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    give up

    1. are about to give up on your faith

    2. You don’t give up and it has paid off

    3. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    4. Most of us give up on faith in God during these times

    5. "Oh, give up on that one

    6. At his age not much chance really, but Jesus you can't give up, can you?"

    7. She would not give up the ability to have the views from the house show it situated somewhere entirely different, like a rainforest canopy or crags on a seacoast or a warm meadow of dandelions in a mountain pass or high in the clouds of Jupiter

    8. In fact all he would talk about was the wedding and there were lots of people on his guest list he was going to have to give up

    9. (5) Know that we are in a war so that we can never give up even to those who would try

    10. Do you think they will give that up and run? They may give up a building or even a city, but we cannot achieve a military victory against the Kassikan

    11. Give up your struggle against the inevitable

    12. Alfred had no choice but to give up this attempt with the shuttlecraft and sent it back to low orbit

    13. "I just can't give up," she kept saying

    14. "Let's not give up the lead we already have," Alan said, and began to jog ahead of Desa

    15. "They never give up," she puffed on

    16. ) You thought the work here was done? Justice was done? Perhaps your justice was done… But not mine… NOT MINE! You’d like me to give up this gun and turn myself in, wouldn’t you? Go ahead and tell me you’d give me a fair trial before you hanged me

    17. Kelvin was reluctant to give up the enemy that he knew, but after his private meeting he had come around and Thom's experiments were getting a lot more attention

    18. After half an hour trawling through Google with every possible permutation on that selection, I give up

    19. Just as Mya was about to give up he raised his head and turned to her spreading his wings wide again

    20. She understood that she was going to have to give up some information in return, and wanted to just get on with it

    21. He was all but hinting she should give up her courses

    22. There was a movement, lead by Delos, to end his sentence to three-d reality and make him a light major in systems, but the price was to make him give up his universe

    23. He kissed me again afterward, and told me to relax, that he wouldn’t push me, but he wasn’t going to give up on having someone so gentle and affectionate like me in his life

    24. However, I don’t want to give up the relationship we have

    25. So he stayed with the group they joined for darkmeal and had a good time without her, but did worry a bit why she would want to prove her difference from Tdeshi so diligently that she would give up a good time

    26. give up a tithe of their produce every year for the support of the Other

    27. ‘That’s it! You’re just going to give up!’ whined

    28. But now that he knows about the transmission, he has to give up the notion that he is ever going to get Tdeshi back

    29. “I was about to give up and call it a day,” Enjteen shouted as he first saw Kulai enter the hall

    30. “I was about to give up on you,” she said, waving the cup

    31. ‘Of course, she ought to have her mother looking after her – if they’d pay, I could give up my job and look after her

    32. And… uh… Filing Cabinets? I give up

    33. Just when she was ready to give up hope, there was a knock on the door

    34. elongated fingernails because the Colonel would not give up his weapon and go

    35. She knew also that I was not going to just give up

    36. If I don't give up and go back, it'll be my fault it failed

    37. He would do anything for her; even give up gambling

    38. Even when the snow whirled about her head, causing her hair to be whipped into her face, she didn't give up until she had it all put in its rightful spot

    39. considered whether or not to give up his own name, but in

    40. ‘You can’t give up that easily

    41. He searched every office, in the dark, by feel, and knew he would have to give up, backtrack somewhere else

    42. give up the most closely guarded secrets in a nanosecond

    43. He must then pay for the licence to gather them, and must give up to the landlord a portion of what his labour either collects or produces

    44. Sadly, many believers give up at this place in

    45. He decided he had little loyalty to the secretive weirdos from Wescarp and would give up their address if it gained him some info in return

    46. "If you can find a panel of scientists from several leading universities who can convince me I have to give up that theory, I will support the lost basin theory

    47. If you think about it you'll realize it was terribly hard for him to give up everything he ever knew and run off into a countryside he knew nothing about

    48. Run the race to win and never give up, for these are days of

    49. "Yeah," he mumbled distractedly, already feeling this was going to lead nowhere but not wanting to give up so easily

    50. She was almost over her uncontrollable grief over Alan, but part of the reason was that Ava had convinced her to never give up hope, most of forever is still to come

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