fructify sätze

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Fructify sätze (in englisch)

  1. Oh, Heaven bless you! May your life blossom and fructify in love.
  2. He started perceiving interested glances from a number of women and wondered when, how and if these would fructify.
  3. For example, neither the plants which grow in hot zones can be planted in temperate or cool ones, nor do the plants and the trees which bear fruit in limy land fructify in another land that has different soil.
  4. Go to work, labor, young man, struggle ardently and courageously; live, yourself, your mother and sister, with the most rigid economy, so that from day to day the property of those whom I leave in your hands may augment and fructify.
  5. Wounded by the spear of war, what but downright political quackery could prescribe those "restrictive" nostrums, to restore the nation to health and vigor? Are the old chimerical notions of starving the enemy, yet floating in the brains of gentlemen? In despite of experience, do they yet believe that our blessed country alone can produce food for the world? Are the countries of the Baltic and Caspian Seas no longer cultivated? Has the Nile ceased to fructify the fields of Egypt? Have Sicily and the Barbary coasts returned to a barren state of nature? Has France herself agreed to bury her surplus breadstuffs in the earth? Or has England lost that ascendency on the ocean, and forgot all those commercial arts, by which she was wont to procure supplies from all those countries? Seven years of restrictions have in vain been tried.

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