets may have code fixes and then testing is performed and fix is applied afterwards.
  55. She bridles a little, fixes her back hair so that her breasts will lift with her raised arms, passes the time of day and indicates great things, great times, great jokes.
  56. Without a written tradition, the information sharing becomes nothing more than grumbling about the ineptness of management regarding obvious fixes to the current process.
  57. But the labour of the manufacturer fixes and realizes itself in some particular subject or vendible commodity, which lasts for some time at least after that labour is past.
  58. In countries where interest is permitted, the law in order to prevent the extortion of usury, generally fixes the highest rate which can be taken without incurring a penalty.
  59. Loran (Long- range aid to navigation): a navigational system that fixes the position of a ship by measuring the difference in the time of reception of two synchronized radio signals.
  60. Sometimes he gazes at the sky, at other times he fixes his eyes on the earth in such an abstracted way that he might be taken for a clothed statue, with its drapery stirred by the wind.
  61. It's Saturday morning and Bob's just about to set off on a round of golf, when he realizes that he forgot to tell his wife that the guy who fixes the washing machine is coming around at noon.
  62. He sought to counsel and calm the despairing man, by pointing out to him the resigned man, and to transform the grief which gazes upon a grave by showing him the grief which fixes its gaze upon a star.
  63. Traditionally, Microsoft has released regular updates to the Windows products in the form of service packs, which contain numerous fixes and upgrades in one package, using a single installation routine.
  64. Made from the fruit of the Noni tree, the juice is reported to help reduce blood sugar levels, speed in healing injuries, reduces pain, fixes digestive disorders and aids in the treatment of depression.
  65. The investment company that bought the guy’s house buys up dozens of properties, so it needs a lot of cash—but the company doesn’t need it for long because it fixes up and resells the houses quickly.
  66. Old as Pizarro, this whiteness keeps her ruins for ever new; admits not the cheerful greenness of complete decay; spreads over her broken ramparts the rigid pallor of an apoplexy that fixes its own distortions.
  67. There has been some discussion to skirt this drastic measure (the Senate rewriting their version of the Immigration Bill), but Senator Reid, the minority leader of the Senate, refuses to go along with any fixes.
  68. Microsoft was one of the first software companies to adopt this update release method, which was a vast improvement over dozens of small patch releases (sometimes called hot fixes) that addressed single, specific issues.
  69. Their labour, when properly directed, fixes and realizes itself in the subject or vendible commodity upon which it is bestowed, and generally adds to its price the value at least of their own maintenance and consumption.
  70. BLOOM: (In babylinen and pelisse, bigheaded, with a caul of dark hair, fixes big eyes on her fluid slip and counts its bronze buckles with a chubby finger, his moist tongue lolling and lisping) One two tlee: tlee tlwo tlone.
  71. When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixes duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter DISORGANIZATION.
  72. This human woman who stands before us now was once the young female with the sword? Reverting for a moment to full, mad Unseelie Prince, he swivels his head and fixes Jada with an empty stare, iridescent eyes flashing as he realizes what that means.
  73. Our starting point is usually disappointment and decimated stock prices, so we need to understand fully what the problems are, how they arose, whether management recognizes them, what they're doing to fix them, and how consistently the fixes are being applied.
  74. Reddit is very similar to Digg in that it is a user-generated social news, but unlike Digg, Reddit caters to their community by changing their logo to hot topics on the site, making their site and mobile code open source, and responding to complaints with fixes and updates.
  75. And when they do present themselves you would be well advised to steer clear of quick, band-aid fixes and to, instead, undertake the more productive search for long term solutions, solutions to be found by following the path through the levels of awareness toward practical wisdom.
  76. She wets her lips and angles her head so that her mouth is a breath away from his, and I’m a mess of quivering frigging nerves in the corner because she just stays like that and her eyes fix on his mouth, and his fixes on hers and I think, Shit, this room is going to blow, then I think, Shit, this is Dani and Ryodan.
  77. In regard to the school building the masses rarely have any difficulty, when they start a school for themselves, and if the Commune is rich and there are any communal buildings, such as a storehouse or a deserted inn, the Commune fixes it up; if there is none, it buys a building, at times even from a landed proprietor, or it builds one of its own.
  78. It seems to the committee that the first clause of the 6th section, and the 13th section of the act, taken together, leaves no room for doubt, but evidently fixes the period for which the delegate may hold his seat at two years from the second Monday of November last; and it follows, as a necessary consequence, that the delegate elected in pursuance of the law, and for the term of two years, cannot be deprived of his right to a seat by any subsequent law.
  79. Paul commences the second chapter with a statement of his theme—'Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (parousi>av), and our gathering together to Him (kai< hJmw~n ejpisunagwgh~v term which fixes the reference to the personal return of Christ from heaven, when Christians are to be ever 'with Him’), I beseech you that you be not soon troubled, neither by a spirit, nor by word, nor by a letter as from us, as that this DAY OF CHRIST is imminent.
  80. It happened, then, that as with young men love is for the most part nothing more than appetite, which, as its final object is enjoyment, comes to an end on obtaining it, and that which seemed to be love takes to flight, as it cannot pass the limit fixed by nature, which fixes no limit to true love--what I mean is that after Don Fernando had enjoyed this peasant girl his passion subsided and his eagerness cooled, and if at first he feigned a wish to absent himself in order to cure his love, he was now in reality anxious to go to avoid keeping his promise.
  81. So as the bible says TRUE GOD fixes up that World in six days than rested from all his work on the 7th day so as TRUE JESUS comes out of Heaven saying My Father always works now most people would think or some time in there life would think this contradicts but far from it because what TRUE GOD is obviously saying is that he rested from all his work from that World what TRUE JESUS is saying is yes he rested From all his work in that world but began his work elsewhere in the Universe as also Scripture says he TRUE GOD put him in charge as KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS obviously because he is working else where and someone who is like TRUE GOD has to Run the Universe or that existence that he is Charge over.
  82. But then the inquiry is naturally suggested, If death, in the case of Adam, signified the dissolution of his compound nature, and after that, the infliction of everlasting suffering upon his soul in hell (a definition which assuredly fixes our attention upon the fate of the spirit; a fate, in comparison of which the mortality of the body was a circumstance unworthy of regard), how could the simple death of an animal, the shedding of its blood, which was the extinction of 'the life thereof,’ convey to his mind the idea of such a destiny? He was not commanded to inflict on the unoffending creature a series of prolonged tortures; much less was he directed to contemplate the condition of its 'spirit’ when the life was gone; but he was ordered to slay it, to kill it, to destroy it, to put it to death.

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1. Want to fix it up.
2. You need to fix it.
3. We will fix you up.
4. Her eyes fix on mine.
5. I can fix the quotas.
6. I know how to fix it.
7. You have to fix this.
8. WANT to fix your life.
9. Yes, I can fix that.
10. Just fix the damned leg.
11. We have to fix the boy.
12. She decided to fix the.
13. I see I was in a fix now.
14. Not that it will fix it.
15. Tim said he could fix it.
16. I could fix that for you.
17. He may not fix it either.
18. Somehow he would fix this.
19. But we can’t fix it, Ben.
20. Cas is going to fix this.
21. But he couldn’t fix it.
22. Medicines could not fix it.
23. He would fix her supper a.
24. He just wanted another fix.
25. Tomorrow, I’ll fix the Hab.
26. We will have to fix that.
27. That’s an easy fix, Cross.
28. The devotee should fix his.
29. I will fix you all the same.
30. What if he can’t fix it?
31. I'll send someone to fix it.
32. Judy will fix bedding there.
33. My point is, the fix was in.
34. And we’re going to fix it.
35. I need to fix this situation.
36. I can fix you up for tonight.
37. Just had to fix up something.
38. I’m going to fix breakfast.
39. No one has bothered to fix it.
40. They give it a problem to fix.
41. I didn't have time to fix it.
42. But I know how to fix that.
43. He wanted to fix Dennis Small.
44. I needed to fix that…or not.
45. Shoop could fix his eyes on it.
46. Randy should fix the following.
47. My uncle said fix me a glass.
48. It only remains to fix a price.
49. Now, get back while I fix this.
50. I need to fix the second verse.
51. We’d never be able to fix it.
52. In other words: the fix was in.
53. He was in a fix, that was where.
54. We'll fix up the couch for you.
55. Our Problems Are Here to Fix Us.
56. Gordon can fix it! He has to.
57. Please, tell me how to fix this.
58. Chapter 5 : What You Should Fix.
59. I just need the fix for my game.
60. Yeah, well, I can’t fix this.
61. Damn, thought Dolly, it was a fix.
62. That while you will have to fix.
63. It’s too late to fix things.
64. The Yes Men Fix The World (2009).
65. Okay, Ill fix you up with her.
66. The Congress will have to fix it.
67. You want me to fix you up?
68. If I could fix it, I’m sorry.
69. And she’d wait for me to fix it.
70. She learned about how to fix cars.
71. You’d better fix one for me too.
72. I wish he were more likely to fix.
73. Yes, but it’s a temporary fix.
74. He'll fix up the lion quick enough.
75. Not even you can fix this, Chan.
76. He was our handy man, able to fix.
77. How was I ever going to fix this?
78. He only wanted me to fix a radio.
79. So having sex will fix this?
80. That could take a long time to fix.
81. Yeah, I need to fix his shoulder.
82. For the life of me, I can not fix!.
83. They fix things so they stay there.
84. You can fix that, can’t you?
85. You could fix a stretcher of sorts.
86. Jane had to tweak and fix this plant.
87. So I decided to fix things for good.
88. I wonder if they could fix my car.
89. He can fix his mind in God Almighty.
90. We were hired to fix this kitchen.
91. I didn't have time to fix it up then.
92. What should I do to fix the problem?
93. After all, it was his mistake to fix.
94. Chris decided he was going to fix that.
95. The cravings for a fix were setting in.
96. Obviously there's nothing here to fix.
97. Put the leg down and I’ll fix it.
98. Fix the sum'bitch did it, 'f I ever.
99. You can fix breakfus in a few minutes.
100. Fix these and then see if the problem.

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