forbiddance sätze

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Forbiddance sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Lease was a strange forbiddance, a ukase issued by.
  2. He also refuses the forbiddance of interest under the pretense that it stimulates the economic activity.
  3. Then you shed light upon the spiritual side of that forbiddance referring to the spirit’s affection by the quality of food which the body used to eat.
  4. But you are forbidden the game of the land whilst you are on pilgrimage: the forbiddance during the state of ritual consecration includes only the land hunt not the sea one.
  5. For example, when it hears the forbiddance to deal in usury or committing an adultery and when the verses related to the veil and the banning of intoxicants and gamble are recited to it, it recognizes that and believes in it.

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