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    1. Locals have instal ed green roofs for butterflies and birds, and a col ection of underpasses for resident amphibians and hedgehogs

    2. instal ed in the hotel, ready to start looking

    3. precisely when the instal ation of the

    4. While we were preparing to leave, we had instal ed a new bulkhead

    5. “Soundproof insulation instal ed in the cells

    6. “The simulator? We had it instal ed two months ago

    7. Had been instal ed to give the plants life,

    8. swing instal ed in the corner of the room

    9. instal ed “Alyssa’s” artwork in the courtyard outside his classroom

    10. Shoop’s grimace was so deeply instal ed that even when he was asleep it

    1. The current chip installed was sold under the tag 'Seventh Level Black Sorcerer' and was guaranteed not just to work, but to retain its competitive position for a decade

    2. “It’s all about whatever she left installed and running over there

    3. He studied the rendition, the acolyte's visual rendition was not up to normal personification standards, as if it hadn't been properly installed in the scene

    4. Most of what was installed was actually in the instrumentation buses and signal processing, so it was unlikely anything else would be noticed

    5. When the new crystal was installed he checked the master allocation gauges

    6. Then he installed a patch to back out the power used by his activity from the microamp logging system

    7. The house had the latest in modern kitchen appliances, a brand new corner bathroom suite, fitted wardrobes in all three bedrooms, and a lovely garden in which the businessman had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    8. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    9. After a week of clandestine activity the Trojan Horse virus despatched a summary of all the dreadful links, stories and pictures that it had found on its trawling expeditions in the howling hours and subsequently installed in a hidden area on Danny’s hard drive

    10. been installed as part of the government’s response to the perceived

    1. The remainder of the evening consisted of going over to Jaseem's and installing the HouseWife9

    2. The only other person aboard that she would trust installing fresh silicon was Alan, and neither the captain nor Glayet would allow him to do so

    3. George and Harry were transplanting a few of the Tallows and installing 'locally obtained' shrubs, ones they'd relocated from around the lake that is, into the bedding areas Belle and the twins had prepared

    4. He remembered that building the four bungalow cottages, furnishing them, and installing the water/wastewater systems had cost them over $2000

    5. My mother had given him a freestanding fireplace, which he was in the middle of installing

    6. I had to repair everything from back hoes, skip loaders, down to lawn mowers and anything else including fabricating and installing hitches on trucks

    7. I was in the process of installing them when this pickup stopped and this man got out and says to me, ―How are you old man?‖ I looked at him, and he said, ―You don‘t remember me do you?‖ I said,

    8. I suspect, however, that such arguments will one day lose their appeal and be seen for what they really are: a calculated attempt at installing Atheism on the Secular Throne!

    9. But how about giving your PC a real boost by installing an SSD drive? We’ll discuss the benefits of SSD in the next chapter

    10. Advanced computer users recommend switching to SSDs and a lot of manufacturers have already stopped installing conventional spinning disks on their latest models

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