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Grad sätze (in englisch)

  1. Wage for the New Grad.
  2. Enrolling at MIT as a grad.
  3. The grad students are here.
  4. Aquarius remembered the grad student, Bobby.
  5. Paul was an upstanding grad student with two jobs.

  6. He was an obnoxious grad student in thick glasses.
  7. My money’s on the grad students, Isaac said.
  8. He was a University of Penn grad who was running a.
  9. Therapy sessions had never been like this in grad school.
  10. I need to keep my grades up to stand a chance at grad school.
  11. In reply to her question I grad the bottle from her hands and drink some.
  12. So, Aquarius what’s his story? I take it that he is more than just a grad.
  13. Climbing the steps to her Grad Advisor's office, Teri felt her cell phone vibrate.
  14. I moved over to try and grad it but Alex lifted his head up to see what I was doing.
  15. Michael Chase is a twenty-six-year-old backpacker, a recent college grad, an amateur.

  16. Trading is not rocket science, says my partner and Wharton grad Steve Spencer.
  17. You heard back from any grad schools yet? I asked as we waited for the elevator.
  18. I assumed she was a grad student at the very least, but that was still too young for me.
  19. I was meeting with one of my former Grad school professors in a restaurant in Philadelphia.
  20. Top grade items may look better, but they have no more nutritional value than lower grad ones.
  21. My Grad Advisor emailed you and gave me your name as a contact person here at the university.
  22. She did not want to look like an attractive, intelligent grad student whom guys always gave a.
  23. Don’t put them in the position that enveloped me that one Sunday evening during grad school.
  24. He was actively recruited by many corporations during grad school but he chose the Foreign Service instead.
  25. I matched for grad school at MIT, but I stayed for you because I wanted to be with Julia Carroll’s sister.

  26. Their situation might even be worse because grad schools are sometimes pricier than other types of institutions.
  27. Hey! What do you want back here? a cop yells, barring the way to the grad student office as you try to pass.
  28. At that time, I was mixing a drink for a darkly handsome, sharply dressed Chicago ’65 grad named Mitch NewDelman.
  29. According to hiring and compensation experts, there is not that much room to negotiate when one is just a fresh grad.
  30. Meantime, he lets you sit in with the little clique of grad students that gathers weekly to talk Nietzsche with him.
  31. All students including the grad students were eligible to vote, and participants could vote for any candidate of any party.
  32. There is definitely a shortage in business analytics grad programs in India, especially compared to the huge need and demand.
  33. You leave the lab and go in the grad student office next door to grab your leather coat, ski cap, and gloves before biking home.
  34. Many car companies offer programs that give rebates or special financing if you’re a new grad and have reasonably good credit.
  35. I was not old enough to easily capture a date with a grad student, and I thought not experienced enough to get a date with a nurse.
  36. He was alone in Dublin, considering Trinity College for grad school, when the walls between realms fell and has survived by his wits.
  37. In concluding his address, he said he could think of no greater honor for an old grad than being asked back to make a commencement speech.
  38. If you’d been with me when I dropped out of grad school because my mother had cancer, would you have gone off to Northwestern anyway?
  39. Four years ago, a recent Harvard Medical School grad named Thomas Pierce discovered his girlfriend murdered in their apartment in Cambridge.
  40. Actually the only grades my prospective employers saw that mattered to them were probably from grad school where every one of my grades was a pass.
  41. The doors have been thrown open, figuratively speaking, and on the floor of the denuded parlor, the grad students eat rubbery pizza straight from the box.
  42. My money would have generated a return of 1,400 percent through 2000 and I would have been one happy 24-year-old in grad school! Chalk this one up to a lessoned learned.
  43. There the streets seemed to be occupied by mainly yuppies, professors and grad students, all too artsy for their own good, and being in their company made me want to open a vein.
  44. In less than a year Kinnard decided he belonged back in good old Ohio, and began saving for the move home—not so easy, for West Coast living was expensive and his wages below what a college grad should expect.
  45. He shared a dorm room with the guy, and then when they were in grad school together, they shared an apartment, and then Quinn was best man at your wedding, and then they started the business together, right?
  46. I was positive Jeff would drive a pickup, but he guides me to a shiny Ford hatchback, a heartbreaking car, the car of the new college grad with big plans and a modest budget, not the car a grown man should be driving.
  47. He had been out of fighters for the two years it took him to get his engineering degree, and except for Paul Austin, also an ASU grad, he knew no one in the squadron, and no one knew him except as the son of Silk Screen Sam Bannister.
  48. To proxy for high-yield bond returns from 1953 to the 1970s, I use a time series of low-quality (Baa and lower) bond returns that I got in grad school 20 years ago, which apparently was compiled by Roger Ibbotson in 1979 (no surprise!).
  49. Was she seeing the old Paul in this moment, the insecure grad student who so desperately wanted her to love him? Or was she seeing the man who had filmed those movies? The man who for twenty-four years had kept the dark secret that had haunted her family?
  50. The mark of the Post-Humanist Phalanx that proliferates on the cornices of apartment buildings, on housing-project handball courts, on the notebooks of the grad students, on the sides of parked cars, on subway station entrances, scratched into the plexiglass of a phone booth, as if mechanically reproduced all over the East Village, stamped out in some factory of the image.

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