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Hombre in einem Satz (in englisch)

un pobre hombre.
Time to sleep, macho hombre.
4-3: tomado a este hombre: ( a = from).
Who’s that man? ¿Quién es ese hombre?.
Behind him the Hispanic guy said, Gracias, hombre.
He would gladly have said: Hombre, like the Spanish.
muy hombre, muy maestro, and the English 'very much a.

Pg 182 Mujer and hombre are often used as expletives in.
ESCULTOR: ¡Tan audaz ese hombre es Is that man so daring that he.
He said confidentially, I don’t never try to kid a smart hombre.
Adjectives which end in –or, -án, ón and –ín also have a feminine form: el hombre hablador.
El hombre invisible, they called him on his junkets south, though with his current tan, he was nearly one of them.
“Heavy handed much there hombre,” he tries to rub out the sting from the blow, “I guess you’ve gotta be to deal with this cunt, right?” He is clutching his arm to his side, his stare drilling into your glasses.

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