hatchway sätze

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Hatchway sätze (in englisch)

  1. Homer down the hatchway.
  2. They stepped thru a hatchway into a.
  3. Oh, look, sir! Beware the hatchway!.
  4. Tom popped his head through the hatchway.
  5. The hatchway she was now stumbling toward.

  6. Tom raised his head back up through the hatchway.
  7. Sir? The hatchway? oh! So it does, sir, so it does.
  8. I scrambled quickly out of my hammock and up the hatchway.
  9. When she got back up she held the hatchway rail much more firmly.
  10. The guard operated a control and the hatchway swung smoothly open.
  11. They went thru a hatchway and Brent found himself in Tams quarters.
  12. He paused for a moment, just beyond the narrow hatchway, studying the.
  13. For a moment he stood just inside the hatchway and studied her, observing.
  14. The craft slipped smoothly sideways and then up as the hatchway slowly closed.
  15. A touch-pad just inside the hatchway switched the lights up to full intensity.

  16. She felt the heat from the hatchway the rest of the spacers had rushed through.
  17. Foreman could hardly breathe when two suited humans appeared at the open hatchway.
  18. Suddenly in front of me the wall began to move and a hatchway revealed a small room.
  19. Ford scrambled round and flung his shoulder uselessly against thereclosing hatchway.
  20. The open airlock hatchway led directly to it, and it appeared to be holding pressure.
  21. The door opened up and the steps came down and he could see her through the open hatchway.
  22. It’ll all end in tears, I know it, shouted Eddie after them and closed the hatchway again.
  23. I saw him come out on deck again with a tool chest and lantern, and go down the forward hatchway.
  24. The hatchway sealed itself tight, and all sound was lost but the faint distanthum of the ship’s engines.
  25. In seconds Tom's head appeared through the hatchway and Sammy ran across the floor and jumped onto his bed.

  26. On the flanks it is cased with wood, and at top completely covered by a large, sloping, battened hatchway.
  27. AS I APPROACHED the shuttle, I could hear several loud, overlapping voices coming through its open hatchway.
  28. Taken off his guard, the captain stepped to the hatchway, gave a few orders, and seemed to recollect something.
  29. He grabbed the edge of the hatchway again with his left hand to stop himself sliding, and paused for a moment.
  30. A few minutes later he opened and closed the hatchway again in response to a command that caught him entirely by.
  31. His hands grabbed the inside edges of the hatchway and he pulled himself in as far as the safety line would allow.
  32. It announced itself to the crew as they arrived at the airlock hatchway that would let them out on the planet surface.
  33. The laughter died out as soon as the cabin’s four occupants saw me appear in the open hatchway and turned to face me.
  34. As soon as I wheeled outside the room the wall began to move again and the hatchway disappeared back into the white void.
  35. I tried to gawk but his soldiers pushed me forward to enter a broad hatchway with a ramp designed to load cargo or animals.
  36. A slight hiss built into a deafening roar of rushing air as the outer hatchway opened on to an empty blackness studded with.
  37. It was reached by a spiral staircase which terminated in the corner of the room at a square hole like the hatchway of a ship.
  38. Finally Eddie said quietly, I can see this relationship is something we’re all going to have to work at, and the hatchway.
  39. They had now reached the airlock – a large circular steel hatchway of massive strength and weight let into the inner skinof the craft.
  40. He motioned to the open hatchway just as a familiar-looking middle-aged man with red hair stepped through it, leaning into the shuttle’s crowded cabin.
  41. I can’t believe we’re on the moon! she said in childlike wonder, stretching her arms out wide as she leapt through the shuttle’s open hatchway.
  42. As he was dragged down a hatchway she called out after him, Now you laddie bucks stay away from him do you hear me now! Ye can all have a round or two after I’ve had my fill.
  43. Within a few minutes, their luggage had been carried down the hatchway, and they had found places for themselves on the tarpaulins that Boroszki’s son had spread over piles of nets in the vessel’s hold.
  44. The bar-Seth with a crackling groan of crumpling metal alloy hit the bottom of the ocean and even more water started to pour into the ship including the control room, where it leaked in around the hatchway doors.
  46. All night a wide-awake watch was kept by all the officers, forward and aft, especially about the forecastle scuttle and fore hatchway; at which last place it was feared the insurgents might emerge, after breaking through the bulkhead below.
  47. The heavers forward now resume their song, and while the one tackle is peeling and hoisting a second strip from the whale, the other is slowly slackened away, and down goes the first strip through the main hatchway right beneath, into an unfurnished parlor called the blubber-room.
  48. Poor Queequeg! when the ship was about half disembowelled, you should have stooped over the hatchway, and peered down upon him there; where, stripped to his woollen drawers, the tattooed savage was crawling about amid that dampness and slime, like a green spotted lizard at the bottom of a well.
  49. Just as I was beginning to hopethat the mate would come out calmer, for I heard himknocking away at something in the hold, and work is goodfor him, there came up the hatchway a sudden, startledscream, which made my blood run cold, and up on the deck hecame as if shot from a gun, a raging madman, with his eyesrolling and his face convulsed with fear.
  50. He’d stopped his car directly over a secret hatchway that entered a very narrow,.

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