gangrene sätze

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Gangrene sätze (in englisch)

1. Gangrene, in fact, was spreading more and more.
2. Could it be gangrene? He’d read about gangrene in a book.
3. Doctors were unable to find it and McKinley died of gangrene.
4. Unless what’s eating away at your burnt hand is closer to gangrene, D.
5. The Mother’s Life is spar’d when we defeat the Gangrene with our special Herbs.
6. Through ill health he had contracted gangrene and had to have amputation to his legs.
7. Our Army doctors took all possible care against gangrene by cleaning the wound very thoroughly.

8. Over time, this may result in pain, open sores that don't heal, and gangrene leading to amputation.
9. It was not without difficulty that the chloruretted lotions and the nitrate of silver overcame the gangrene.
10. My Wounds were such I could prevent Gangrene by Means of Herbs I knew—the same Herbs I shall use to heal your Belly.
11. It has gastric fever, gout, goitre, gangrene, scrofula, sciatica, croup, consumption, ophthalmia, vertigo, small-pox, and cholera.
12. Jewish partisans discovered his almost frozen body and a doctor was called to amputate toes turning gangrene on Komadze's right foot.
13. The tips of three fingers had gone, gangrene had set in and the mortification of the flesh possessed a foul smell of terror and death.
14. Picking up the wine one of the patrons had given her, she dumped a small bit over the wound, hoping to kill off the gangrene that was surely to set in.
15. Cauterizing with heat requires fortitude in the patient—but, if they can stand it, and you have ammunition, placing powder around a wound and lighting it can prevent gangrene.
16. Natásha told her that at first there had been danger from his feverish condition and the pain he suffered, but at Tróitsa that had passed and the doctor had only been afraid of gangrene.
17. When in actuality it was the surgeons, the butchers who were spreading the killing disease of gangrene throughout their hospitals, and justifying cutting off the limbs saying that they were doing it to save the screaming soldiers from death.
18. And thought they were doing a good job of it: Instead of spreading disease and plague with their infected bloody butcher’s knives unwashed for weeks… cutting off limbs of screaming victims who were all afraid of dying and getting gangrene.
19. There must have been shit or putrefied flesh on the barbs of the wire and when it gouged into him it infected his leg and he contracted first blood poisoning and then gangrene we were told that he tried to fight it even when his leg was amputated but it had gone too far.
20. Morales came in and showed me pictures of my gross, removed gallbladder, which was filled with stones, and he said it was really good that we did the surgery because my gallbladder was mostly dead and was beginning to affect my other body parts because it had started to gangrene.

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1. But as long as she was where gangrened flesh, Melanie looked very white.
1. From whence came the soul-benumbing ingredients of Calvin’s Eternal Election of much of the human race to everlasting misery in a lake of fire, regardless of moral attire, choice or conduct Came it not from the gangrenes of putrescent mental sore? Came it not from a scattering mind, incapacitated to gather, associate and concentrate evidence? With him, the deathless nature of the soul was a profound reality—it was unquestionable—to doubt was to exhibit weakness.

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