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    1. Bird song called MacKenzie back to the hungry frailty that

    2. failure of resolution and will, to see such frailty, still shocked him

    3. To look into the eyes of a God and see the flaws, to witness the failure of resolution and will, to see such frailty, still shocked him

    4. “They saw him as immortal, and you took that away from him and proved that he was just as mortal as the rest of us, just as frail, and they don’t want frailty, they want strength

    5. Strangely, Tracy had attached herself to Dave in that way that frailty flies to benevolent strength, though there was little frail about her on the surface

    6. Despite his unaccountable frailty, he begins to run, or rather stagger, onward

    7. Simon knew, from the openness of her mind, that Annyeke did not believe there would be time to journey to the village, bearing in mind the frailty of both young and old

    8. its dazzle and frailty the wink of beauty’s eye

    9. What experience must you pass through before you will learn to set a guard upon your lips? How much trouble have you made for us by your thoughtless speaking, by your presumptuous self-confidence! And you are destined to make much more trouble for yourself if you do not master this frailty

    10. She was earth attuned, which meant the frailty of wood when faced with fire

    11. The Stone of Forgat did enhance the range but what is the use of that with the frailty that is human existence?”

    12. Nothing at all beyond the frailty of existence that he had known

    13. He contemplated the frailty of material wealth, how the difference between 'mine' and 'yours' is often only paper-thin

    14. Above all we have heard of hope, and its frailty

    15. unaware of the frailty of mortality

    16. “Knew you’d come,” Reverend Mason said in a voice that seemed to quiver as he spoke due to his frailty rather than fear but still managed to reflect his Southern heritage

    17. Nothing about him suggests oddness, inadequacy, or moral frailty

    18. appearance of frailty was reinforced by the unnatural angles at which their arms and legs were

    19. In some ways he hoped he would, but the frailty of human endeavour

    20. Thus, both human frailty and spiritual strength are taken into account when a novice is preparing for his or her first vows

    21. The reason we had seen so few of the patients was that frailty kept them to

    22. tance to most Germans, considering the frailty of their own state

    23. And what does veiling women in Islam mean? Won’t it reveal the lack of male appreciation of womanly emotions? Oh, how the veil and all that goes with it stunt female sexuality! The embarrassment of Muhammad in desiring Zaynab, wife of his adopted son Zayd, could have caused him to stress upon veil for the female as a barrier against male frailty

    24. tomed to the frailty of the human spirit

    25. In these, my memoirs of the then just-beginning PHE (post-human era, as historians now legitimize it), I can admit to such frailty

    26. Worse than the frailty was the loneliness

    27. Yet for all its frailty, it did something he would have thought impossible

    28. Her grandmother was standing there, stiff and straight as always, allowing no sign of frailty to show

    29. "Sir, you lack confidence in the profound fact of the frailty and stupidity of human nature

    30. “Get the hell to your place,” said Neil with a nervous frailty

    31. emphasizing the frailty of her neck

    32. look behind the scenes, and this made him realize the frailty of

    33. three times, …each time with a little more insistence, drawing her out, dragging out her soul, hauling her vulnerable psyche to me, gently, almost without passion because that was the only way, the only remedy for her sickness, her frailty

    34. We need not despair, for God knows our weakness and human frailty

    35. Unclean and hateful birds thereby represent popular philosophies and movements that profit from the frailty and misfortune of those who follow

    36. popular philosophies and movements that profit from the frailty and misfortune of those who follow

    37. All it needed for life was the proper set of ingredients: coarseness and strength, softness and frailty

    38. He merely started wrong, and being but a man, like other uninspired men, he was subject to the same frailty, and not exempt from error

    39. The Eternal Severity and Righteousness, limited in all its actions by consideration for the frailty of the creature,—and the Eternal Love bringing ultimate good out of earlier forms of evil and imperfection, and commending itself as a reality to every man’s conscience,—may win God-ward many of the explorers of the material world; as when that self-sustaining Flame, the symbol of the Self-existent Being, allured in a voice of soft thunder the shepherd of Midian, who found in the investigation of a natural phenomenon the revelation of an Essence Divine

    40. But here—if we suppose this interview betwixt Mistress Hibbins and Hester Prynne to be authentic, and not a parable—was already an illustration of the young minister's argument against sundering the relation of a fallen mother to the offspring of her frailty

    41. Individuals in private life, meanwhile, had quite forgiven Hester Prynne for her frailty; nay, more, they had begun to look upon the scarlet letter as the token, not of that one sin, for which she had borne so long and dreary a penance, but of her many good deeds since

    42. Determined not to let his frailty and his stature stand in his way, in high school he went out for every sport he could think of, mastering none but playing all of them tenaciously

    43. His pitying emotion at the marks of time upon the face of that woman, the air of frailty and weary fatigue that had settled upon the eyes and temples of the "Never-tired Senora" (as Don Pepe years ago used to call her with admiration), touched him almost to tears

    44. He believed the Devil was with him this very moment and had been for what seemed an eternity, mocking his frailty and hurling a storm of grotesque images against the soft tissues of his brain

    45. Where Ito was starting to thin and grey, he had broadened from the unhappy frailty of his twenties, and brightened

    46. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner The general's frailty – and time – had softened things between him and Soraya too

    47. This helps you instantly separate a company from its story, the latest buzz, and your inherent human frailty

    48. Just as our bread, mixed and baked, packaged and sold without benefit of accident or human frailty, is uniformly good and uniformly tasteless, so will our speech become one speech

    49. He was astonished at the frailty of some memories; or rather, at their aptness to remember to forget every thing but what subserved their present purposes

    50. Conscious that there had fallen to his share a full portion of the frailty common to man, he felt disposed to distrust his own opinion

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    frailty vice debility feebleness frailness infirmity valetudinarianism foible fault imperfection weakness peccadillo error solecism fragility delicacy