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Inauguration sätze (in englisch)

  1. July 4th, but rather for the inauguration.
  2. It was now shortly before Inauguration Day.
  3. Welcome champ, it’s your inauguration.
  4. After his inauguration, Harrison appointed.
  5. Not only for the inauguration of the Jaguariuna.

  6. March 1861, shortly after the president’s inauguration.
  7. During the inauguration ceremony, there is on display a large.
  8. Jackie became first lady after the inauguration in January 1961.
  9. Step 2 would be the Assassination on Inauguration Day by Haytham.
  10. The inauguration ceremony will be held this coming Sunday, before.
  11. Everything went smoothly after that, we filmed the inauguration and.
  12. Then it was time to leave for the inauguration, she will later write.
  13. The last group of this magnitude was during your inauguration here in D.
  14. Also, the assassination of the agent on Inauguration Day had worried him.
  15. The report card, since Mr Mandela’s inauguration 16 years ago, is abys-.

  16. LESS THAN A year after Jack’s inauguration, on December 19, 1961, Joe Sr.
  17. On Inauguration Day, the EPA began a crackdown on "mountaintop" coal mines.
  18. Tony changed the date of the inauguration party of his home and reverted to his.
  19. And each one had marked, as it were, the inauguration of a new phase in her life.
  20. If they hurried, they just might be able to get this into the Inauguration Speech.
  21. The inauguration party was a great success with all the local press, the President.
  22. Palatka, Florida where we will watch the historic inauguration of Barack Obama with my.
  23. He fully expected to be at the Democratic National Convention and at Obama’s inauguration in January.
  24. The Trujeo woman was half of his Inauguration Speech, for Christ‘s sake, he could not take that back!.
  25. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to participate in the inauguration on that Saturday, June 21 of 2003.

  26. The years went by and at his twelfth birthday Jannes told him of his formal inauguration as a prince of Egypt.
  27. THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY was inauguration day, a half-day at school, and after the last bell, Charlie returned to East Third Street.
  28. With everything in place for the inauguration of Global Facilitators, he sent the designer cards to ‘Who is who’ in New Delhi.
  29. Ronald Wilson Reagan gazes out over the hundreds of supporters dressed in formal wear who have come to celebrate his inauguration.
  30. At the auspicious time, Ranga Reddy was accorded the honor to unveil the name-plate, symbolizing the inauguration of the enterprise.
  31. Roosevelt used his inauguration address to declare that he was claiming the same emergency powers as he would exercise in time of war.
  32. If it weren’t for the general amnesty for all criminals at my inauguration, you would be dead by now, pharaoh was glaring at Moses.
  33. A honeymoon was a great shake-up, but when it occurred he arranged the date of its cessation as precisely as the date of its inauguration.
  34. He and Nancy spent last night at Blair House, the official state residence where presidents-elect sleep the night before their inauguration.
  35. He learned that there would be a funeral mass tomorrow for Gil Johnston, the Secret Service agent who was assassinated on Inauguration Day at St.
  36. Clinton was the first president from the post-war ‘baby boomer’ generation and certainly the first to play the sax at his inauguration party.
  37. Now, as she and her Ronnie watch the presidential inauguration just hours before Reagan will be released from the hospital, her commitment to him continues.
  38. The priest had just walked to the microphone to begin the funeral ceremony of the Secret Service Agent who was gunned down by terrorists on Inauguration Day.
  39. This time, he turns to Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who has been insisting since the inauguration that he be given a more vital role in foreign affairs.
  40. Immediately following the inauguration of the President and the trial that imprisoned the men of the Power base for life, Patsy and Bob decided to get pregnant.
  41. Eastern Standard Time, President-Elect Tim Woodson straightened his tie in the mirror, running over in his head what he would say during his Inauguration Speech.
  42. And everyone who views the inauguration or reads or hears about it believes it to be just that, but you and I, and unfortunately Thorne, know that it's more than that.
  43. This was the time following the death of Ryan White, and Michael was brave enough to speak to President Clinton on the highly controversial subject at his inauguration.
  44. The Fourth Pillar said that in his inauguration speech, he had told his future government: ‘We must hold ourselves to the highest standards of service, probity and integrity’.
  45. On the Saturday, in place of the service of Sext, Godwyn ordered a rehearsal, beginning with the ceremony of inauguration of the new prior and continuing with the marriage service.
  46. Every junior and senior male on the campus, of which there were thousands, zeroed in on my angelic freshman queen and the last time I ever dated her was the night of her inauguration.
  47. The cessation of existence of both or either, the inauguration of a new era or calendar, the annihilation of the world and consequent extermination of the human species, inevitable but impredictable.
  48. Thus, the 2003 Corpus Christi Festival was celebrated with its inauguration and the restoration of its sacred procession, as it had been done for many centuries in the pleasant town that Fuentesnuevas is.
  49. At the inauguration, the next President, US Grant, the former Union commander during the Civil War, refused to share the same carriage with Johnson, something ingoing and outgoing presidents had always done before.
  50. I was still staying there when Inauguration Day arrived—a very special day, because my father had sworn he would be with Barack Obama when he was administered the oath of office, and I was going to accompany him on the dais.
  51. The countess was accustomed to this tone as a precursor of news of something detrimental to the children’s interests, such as the building of a new gallery or conservatory, the inauguration of a private theater or an orchestra.
  52. Because the troops at Kummersfeld were attending their own Christmas celebration, there was not as large a crowd as there had been at the inauguration of the ice cream fountain, and it was not necessary to control admission to the PX.
  53. Lucille told her daughter Marguerite of her decision to accompany me to Spain to be present at the inauguration of Calle Roger Fernández Rodríguez in Fuentesnuevas, so designated and approved by Ponferrada City Hall officials.
  54. Nancy Reagan wears one of those outfits now, a three-thousand-dollar dress, coat, and hat by the Cuban-born designer Adolfo, as she and Ronald Reagan are driven from Blair House to the White House shortly before noon on Inauguration Day.
  55. What did Rosemary understand about the many joys and losses the rest of the family had endured together over the prior thirty years? Some reports claimed that Rosemary had secretly attended her brother’s presidential inauguration, but that is not true.
  56. The inauguration of the Livingson Bungalow Lodges was a step too far for that cadre of individuals who, through ignorance, fear, or arrogance had long suspected that the continued encouragement of the 'Chinaman and his squaw-woman,' by the rest of the civic population would lead to dire consequences.
  57. This spectacular episode brought an end to the early era of teaching, training, and healing, thereby preparing the way for the inauguration of this last year of proclaiming the higher and more spiritual phases of the new gospel of the kingdom -- divine sonship, spiritual liberty, and eternal salvation.
  58. Many of the men snapped their heads towards her at her words: to have such a rich friend implied that she had contacts with persons of high standing indeed, which only jived with the rich gown and jewels she had been seen wearing at the inauguration of the inn and at a few marriage ceremonies a few months earlier.
  59. Garfield was born in a humble home, and went thence as a canal driver, but when he became President of the United States he did not despise that humble home, nor the mother that bore him, lowly as both were, but at his inauguration he had his mother placed in an honored seat on the platform, and his first act after taking the oath of office was to step over, before that vast assembly, and kiss that mother.

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