frolic sätze

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Frolic sätze (in englisch)

  1. The frolic architecture of the snow.
  2. Capture of the Macedonian and the Frolic.
  3. Where cattle graze and children frolic near.
  4. We enjoyed watching your frolic about and.
  5. Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg'd waves!.
  6. Accordingly they were let in upon me, and all that frolic and.
  7. He wondered if Johnny white boy was one of those who liked to frolic.
  8. In the midst of all the frolic and wantonness, which this joyous band.
  9. My one respite was the sea, for I was allowed to walk and frolic by its edge.
  10. He was my youngest brother, and a great hand for all sorts of frolic and fun.
  11. After a minute of frolic, they both return their eyes to the last act of the evening sunset.
  12. Students from the University of California, Santa Barbara frolic in their cars and ignore him.
  13. We relish the few moments of frolic – ready to dash back out when a wave threatens to engulf us.
  14. I remember the latter because my neighbors’ dog came over to frolic with the almost ready to be picked cantaloupes.
  15. Josh had left childhood behind long ago and this little frolic in the snow probably looked anything but innocent to him.
  16. There’s plenty of room to grow and expand, to frolic and play, to pollute without having to worry about the consequences.
  17. The present might be fun, a romp here, a frolic there, a little companionship on cold nights, but she wasn’t about to rush in.
  18. And in the future after that, we could all get together for dinners, while our young all frolic around our ankles! Talia laughed.
  19. HFTs still frolic in these patterns, shaking me out, reversing clean trends, but this not so often that I cannot compete in this game.
  20. The excitement was gone, now, and Tom and Joe could not keep back thoughts of certain persons at home who were not enjoying this fine frolic as much as they were.
  21. The freaks leaped in a frolic of shock, then calmed as the carnival owner continued with great ease, patting and soothing his own illustrations, which somehow patted and soothed the freaks.
  22. And now, applying my eye close, I commanded the room perfectly, and could see my two young sparks romping and pulling one another about, entirely, to my imagination, in frolic and innocent play.
  23. But on the few occasions when this had happened he could frolic with him as they did with boys much less handsome and less endowed with this never think of anything to say and he suffered agonies of embarrassment at his dumbness.
  24. Whatever she was taught I learned ten times better as compared to her because I wanted to learn every single thing that I could, while she wished only for the lessons to be over so that she could frolic with her friends and dolls.
  25. In the midst of all the frolic and wantonness, which this joyous band had presently, and all naturally, run into, an elegant supper was served in, and we sat down to it, my spark elect placing himself next to me, and the other couples without order or ceremony.
  26. He could see them as they were at this very moment, the wife probably just beginning to prepare the evening meal, and the children setting the cups and saucers and other things on the kitchen table - a noisy work, enlivened with many a frolic and childish dispute.
  27. As soon as he was dismounted, Louisa sprung up, shook her petticoats, and running up to me, gave me a kiss, and drew me to the sideboard, to which she was herself handed by her gallant, where they made me pledge them in a glass of wine, and toast a droll health of Louisa's proposal in high frolic.
  28. As for their minor peccadilloes at home, they kept sharp tabs on each other and gamely underwent their selfimposed punishment--generally a voluntary absence from some gay Friday night frolic in Rainbow Valley, or a sojourn in bed on some spring evening when all young bones ached to be out and away.
  29. After a great deal of mixed chat, frolic and humour, one of them, observing that there would be a good deal of time on and before the assembly hour, proposed that each girl should entertain the company with that critical period of her personal history, in which she first exchanged the maiden state for womanhood.
  30. Biddle, who had charge of the Frolic, states that, from what he saw, and from information from the officers, the number killed must have been about thirty, and that of the wounded about forty or fifty; of the killed, is her first lieutenant and sailing-master; of the wounded, Captain Winyates, and the second lieutenant.
  31. He was holding on his hat, and the rude wind, thwarted in its desire to frolic with it, frisked instead about his apron, twitching it up, bellying it out; so that his remaining hand had all it could do to smooth the apron down again decorously, and he was obliged to carry his umbrella pressed tightly against his side under his arm.
  32. The frolic and various play of all his fine polished limbs, as they appeared above the surface, in the course of his swimming or wantoning with the water, amused and insensibly delighted me; sometimes he lay motionless, on his back, waterborne, and dragging after him a fine head of hair, that, floating, swept the stream in a bush of black curls.
  33. After breakfast they went whooping and prancing out on the bar, and chased each other round and round, shedding clothes as they went, until they were naked, and then continued the frolic far away up the shoal water of the bar, against the stiff current, which latter tripped their legs from under them from time to time and greatly increased the fun.
  34. Don’t you hear them pass? hover? dance their language? telling where all the sweet gums are, the syrups that make bears frolic and lumber in bulked ecstasies, that make boys squirm with unpronounced juices, that make girls leap out of beds to catch from the corners of their eyes their dolphin selves naked aflash on the warm air poised forever in one eternal glass wave.
  35. I always loved this first wild frolic of cold winds and catkins and hurriedly crimsoning pollards, of bleakness and promise, of roughness and sweetness--a blow on one cheek and a kiss on the other--before the spring has learned good manners, before it has left off being anything but a boisterous, naughty, charming _Backfisch_; but this year after having been ill so long it is more than love, it is passion.
  36. The frolic was now come round to me, and it being my turn of subscription to the will and pleasure of my particular elect, as well as to that of the company, he came to me, and saluting me very tenderly, with a flattering eagerness, put me in mind of the compliances my presence there authorized the hopes of, and at the same time repeated to me, that if all this force of example had not surmounted any repugnance I might have to concur with the humours and desires of the company, that though the play was bespoke for my benefit, and great as his own private.
  37. But Pip loved life, and all life's peaceable securities; so that the panic-striking business in which he had somehow unaccountably become entrapped, had most sadly blurred his brightness; though, as ere long will be seen, what was thus temporarily subdued in him, in the end was destined to be luridly illumined by strange wild fires, that fictitiously showed him off to ten times the natural lustre with which in his native Tolland County in Connecticut, he had once enlivened many a fiddler's frolic on the green; and at melodious even-tide, with his gay ha-ha! had turned the round horizon into one star-belled tambourine.
  38. Or rather we lived together, Grandma, Agatha-Agamemnon-Abigail, Timothy, and I, Tom, and Father, and Grandma calling us to frolic in great fountains of Latin and Spanish and French, in great seaborne gouts of poetry like Moby Dick sprinkling the deeps with his Versailles jet somehow lost in calms and found in storms; Grandma a constant, a clock, a pendulum, a face to tell all time by at noon, or in the middle of sick nights when, raving with fever, we saw her forever by our beds, never gone, never away, always waiting, always speaking kind words, her cool hand icing our hot brows, the tappet of her uplifted forefinger unsprung to let a twine of cold mountain water touch our flannel tongues.
  39. Everything supplied an amusement to the high glee of William's mind, and he was full of frolic and joke in the intervals of their higher-toned subjects, all of which ended, if they did not begin, in praise of the Thrush, conjectures how she would be employed, schemes for an action with some superior force, which (supposing the first lieutenant out of the way, and William was not very merciful to the first lieutenant) was to give himself the next step as soon as possible, or speculations upon prize-money, which was to be generously distributed at home, with only the reservation of enough to make the little cottage comfortable, in which he and Fanny were to pass all their middle and later life together.
  40. It seems that the circumstance of his going down, or sinking, which in my extreme ignorance I had mistaken for something very fatal, was no other than a trick of diving, which I had not ever heard, or at least attended o, the mention of: and he was so long-breathed at it, that in the few moments in which I ran out to save him, he had not yet emerged, before I fell into the swoon, in which, as he rose, seeing me extended on the bank, his first idea was, that some young woman was upon some design of frolic or diversion with him, for he knew I could not have fallen asleep there without his having seen me before: agreebly to which notion he had ventured to approach, and finding me without sign of life, and still perplexed as he was what to think of the adventure, he took me in his arms at all hazards, and carried me into the summer-house, of which he observed the door open: there he laid me down on the couch, and tried, as he protested in good faith, by several means to bring me to myself again, till fired, as he said, beyond all bearing by the sight and touch of several parts of me, which were unguardedly exposed to him, he could no longer govern his passion; and the less, as he was not quite sure that his first idea of this swoon being a feint, was not the very truth of the case; seduced then by this flattering notion, and overcome by the present, as he styled them, super-human temptations, combined with the solitude and seeming security of the attempt, he was not enough his own master not to make it.
  41. After a great deal of mixed chat, frolic and humour, one of them,.
  1. Reminds me of the other one frolicking in Riften.
  2. Your child says she saw a kitty frolicking near the house.
  3. Good for frolicking, gamboling, living in the actual world.
  4. I watched them frolicking in the water after the other man left.
  5. She saw a man come into view, frolicking in the rushing water, laughing.
  6. Observed two birds frolicking in the water oak tree nearest to the house.
  7. And then Selene was on top of them, frolicking about for all she was worth.
  8. There was a bathing pool where some of the women were frolicking together.
  9. In my imagination what she was doing went at least as far as frolicking fingers.
  10. Children were frolicking here and there; there were also regular meetings and activities that were.
  11. I'll show you how, for I've studied you while we were frolicking, and I'm not at all satisfied with you.
  12. This continued until the late hours, and all hands had a frolicking time singing, dancing, and joking around.
  13. Guvenossie stand there watching them frolicking while hearing them sing, This is our new home, over and over.
  14. Opposite to the library, a group of elegant horses was stationed frolicking near a water fountain made of dark wood stakes.
  15. Several topless beauties were frolicking in and around the water, providing a good show for the more voyeuristic attendees.
  16. In between all the frolicking in the sunshine, there are a huge number of cheap cultural events, attractions and activities for.
  17. It’s Alex, isn’t it? The way he fussed over you at the restaurant and you two frolicking in the snow this morning like two lovers.
  18. Beside her perched the bow-legged little negro who frolicking colts and placid brood mares, was empty now except for one mule, the mule Mr.
  19. They were a frivolous couple, with no other worries except going to bed every night, even on forbid-den days, and frolicking there until dawn.
  20. Brookdell Cottage was lit up once more with cosy lights that beckoned romantic couples to steal away for a secluded weekend of fun and frolicking.
  21. And swimming, no, frolicking in the pool were four beautiful kids, about ten or twelve years old, they were quite tiny actually, maybe three feet tall.
  22. She sneered with disdain at the people, both young and old by her standards, frolicking on the beach in such flippant manners with no regard for proper conduct in public places.
  23. I’m telling you what I saw, he said, these two were frolicking about in the sea and when they got out of the water the young woman just lay there without a care in the world.
  24. Novorski’s voice through the PA caught my attention, while most of the crowd kept on about their usual frolicking and lollygagging, and the midgets along with Steve were no exception either.
  25. Only his Grooms and Trainers and other Servants were in attendance; thus we could be almost entirely undisturb’d as we picknickt upon the Green, watching the Mares and Foals frolicking upon the velvet Grass.
  26. His brothers would be frolicking around with nubile sex-slaves that night, fulfilling their carnal desires until drowsily satiated, whilst he would have to settle with yet another session of dwarf basket-ball.
  27. Over three glasses of wine we chatted about his music, his tours, his latest recordings and his latest love – Turkey where he'd recently made a concert tour and found the men friendly, sexy and not averse to same-sex frolicking.
  28. Presently the hide-and-seek frolicking began, and Tom and Becky engaged in it with zeal until the exertion began to grow a trifle wearisome; then they wandered down a sinuous avenue holding their candles aloft and reading the tangled webwork of names, dates, postoffice addresses, and mottoes with which the rocky walls had been frescoed (in candle-smoke).
  29. Nicanor, seemed to be in agreement with the deal, because the first days he was adapted fairly well to the granted territory, but when we were getting used to this forced truce, Nicanor, making use of his elastic limbs, leaped to Salome’s window and immediately sought to Bartolomeo throughout the house and found him very comfortably frolicking on the red plush which is next to the fireplace curb.
  30. Could she be happy with this jungle waif? Could she find anything in common with a husband whose life had been spent in the tree tops of an African wilderness, frolicking and fighting with fierce anthropoids; tearing his food from the quivering flank of fresh-killed prey, sinking his strong teeth into raw flesh, and tearing away his portion while his mates growled and fought about him for their share?
  31. How unfair! Why should God afford his dumb creatures such natural pomp, whilst us Piscadors, so blessed with the gift of reason, are ashamed of our nakedness and have to don our beggardly rags each morning? This fish uses the whole world as its doss house, running like a madman undressed and unashamed, frolicking where it will – and we call this beauty? 'Tis perversion, just natural perversion so we forgive it.
  1. I frolicked in the.
  2. Beautiful young women frolicked with older.
  3. At first they played keep-house, and frolicked over it like children.
  4. They frolicked on the beach and Stu dragged a giggling Dao into the sea.
  5. Around him, the other trolls danced and frolicked in a frenzy of wild abandon.
  6. Once, as the little troop frolicked on the lawn, Mitzi spied a bulldog coming down the street.
  7. Julie, the boss-lady, invited me to join the English Club, where ex-pats played tennis and frolicked.
  8. The young girls frolicked beneath the eyes of the nuns; the gaze of impeccability does not embarrass innocence.
  9. Even though it was almost dinnertime, hundreds of beachgoers still frolicked in the water or sprawled on towels.
  10. During that time they made love every day, more than once on winter Sundays when they frolicked in bed until it was time for lunch.
  11. Clifford frolicked around in front of her, sniffing this tree and that, as she headed up the mountain through the pines, aspens, and cypresses.
  12. They shopped, walked, rode, and called all day, went to theaters and operas or frolicked at home in the evening, for Annie had many friends and knew how to entertain them.
  13. The cowherd girls, picking up their petticoats, ran splashing through the mud with bare legs, still white, not yet brown from the sun, waving brush wood in their hands, chasing the calves that frolicked in the mirth of spring.
  14. But at night, when there was no light but for the few candles he kept near his bed, and the sound of last summer’s foliage as it frolicked in the streets could be heard through the window, he became strangely terrified of her.
  15. Could he get close enough to slip off his shoes and just put his feet in the water? Would it swallow him up, pull him under? Why were the children so unafraid as they frolicked and splashed about? They seemed to find it exhilarating.
  16. Being only à glorious human boy', of course he frolicked and flirted, grew dandified, aquatic, sentimental, or gymnastic, as college fashions ordained, hazed and was hazed, talked slang, and more than once came perilously near suspension and expulsion.
  1. The frolics of maidens.
  2. It would be an evening of anticipation, frolics and, for the Countess at least, a late dinner.
  3. The magic involved put the station’s cat in a happy tizzy, but he’s sure the humans are oblivious to the reasons for the cat’s joyful frolics.
  4. In this chamber were two beds; over one, which had been my own, I now bent nightly to bless my sturdy Kokocha,[H] in the midst of his bedtime frolics; in the other lay little Vasica,[I] his baby-face rosy with sleep, under the soft white blankets.
  5. At sundown, while she was drifting through the shadows in the square, Aureliano, was going along the porch like a stranger, scarcely greeting Amaranta Úrsula and Gaston, who usually dined at that time, and shutting herself up in his room again, unable to read or write or even think because of the anxiety brought on by the laughter, the whispering, the preliminary frolics, and then the explosions of agonizing happiness that capped the nights in the house.

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