gaga sätze

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Gaga sätze (in englisch)

  1. And then there was Gaga.
  2. Lady Gaga, she noted with distaste.
  3. Not in the same gaga way I usually do.
  4. Lady Gaga and I have in common and why she‘d want to follow.
  5. Masajiro Shithead Hirayabashi, who’d beaten countless prisoners and killed Gaga the duck, was given four years.

  6. Gaga was a duck who bobbed around in a fire trough, paddling with a broken leg that a captive had fitted with a little splint.
  7. He hates interruptions but the guy had to have heard all the commotion in the last hour or two, even if he happened to be wearing those noise-cancelation headphones he is gaga over.
  8. Every morning at tenko, Gaga peg-legged to the parade ground and stood with the men, and one captive would later swear that when the men bowed toward the emperor, Gaga bowed in imitation.
  9. She was far too busy arranging time to „work a deal for Lady Gaga (a muddle-headed entertainer of the transvestite persuasion) to engage in an appearance at Europride, a homosexual-rights festival.
  10. Adjusting the volume, she showered in the en-suite and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and tee-shirt that she used for pyjamas, then sat on the bed and updated her diary while listening to Lady GaGa.
  11. For the captives, wrote Ofuna survivor Pappy Boyington, Gaga became a creature on which to rest their tortured brains a moment while they [were] praying and worrying if anyone [would] ever free them.
  12. The curious people asked many questions, but they got no answers, and they found neither sorcerers nor wise men, they only found two friendly little old men, who seemed to be mute and to have become a bit strange and gaga.
  13. Cross, he was! Said he had no idea whether or not his aunt might be expecting such a sum to be paid in, and couldn’t ask because she was gaga, so we’d better find out where it came from and whether it was legitimate.

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