lag sätze

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Lag sätze (in englisch)

1. They begin to lag and.
2. That’s a huge red lag.
3. If I lag behind, let me.
4. Oscillators may lead or lag.
5. Kostilin began to lag behind.
6. After a while the jet lag was.
7. For example, they induce no lag.

8. What are the symptoms of jet lag?
9. After she had cured her jet lag her.
10. There would be a lag in our steps; with.
11. But do we see it as just jet lag, or as a.
12. That is, until a lag of 10 bars is reached.
13. Following a lag of several days, the fallout.
14. This lag is a double edged sword: as earnings.
15. He was tired, and the concentration tends to lag.
16. It was a long day as jet lag was catching up with me.
17. The problem is that this FIR filter has a 11-bar lag.
18. Most, if not all, indicators lag the market somewhat.
19. Using a cosine wave is a synthetic way to remove lag.
20. Some signals are designed to lead signals, others lag.
21. This was one thing she could not blame on jet lag; she.
22. Close your eyes, now hold my hand and don't lag behind.
23. When a great kid becomes detached, it raises a red lag.
24. The dynamics of this lag are implicit in the Gordon model.
25. He and I kept many long hours, but our energy did not lag.
26. The correlation value for each lag is converted to a color.
27. They lag behind in performing an action due to distraction.
28. Most, if not all, indicators lag the market somewhat, however.
29. In our case, a lag of 11 bars is just unacceptable for trading.
30. During the six-month lag time, lots of expenses need to be paid.
31. A longer setting would lag too much behind any change in trend.
32. In fact the lag is so pronounced for any variable that directly.
33. What is there more, that I lag and pause and crouch extended with.
34. Confirmation is the essential key, whether oscillators lead or lag.
35. The only downside with Slow Stochastics is it has a slight signal lag.
36. It will lag actual VIX moves, but 30 days out will track it fairly well.
37. These filters incur two, three, four, and five bars of lag, respectively.
38. With the default value of zero, the averaging length is equal to each lag.
39. Greg was the strongest amongst the group, and he too had to lag behind to.
40. As the others prepared to leave, Locke felt an obligation not to lag behind.
41. In most sales situations, there is a lag between introducing a product into.
42. Therefore, such a SuperSmoother filter has a maximum lag of approximately 1.
43. If interest is lacking, the price may lag far behind the statistical showing.
44. And now I had ISLAAG, which could have been an alternative spelling of Is lag.
45. It indicates those who can fight against the temptation yet they lag behind that.
46. All right, all right, Wickland said, unconcerned by the lag in notification.
47. I wouldn’t say that I had conquered the jet lag completely but I was on my way.
48. Momentum oscillators may lead or lag, providing initial indicators or confirmation.
49. Introducing another bar of lag further decreases the average correlation, and so on.
50. In the CAPM, the lag appears to be created by delays in cutting or raising interest.
51. Painting not only does not lag behind poetry in this matter, but rather outstrips it.
52. Employment tends to lag market turns, but the futures were reacting big to the upside.
53. If they lag behind that process, then the competitors will take away the market share.
54. Naturally, it is the prerogative of management to keep lag time between investment and.
55. The advantage is the lag in obtaining the answer scales directly with the cycle period.
56. After a lag, she followed him up on an automatic urge not to let a guest see himself out.
57. Price reversals are indicated by a dramatic switch in correlations at all values of lag.
58. The jet lag knocked me over and I needed a caffeine IV before a talk, and it was all over.
59. The autocorrelation with zero lag, averaged over one full period of the sine wave, is unity.
60. He came after that tiny lag, but he had clenched his hands so hard that he had cut his palms.
61. Its implied volatility seems to lag behind statistical volatility by approximately one month.
62. Sometimes these undervalued situations get more undervalued or lag the market for a long time.
63. The lag of a Hilbert transformer can be reduced by reducing the number of elements in the filter.
64. When the lag is equal to the period of the sine wave waveform, the correlation is again perfect.
65. For example, a five-bar SMA has a cutoff period of approximately 10 bars and has two bars of lag.
66. You’re still working with feedback so there’ll be a lag, but it’ll be quicker than the cap.
67. Other factors affecting the trading decision are the time lag between the rumor and the fact, the.
68. We still have the four bars of computational lag and the one bar lag of entry following the signal.
69. We will never see them again, Jai despaired as the keenly painful moment seemed to lag into infinity.
70. Stay in close to our ships and try not to lag behind as we pull back to join up with reinforcements.
71. Mutual fund managers as a group cannot cover their fees and the majority tend to lag passive indices.
72. Continued lag increases causes the average correlation to increase until a lag of 20 bars is reached.
73. In this theoretical example, the correlation values as a function of lag vary exactly as a sine wave.
74. This does not mean a lag in the development since the triceps are used in most chest and back exercises.
75. Momentum oscillators that lead or lag may not always be as sensitive to price patterns as traders desire.
76. What is actually happening, however, is that the moving averages lag a constant percentage behind prices.
77. It is a trite saying that the hours pass swiftly with the happy, while they lag with the sad and sorrowful.
78. Since the lag of nonrecursive filters is half the degree of the filter, these filters will have lags of 0.
79. In other words, for a nonrecursive filter having N elements, the lag of that filter will be (N − 1) / 2.
80. On a linear chart, moving averages will seem to lag behind the price curve at an ever-increasing distance.
81. Most of those who concentrate on the undervalued theory of stock selection may lag today’s better managers.
82. That is, the measurement of a short cycle period has less lag than the measurement of a longer cycle period.
83. Using a delayed cosine wave as a trigger means giving back a little of the lag we have struggle to minimize.
84. More generally, the FIR filter lag is (N − 1) / 2, where there are an odd number of elements in the filter.
85. Further, increasing the data length increases the latency of the measured result, further contributing to lag.
86. I installed it in some big beams and bought some lag bolts to install it instead of the bolts that came with it.
87. However, interpretation of the indicator is more difficult because the larger spread in lag across the spectrum.
88. Therefore, our net lag in making the trade entry is only two bars relative to the real turning point in the data.
89. Introducing a lag of one bar in the autocorrelation process causes the average correlation to be decreased slightly.
90. The lag of the Real and Imag analytic signals is very small, and no compensation in the plotting routine is required.
91. These hand holds were approximately three feet long bolted into the cinder block walls with lag bolts and lead shields.
92. Filter design not only depends on the amount of smoothing desired, but also on the amount of lag that can be tolerated.
93. Jet lag and the realization that they could have been here under different and heart-breaking circumstances, made him sad.
94. The general scheme is that for each horizontal axis time position the vertical displacement is equal to the lag from 3 to 48.
95. However, when the results of the decycler are compared to those of the SuperSmoother, the decycler will always have less lag.
96. Traveling by car, bus or train is no picnic, but musicians in the past didn’t experience the jet lag that comes with flying.
97. It was possibly jet lag, but maybe closer to the truth was that they had only had four hours sleep in the last thirty-six hours.
98. Rarely will a pattern of alternating yearly debt increases with equity increases be profitable, because there is always some lag.
99. However, for applications to trading, I noted that the primary contribution of the numerator terms was to increase the filter lag.
100. The world progresses and you lag behind and can kiss mine and go to hell or heaven if you think I care about project M-Sixty-Seven.

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