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    have intercourse

    1. The law in those days was not neutral and it was a crime for different race groups to have intercourse or to marry

    2. ―Well, did you and your husband have intercourse in the months before the transfer?‖

    3. Is it possible for a man to have intercourse and still transmute sex

    4. have gotten naked that day, we didn't have intercourse

    5. to an evil spirit or have intercourse with an evil spirit

    6. screw, make love, knock boots together, have intercourse or

    7. But he would be on top of her trying to have intercourse with

    8. Strange contraptions were invented that allow women to have intercourse with a variety of beasts

    9. Tell her that a good sexual relationship “doesn’t have to have intercourse and orgasms and that you're happy to find other ways to pleasure each other, and that you just want to stay connected physically” – and again saying it like you mean it helps a lot here

    10. ‘And you’ve kissed her, let her fondle your genitals, wanted her to perform fellatio? Hoped she’d let you have intercourse with her?’

    11. came with whichever date she was with, who I would have intercourse with, though in a subliminal

    12. He never once forced me to have intercourse against my wishes

    13. It’ll be a while before I have intercourse with her, if ever

    14. When a husband and wife have intercourse, it should be for the first time, and there’s a shedding of blood

    15. she questioned how she could have intercourse with someone else

    16. impressed with aliens coming to have intercourse with the most greasy-looking wench on earth that by

    17. Meanwhile, if I did have intercourse it should always be with a condom

    18. would have intercourse with him for $300

    19. I heartily affirm that his Gulliver possesses the soundest of Minds, that he alone of all Mankind sees the World quite clearly; and truly, when he retreats to a Stable to live with Horses and will no longer have Intercourse with Men, ’tis because he hath discover’d the two great fatal Flaws in Humankind: the Stink of Mendacity and the rotting Odour of Vanity

    20. As it is harmful to eat except when one is hungry, so is it harmful to have intercourse with people when one does not love them

    21. Another effect will be this: other men, too, will see that the welfare, which they have been looking for everywhere, is quite near them, that seemingly unsolvable contradictions between conscience and the order of the world are solved in the easiest and pleasantest way, and that, instead of being afraid of the men surrounding them, they must have intercourse with them, and love them

    22. He was evidently pleased to have intercourse with the

    23. From the wretched state of those nations with whom we have intercourse, we, from weakness, must fall victims to their violence

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