hind sätze

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Hind sätze (in englisch)

  1. That is an Mi-24 Hind.
  2. A real hind wheel! and.
  3. I stood on my hind legs.
  4. Its hind legs had collapsed.
  5. But in hind sight, it was the.

  6. Igor turned around on his hind legs.
  7. The hind quarters are higher than the.
  8. Standing on their hind legs, staring down.
  9. How did she hurt her left hind ankle?
  10. Kes as he was named had broken his hind leg.
  11. The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hind.
  12. The mare reared onto her hind legs in terror.
  13. The puppies watched from behind her hind legs.
  14. Then, the police horse stood high on his hind.
  15. An injured sheep, blood smeared on its hind leg.

  16. This man could analyze the hind leg off of a dog.
  17. I stoop up on my hind legs and then kissed her.
  18. Cat's also don't walk on their hind legs, wear.
  19. The hunters metamorphose to run on their hind legs.
  20. It rose up on its’ hind legs and roared at them.
  21. Officer Sludge he stood on his hind legs then spoke.
  22. I massaged Corey’s forelegs and then his hind legs.
  23. He licked my hand, and then sat up on his hind legs.
  24. He lashed out with his hind legs, but struck nothing.
  25. I got on my hind legs and then waved my paws at the.

  26. Following this, I stood on my hind legs like a giant.
  27. When standing on its hind legs, it could reach up to 5.
  28. I turned back and woe, standing on his hind legs was a.
  29. I stood on my hind legs so the receptionist could see.
  30. As Maggie watched, the horse reared up on its hind legs.
  31. Bluebell sat up and scratched his neck with his hind leg.
  32. What appeared to be the Alpha Squirrel stood on his hind.
  33. I stood on my hind legs and then clobbered the driver on.
  34. If it’s not breathing, grab its hind legs and hang it.
  35. To my utter shock, a female cat was standing on her hind.
  36. He slouched back onto his hind legs as the hunger pangs.
  37. I couldn’t believe those boys had a Hind to start with.
  38. All of a sudden, Rocky stood on his hind legs, puffed out.
  39. He rose up on his hind legs and bellowed out a base growl.
  40. I stood on my hind legs and then cupped Rhonda’s cheeks.
  41. He shot a blue bolt, which struck near the cat's hind paws.
  42. Holmes raised the hind leg of one of them and laughed aloud.
  43. The mother paused, standing up on her hind legs looking up.
  44. They walked upright, upon hind legs, carrying metal weapons.
  45. I twisted my neck and head back and then tiptoed on my hind.
  46. He taught the camels to rear up on their hind legs and dance.
  47. The dog finishes, pointlessly kicking his hind legs afterward.
  48. Thlayli, Blackavar and the does of the Near Hind had vanished.
  49. With these words of encouragement, they tapped the hind.
  50. Daniel strung up the animal by its hind legs and attempted to.
  51. Adanne swung again, and the horse reared up onto its hind legs.
  52. There are pictures of the front and hind quarters and for the.
  53. The jackalope stopped in front of her and sat on its hind legs.
  54. Then rearing up on his hind legs, he reiterated his accusation.
  55. Instead, he raised himself on his hind legs and sniffed the air.
  56. Then the other hind legs braced against the floor of the trench.
  57. I leaped onto the young woman’s lap and then stood on my hind.
  58. Some of the smaller flowers remind male insects of the hind ends.
  59. Dandelion, sitting upright on his hind legs and looking about him.
  60. My hind leg was sore as if it had been broken twice but had healed.
  61. Her left hind ankle! Why—there ain’t a sign of a limp in it.
  62. Wedding? He sat on my hind leg and ran his hands on the scales.
  63. Graisse stood on his hind legs, with his paws curled in front of him.
  64. You see that it is no less than fifteen inches from fore-foot to hind.
  65. The creature stepped forward, then stood on its thin gangly hind legs.
  66. It got up on its hind legs and stared down Kevin with a menacing glare.
  67. Do you know of Cerynitis? The Golden Hind? He now inhabits this forest.
  68. Only a little earth crumbled from the bank under the horse’s hind hoofs.
  69. In Hind Swaraj, Gāndhi tried to show the drawbacks of modern civilization.
  70. Mim and Yula stood up on their hind legs and beckoned the Elf to lean down.
  71. It repeatedly reared on its hind legs and pawed its front legs in the air.
  72. The Front Horse pulled well, but the Hind Horse kept stopping all the time.
  73. I stood on my hind legs and then took hold of the heads of the elderly couple.
  74. They found a little puppy standing on its hind legs, scratching the brick wall.
  75. What could he mean by hind leg? the man asked himself then opened a drawer.
  76. Why, you pop-eyed, back-door saucer-scraper--great thrusts of their hind legs.
  77. She stood on her hind legs and put her front legs around Lancelot�s shoulders.
  78. His body was twisted and his hind parts and back legs still lay along the ground.
  79. This made the donkey so angry that it struck out his hind legs and kicked wildly.
  80. She did the other side, then each hind foot, with no hint of her precarious perch.
  81. But his hind legs were free, and the weight of them meant he could climb no higher.
  82. Would you like to follow us in? And by the way, did you down that Hind yourself?
  83. She hissed and stretched out with one hand, rising up, the cub’s hind legs swinging.
  84. There was a picture of one standing on its hind legs with its paws outstretched, roaring.
  85. They sneered at me and tried to lash out with a hind foot but their driver popped a whip.
  86. Infection on hind leg? It looks like Doctor Harris handwriting but he failed to sign it.
  87. When she opened her eyes she saw first the creature, the Golden Hind, standing before her.
  88. Two miles beyond, with sharp pains in his hip and right hind leg, he had to stop and rest.
  89. Temperament / Behavior : The Coral Hind Grouper is considered very aggressive and will not.
  90. She felt the electric prods on her hind quarters, at the same time lightning filled the sky.
  91. Near Hind Mark?" "When you were with Hyzenthlay, did she tell you why she was put into the.
  92. By standing on his hind legs he could just rest his forepaws on the ragged lip of the hole.
  93. The stallion fought the bit, rose up on his hind legs and scissored the air with his hooves.
  94. Astray stood at the side of the boat on his hind legs, growling from the back of his throat.
  95. I am coming Mom! I yelled as I ran pass the crowd on my hind legs with my blade raised.
  96. This? DoGuru kicked his hind legs and scooted to the side to reveal a hole in the maze.
  97. He walked to the sideboard, grabbed the red rump of a hind, and swung it into Luka’s chest.
  98. A large rat was sitting up on his hind quarters and sniffing the air in an interested manner.
  99. But he r ruddy-fa ce d com pa nion ha d bolte d out of ha rm 's wa y be hind the he licopte r.
  100. My hind legs reached for the crag and I perched on all fours, folded my weary wings and rested.

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