grapple sätze

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Grapple sätze (in englisch)

  1. The rope and grapple hung behind him.
  2. Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;.
  3. Sheriff Logan had his own demons to grapple with.
  4. Scientists grapple with the why question every day.
  5. Dissolve core fears, and fear has nothing to grapple on to.
  6. O eternity, eternity! how shall I grapple with the misery.
  7. Earlier Polonius had advised his son to grapple his friends to.
  8. And how effectively they grapple the spinal cord? added Rip.
  9. On and on to the grapple with it--Assassin! then your life or ours.
  10. Yours is he? the trooper said, postponing his intended grapple.
  11. They scurry over and grapple with the door, wresting it back into position.
  12. He moved forward to grapple, and as he did Tenney spun round, turning his back.
  13. Would you die for your friend? he snarls at Simon as they continue to grapple.
  14. Hahlynd laid down his napkin slowly, his mind trying to grapple with Traivyr’s news.
  15. I have already suggested that a feminist therapist must continually grapple with the.
  16. The first blow must kill, and kill instantly, if he hoped to survive that awful grapple.
  17. Like a skillful artist this was accomplished, and they longed to see Him grapple with it.
  18. Golyadkin felt it; but how to grapple with it, with this danger? — that was the question.
  19. In short, he had weight, and might be expected to grapple with a disease and throw it; while Dr.
  20. We spent way too much time trying to grapple with AIG in 2008, for example, as the bottom was falling out.
  21. In a trice, she and Horatio grapple on the Floor and they are making the Beast with two Backs with the greatest Gusto.
  22. Sarmouth stared at her, then darted a quick look at Sharleyan while his brain tried to grapple with what she’d just said.
  23. Feeling left to grapple with that answer on her own she thought about what that meant in connotation to the ring not going back on.
  24. There is no way to understand what Maya is except to grapple with her………In this war Maya has every advantage but one; ‗TRUTH.
  25. He exited the outersuit – tethering it to the nearest grapple loop – leaving a standard EVA suit, allowing him to easily enter the hatch.
  26. I felt the sense of danger and impending calamity, and I had the curious feeling, too, that I alone could avert it, alone could grapple with it.
  27. Thank You for the cross; and for Your continuing agony of intercessory prayer for us, as we grapple with the wonderful, awful liability of free will.
  28. Perhaps you endure a greater curse than all other animals, because you appear to be the only animal that can grapple with its death and nonexistence.
  29. The consideration of these various facts impresses the mind almost in the same manner as does the vain endeavour to grapple with the idea of eternity.
  30. The brilliant "Son Decoud," the spoiled darling of the family, the lover of Antonia and journalist of Sulaco, was not fit to grapple with himself single-handed.
  31. For 250 years, leaders committed to fulfilling Christ’s Commission have challenged (mostly) white students to grapple with the question of God’s missionary call on our lives.
  32. What poor unsuspecting individual had she trapped in her grapple with her I can’t find my mommy routine? I didn’t approve, but I knew I didn’t make up a large conglomerate of my kind.
  33. The principle is that sex is a private matter and if no one is harmed and consensual adults are involved, there is no role for government and no public policy issues over which to grapple (or grope).
  34. I did not weep, but I knelt down and with a full heart thanked my guiding spirit for conducting me in safety to the place where I hoped, notwithstanding my adversary's gibe, to meet and grapple with him.
  35. Now, oftentimes, men and women become confused in their efforts to understand themselves and to grapple with the manifold difficulties of making a living in a world so largely dominated by selfishness and sin.
  36. But by whom? In the dim light he could determine that the man was of large build and concluded that he probably would not be successful even if he found the courage to grapple with the stranger for possession or the revolver.
  37. Can the concept of Nothing, even be defined as existing, as an existence? The concept of the word nothing, generated by the meaning of the word nothing to this mind is one which is impossible to comprehend and even grapple with.
  38. There were no low-lying branches and with the aid of the chain I formed a walking grapple anchor with the other side of the tree, as I shimmied up it, being very grateful all along for the heavy treaded hiking boots that I had bought.
  39. That meant they had no intention of coming out into the open anytime soon, yet whatever happened this year, next year would see an even more desperate grapple and very probably a major Charisian and Siddarmarkian offensive on the mainland.
  40. The captain’s voice was loud in that last great sound, and in that final moment he shouted, What? My ship gone, too? Its flesh ripped free? Its bones strewn forth? Am I blind once more? Then blind, I seize on thee! Dead, I grapple with thee.
  41. How, for long, did she struggle to comprehend what she had heard! But why did guruji think it fit to reveal all that to her? When she tried to grapple with the reality of guruji’s life, she realized the potential of his past to damage his current rating.
  42. All through the winter, the wise, practical, philanthropic, fat persons whom the people of Mugsborough had elected to manage their affairs - or whom they permitted to manage them without being elected - continued to grapple, or to pretend to grapple, with the `problem' of unemployment and poverty.
  43. In addition to this district visitor business, the well-to-do inhabitants and the local authorities attempted - or rather, pretended - to grapple with the poverty `problem' in many other ways, and the columns of the local papers were filled with letters from all sorts of cranks who suggested various remedies.
  44. Science has not and cannot grapple with even understanding this gradual decay on atomic, and sub-atomic levels simply because the realm of quarks and leptons is so infinitesimally small that it has no measuring instruments that can trace and record what happens to the subtle goings-on of these energy dynamics.
  45. The moccoli, or moccoletti, are candles which vary in size from the pascal taper to the rushlight, and which give to each actor in the great final scene of the Carnival two very serious problems to grapple with,—first, how to keep his own moccoletto alight; and secondly, how to extinguish the moccoletti of others.
  46. The Secretary of War suggests that if the navy will not undertake to break through, take a transport, cover the pilot-house in most exposed points with baled hay, attach an anchor to a towline, and if possible grapple the torpedo cables, and call for volunteers from the army to run into the harbour, thus making a way for the navy.
  47. But they were also the words of one who had not thrown off the burden of faith by a desperate rush into theories, which, if they help a man to imagine himself 'sufficient, to grapple with the facts of life and of destiny, relieve only for a moment, by an artificial light not kindled at 'the fountain itself of heavenly radiance,’ and that soon dies out, leaving the darkness deeper than before.
  48. Why play sports if you lose? For the pure fun of it? In that case; why bother about winning or losing? The reason why sports are not designed to be fun for everybody all the time, instead of a battle, the reason why they are an unloving conflict, in which only a handful receives adulation, is because they are merely a training ground for the conflict of civilized life, which all humans must grapple with.
  49. But when he took up the mighty task to which he consecrated his life, and was left to grapple with illiteracy, superstition and the needs of a benighted and down-trodden people, knotty questions in theology no longer vexed him, for he recognized that there was but one all-sufficient solvent for the dark problems which thrust themselves into the foreground, and that was the redemptive power of the Gospel of Christ.
  50. Sailors leaping down into the waist to grapple or smite at the naked white giant hewing like one possessed at the shackles, found themselves dragged down by the hands of slaves yet unfreed, while others, their broken chains whipping and snapping about their limbs, came up out of the waist like a blind, black torrent, screaming like fiends, smiting with broken oars and pieces of iron, tearing and rending with talons and teeth.
  51. Grapple them to thy soul with hoofs of steel,.

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