graduation sätze

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Graduation sätze (in englisch)

  1. After graduation, I worked in.
  2. The graduation procession had begun.
  3. It’s an early graduation gift.
  4. For Jonathan on Birth & Graduation.
  5. Graduation from the School of Love.

  6. When the graduation ball was being.
  7. She hadn't been there since graduation.
  8. Even though graduation was tomorrow Mr.
  9. Or steal road signs on graduation night.
  10. I remember the countdown to my graduation.
  11. I guess it was kind of my graduation thing.
  12. He didn't know about the graduation dance.
  13. Her high school graduation event That Was.
  14. That means no graduation for either of you.
  15. He was at my graduation from the academy.

  16. Easton wanted him to walk at his graduation.
  17. This is Harvard graduation, said Alice.
  18. It had been a graduation gift from his wife.
  19. On graduation, he joined the college faculty.
  20. At graduation Bershirt, unbeknown to us, was.
  21. And so it was that, upon graduation from high.
  22. I thought we’d celebrate your graduation.
  23. The day after my graduation, I never realized.
  24. First prom, then graduation and finally college.
  25. I wore graduation robes rented for thirty bucks.

  26. A graduation ceremony that wasn’t even his own.
  27. Tell me about Reggie’s graduation, I said.
  28. We both have the graduation ceremony tomorrow.
  29. I don't even have a job lined up after graduation.
  30. She asked for new ones for her graduation present.
  31. I’ll probably have to change my graduation date.
  32. His dad got him the bike as a graduation present.
  33. This is the pin you'll receive at your graduation.
  34. After graduation, he started with a Masterly course.
  35. Anyway, I need the graduation date arranged within.
  36. I’m not missing graduation for that piece of shit.
  37. The years since graduation were skimmed quickly –.
  38. The Arts graduates gave a graduation dance that night.
  39. At graduation, he was given a sturdy Kevlar breastplate.
  40. This was not how I envisioned my college graduation day.
  41. Mom and Dad took me there for my high school graduation.
  42. Immediately following graduation, he went home on leave.
  43. That we brushed him off, took him to graduation, and he.
  44. After graduation, Fred served in the United States Army.
  45. The graduation ceremony was as boring as most graduations.
  46. I have my RKU graduation badge and certificate here with me.
  47. After her graduation as a doctor, the condition disappeared.
  48. The next album started with Reed’s high school graduation.
  49. Bessamer, on your graduation; you're father is quite proud.
  50. North Carolina State University Soon after graduation, Roy H.
  51. Joe and Joyce on their graduation and wedding day.
  52. Immediately after his graduation in the summer of 1946, he.
  53. A lot of people expected to see you at our graduation party.
  54. After graduation we stayed at Hanbury, waiting for Major to.
  55. GSC had two graduation ceremonies each year; one in May, the.
  56. Mohammad Amin, even before his graduation from Amber College.
  57. Following graduation, Waddell was first assigned to the Naval.
  58. Avi held her daughters and said, We’ll come to graduation.
  59. This translates to higher monthly repayments after graduation.
  60. And, you got out of the graduation ceremony, Garcia said.
  61. It was the evening before the graduation ceremony at Cliviger.
  62. The wonderful and ecstatic interludes ended with my graduation.
  63. So, we try to build such a ritual understanding into graduation.
  64. Ten o'clock at night on my graduation day and I'm heading to bed.
  65. In my early years, following graduation from college, I knew that.
  66. Who said it? Ryan? That's my sister's graduation, I won't miss.
  67. They’d already decided to get married straight after graduation.
  68. But after graduation, Santos went off to another high school and.
  69. As college graduation neared, my attachment to her grew even stron-.
  70. In such a system, rites such as graduation need not come at the end.
  71. Muriel explained that the locket was given to him on his graduation.
  72. After my MSc graduation, I was referred by one of my friend (Vinoth).
  73. But there was just no urgency to change until the graduation weekend.
  74. Christian Grey and friend at the graduation ceremony at WSU Vancouver.
  75. Roman gave a brief frown to Heather, dropped his graduation cap, and.
  76. I started to work on a more realistic locally based graduation speaker.
  77. A picture of his undergraduate graduation day stood alone on the shelf.
  78. What does your son’s graduation have to do with my dick? he thought.
  79. Kit had left for Salt Lake that morning, to prepare for his graduation.
  80. Graduation would be held on the football field, with us seniors on the.
  81. His father had passed away around his time of graduation due to cancer.
  82. Can I now pick out which car I want for my graduation present this May?
  83. What we’ve tried to do, I think, is to elevate high school graduation.
  84. He'd known this was coming, graduation had been on everyone's mind and.
  85. My mom is oozing contrition, desperately sorry not to make my graduation.
  86. Honey, how are you? How was graduation? she enthuses down the phone.
  87. GREG AND AVI REPRESENTED the rest of the family at the Academy Graduation.
  88. Makes things hectic to have the high school play so close to graduation.
  89. There were pictures of Paris and cadets, no doubt taken during graduation.
  90. Nothing more was said on that subject, or any other, until the graduation.
  91. After graduation, he worked as a Junior Reporter with the Kansas City Star.
  92. You invited me to the graduation party; you followed me while I was hiking.
  93. She didn't see him again until after she’d returned from Kit's graduation.
  94. The Graduation Ceremony was to begin soon and Lisa Kettler wanted one more.
  95. He said to me, 'Guess what, mom? It's the first graduation I ever attended.
  96. Without a suit and the finances to buy one, he missed graduation ceremonies.
  97. I know about her career because I ran into year a few years after graduation.
  98. After graduation, he will be interning with the FBI in the Birmingham office.
  99. In the first six months following graduation, both he and Truman were married.
  100. After graduation from high school, most of Anderson’s time was in her music.

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