glowering sätze

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Glowering sätze (in englisch)

  1. Gold glowering light.
  2. Paul went home, glowering.
  3. Sam stood glowering over him.
  4. I caught Cooper glowering at me.
  5. Grace groaned, glowering at her brother.

  6. He’s glowering at José, and he’s furious.
  7. Gimli, who sat glowering and sad, and she smiled.
  8. Joey got to his feet with glowering eyes and pointed at I’us.
  9. On all four walls hang framed tintypes of glowering ancestors.
  10. Note the glowering sky, the hideous figures hidden in the clouds.
  11. As he stood glowering at her, Nerissa rapidly loaded another stone.
  12. But it did not budge to open and she stood akimbo, glowering at him.
  13. Glowering and pouting, they stomped back to their seats on the stones.
  14. Adrian soon stood in front of me, glowering and muttering to himself.
  15. The faithful soldiers however, would not be convinced, glowering beneath their.

  16. As he stood before her, glowering, she took the opportunity to touch his belly again.
  17. Don’t come crying to me when you’re unhappy one day, he said, glowering at her.
  18. Sure you would, Rainos, he told himself, glowering at the bland, uninformative sketch map.
  19. He turned and the bull man was there, glowering over him, watching his pain and stroking himself.
  20. He remained standing, glowering, hands on his hips as he looked down at Attorney General McQueeney.
  21. Pushing through his door he searched for Talas she was hovering nearby, glaring at the glowering guard.
  22. After glowering at the silver dragon, he sighed and returned it to its place around his neck and under his clothing.
  23. He hung up his hat and coat, then returned, stood glowering from a distance at her, as she sat bowed over the child.
  24. She sat there at their stylish titanium sculpture of a kitchen table glowering at him as she ordered him out of the house.
  25. Her mistake was realized as she saw the creature ready itself to leap at her, its huge glowering eyes transfixed on hers.

  26. Carl was still glowering over their discussions earlier in the day; Wil was quiet but seemed only tense about their arguments.
  27. Black hair and piercings and a glowering look, and for a moment he felt that as far as she was concerned he simply did not exist.
  28. Dunk turned to see Black Tom Heddle glowering in mail and plate, with rainwater dripping off his sodden cloak to puddle by his feet.
  29. Katie remained standing there glowering hatefully after us, before turning back to the flex shield consul to start running through simulations.
  30. A glowering, wild thing, eyes pulled downwards by sadness and ill use, so the world could see and wonder at what the hard mouth wouldn’t tell.
  31. He regained his breath, glowering at the demon as it tried to stand from the wreckage, its arm had been broken and now it flailed in the rubble.
  32. The judge upped the bond for this second charge in as much days, he had said — with a glowering look over his spectacles — to ten-thousand dollars.
  33. He just saved your arse Theia, or did you think that you could’ve got out of that mess without him? said Indio, glowering at Theia’s smug grin.
  34. Unselfconsciously, they began to touch themselves, stopped, took one look at the glowering Mages and threw themselves onto the floor and grovelled silently.
  35. For an era he stood paralysed by the panic, clutching his jacket across his chest and looking from the glowering house to the road outside and back in quick succession.
  36. Well-kept Victorian facades gave way to run-down tenements, treeless cul de sacs, glowering terrace houses and streets strewn with snotty urchins and mouldering rubbish.
  37. On the contrary, the stop light shone like a baleful glowering eye, and maybe – what did Balder know? – August had felt threatened by the man on that pedestrian crossing.
  38. In silence we hastened to the jeddak's palace, where we were immediately admitted to his presence; in fact, he could scarcely wait to see me and was standing erect upon his platform glowering at the entrance as I came in.
  39. Glowering at the falling shapes, he craned his neck to the sky and when the heavens glowed beneath a series of bursts, he noted with anger and disgust that the number of specks floating above had greatly diminished since the last time he looked.
  40. Though as the adrenaline drained from his system, leaving him feeling both exhausted and shaky, it was hard to ignore the fact that he was on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back, guarded by two glowering officers and most likely staring at a long prison term.

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