hallucinating sätze

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Hallucinating sätze (in englisch)

He was hallucinating, he was sure.
Freak, I must be hallucinating.
I thought maybe I was hallucinating.
He wondered if he was hallucinating.
She wondered if she was hallucinating.
At times, I thought I was hallucinating.
Raiya wondered if she was hallucinating.

I do not tell her about hallucinating Will.
Sometime after that started, he began hallucinating.
I feel as though I’m hallucinating and I’m not.
How did he know that? Or maybe she was hallucinating.
Am I hallucinating all this? Is this real, he thought.
She was hallucinating she thought that she was on fire.
I started thinking that I was maybe hallucinating.
At first sight of him, Truman felt he was hallucinating.
What had got into them? Was he hallucinating again like.
Moments later he thought he was hallucinating when he saw.
Had he started hallucinating, on top of everything else?
Was it all real, or was I hallucinating? he asked her.
Mother, she's hallucinating, she thinks that she's on fire.
She had been hallucinating since the previous day’s horror.
Mother? Daphne blinked her eyes, sure she was hallucinating.
Maybe I was hallucinating but still, it was her voice that I heard.
But if I really was hallucinating, wouldn’t I believe I wasn’t?
Was I hallucinating again? I stifled a scream and ripped open the door.
Still assuming I was hallucinating, I got up and drank a glass of water.
But are mystics who talk of a spaceless and timeless void hallucinating?
She’d thought she was hallucinating when she’d looked up and seen Jevan.
Katelyn saw him too; we both couldn’t possibly be hallucinating, could we?
I must be hallucinating; you’re just a divine mirage in this sterile desert.
He felt too faint and blurry to make sense of this, he had to be hallucinating.
Jessica was freaking out, she was dripping sweat and thought she was hallucinating.
It’s possible she was hallucinating from her head hitting the concrete, you know.
Right? After all those months of being drugged, of hallucinating, and perhaps the delusional.
God, just when she’d thought she’d turned the page on her grief, now she was hallucinating.
I recalled I had suffered a blow on the head in the crash, so I figured I had to be hallucinating.
He claims he told me a small gang was breaking in and apparently I said he was hallucinating ninjas.
Probably he thought I was hallucinating because he didn’t watch enough Little House on the Prairie.
Did he slip me something? Am I hallucinating? Am I having a rage-induced aneurysm? This can’t be real.
Others rode horses down a wooded trail, and, unless I was hallucinating, some of their horses had wings.
And then I hallucinated again.
That I hallucinated it?
I hallucinated for weeks in the hospital.
I then hallucinated the head of an angry Black revolutionary.
Together they lived in a world of hallucinated dreams of the damned.
I hadn't hallucinated like this since my plumbing teacher tried to kill.
The soul suffered in torment the agony of the hallucinated hell upon its essence.
No, Nu Luv was really just a collective hallucinated euphemism for blood money.
In the end stages some sufferers hallucinated, often convinced that they were recovering.
Maybe she hallucinated in her grief, or maybe she just said whatever she thought would give me grief.
He had heard that people often hallucinated in moments such as these, seeing what they most yearned to see.
Maybe she hallucinated in her grief, or maybe she just said whatever she thought would give me grief.
It was good to know I hadn’t hallucinated the foot — for Christ’s sake, practically half the town had seen the thing.
The statues were there right where they had always been! He knew he was really drunk, but he had never hallucinated that badly before.
How could she have mistakenly thought it was Achak? Had she hallucinated? Maybe she was getting too hungry and tired and thirsty and it was affecting her senses.
Instinctively, out of survival, I sprang head first into the narrow crack, which I seemed to have hallucinated a human face peering out at me just a moment before.
Either he had hallucinated most vividly the night before - which, given his lack of rest in several days, could have been possible - or this man had DRAFTChapter 15 307.
One man had died, and the rest had hallucinated, babbling at invisible companions, singing bizarre songs, arguing about where to pull over the imaginary car in which they were riding.
These activities can be as benign as sitting up in bed, walking to the bathroom, and cleaning, or as hazardous as cooking, driving, violent gestures and grabbing at hallucinated objects.
Nevertheless, the morning on which she entered the kitchen and found a cup of coffee offered her by a pale and bony adolescent with a hallucinated glow in his eyes, the claws of ridicule tore at her.
He did not notice it because at that moment he was discovering the first indications of his own being in a lascivious grandfather who let him-self be frivolously dragged along across a hallucinated plateau in search of a beautiful woman who would not make him happy.
He looked at Bob and saw that now Bob was looking straight back at him, right into his eyes, and for a fraction of a second Adam hallucinated that he was looking into a mirror, at himself, living the other potential destiny, which would have unfolded had his birthday been chosen in the conscription lottery all those years ago.
He taught little Aureliano how to read and write, initiated him in the study of the parchments, and he inculcated him with such a personal interpretation of what the banana company had meant to Macondo that many years later, when Aureliano became part of the world, one would have thought that he was telling a hallucinated version, because it was radically opposed to the false one that historians had created and consecrated in the schoolbooks.

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Then he began to hallucinate.
She was also starting to hallucinate.
Either you hallucinate or I'm blind.
He was beginning to hallucinate, hear voices.
They caused her to hallucinate, hear voices.
He did not hallucinate and the pie was quite good.
I even hallucinate and see his face giving me "the look".
You’re starving, and that causes you to hallucinate.
His fever rose and he became delirious and began to hallucinate.
Dreams are something we either hallucinate or develop ideas that.
Maybe it was the viral pneumonia that was causing him to hallucinate.
From the bump on her head, she might hallucinate a little, the EMT explained.
Near his death Chip began to hallucinate, thinking that he was entering a place called Animal Town.
Arthur is not the sort to hallucinate, Stone said, and from what I’ve heard of Prizzi, neither is he.
SOMETIME AFTER THAT, I began to seriously hallucinate and I wondered if there was something in the water, or maybe even the crackers I’d eaten.
Was this a coma? Did they have him on some strong medication like morphine that was making him hallucinate? He couldn’t even tell if he was still breathing.
Be careful with this spell, have someone to observe you (in a triple circle of protection) and also, it might be a good idea to have designated driver/magician should you become tipsy or begin to hallucinate or lose your sanity or whatnot.
I move on into the warm blue morning and the tingling tiredness after no sleep and I realise that travelling for over twenty-four hours makes you hallucinate so, disregarding my psychotic episode in the flea market, I interest myself in a cultural visit instead.
She began to hallucinate when she was awake,.

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