laid sätze

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Laid sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was all laid out.
  2. I laid my cards down.
  3. Water to be laid on.
  4. Bev then laid it on.
  5. Of the God laid plan.

  6. Then she laid it on.
  7. She laid in his arms.
  8. One white egg is laid.
  9. She laid the pies on.
  10. And then he laid back.
  11. As I laid down to bed.
  12. I laid her on her bed.
  13. There was a ghost laid.
  14. He has his tools laid.
  15. Otto laid out the plan.

  16. He laid his open palm.
  17. As soon as I laid him.
  18. This book has laid out.
  19. The pace is laid back.
  20. The joy laid before ME.
  21. The plans are laid out.
  22. Then he laid on my lap.
  23. I laid on the sleeping.
  24. Mind you, I laid it on.

  26. She nodded and laid down.
  27. Jesus laid hands on her.
  28. The plans are laid bare.
  29. I must have laid there.
  30. I laid my hand on his arm.
  31. Laid out in front of us.
  32. He laid the palm of his.
  33. It was a wonderful, laid.
  34. I laid my hands upon her.
  35. As I laid in bed to rest.
  36. I laid a hand on his arm.
  37. The Doc laid his hand on.
  38. Closing her eyes she laid.
  39. He laid there quietly for.
  40. I laid there thinking for.
  41. He then laid out a path of.
  42. The guide laid his hand on.
  43. Christ laid down His LIFE.
  44. The table was laid for one.
  45. They laid them in the galley.
  46. He just laid their lifeless.
  47. He gently laid her down in.
  48. Never laid a finger on her.
  49. He laid his arm across her.
  50. He laid Gabriel off to the.
  51. Quietly laid on wave and air.
  52. She laid a hand on his knee.
  53. You are the stone laid of God.
  54. He laid her down on the bed.
  55. However the task laid before.
  56. Here’s the truth laid bare.
  57. He laid His life down for you.
  58. Chased, laid waste, the pull.
  59. He laid back and flexed his.
  60. Muhammad and his army laid a.
  61. The geology is laid bare for.
  62. I laid my head on His shoulder.
  63. Her baby was laid on the floor.
  64. He laid down in the frying pan.
  65. As I laid there, I heard the.
  66. I laid back down and answered.
  67. Paul said, There is laid up.
  68. They laid down another bottle.
  69. The roads were laid out in a.
  70. Worries laid to rest, for now.
  71. Limpy laid down next to David.
  72. The table was laid for a meal.
  73. I’ve already laid that on.
  74. Jemelda laid a hand on his arm.
  75. Ulfur laid down, licking his.
  76. You laid out Gyb really good.
  77. Ian laid his hand on her wrist.
  78. We laid in silence for a while.
  79. Lowly in the manger laid;.
  80. And I’d laid out my friends.
  81. She laid a hand over his heart.
  82. He laid full length, one paw.
  83. Isaac his son, and laid him on.
  84. Easton’s dead body was laid.
  85. It’s laid out in front of us.
  86. A long path was laid in front.
  87. Now, it laid in decay and ruin.
  88. She laid the garment in her lap.
  89. She laid her head against his.
  90. Your idiocy has been laid bare.
  91. Emily laid back down in the sun.
  92. The media sniffed but laid low.
  93. He watched as the lawyer laid.
  94. He laid them out in front of me.
  95. This time she laid down on her.
  96. He laid on the ground helplessly.
  97. While we kissed, I laid Sue on.
  98. I looked at Bubba who laid his.
  99. Cloaked in night he laid on the.
  100. Sue up laid her over my shoulder.
  1. He saw Anna laying in.
  2. Laying her back on the.
  3. I was laying on the couch.
  4. He was laying on his side.
  5. Then remove and laying it.
  6. Martin laying down the law.
  7. She was laying on top of him.
  8. Laying on of Hands (5 of 7).
  9. Eleanor was laying on a cot.
  10. Never once laying his eyes on.
  11. Laying as the base his reason.
  12. It is laying here on the floor.
  13. Her egg laying days were over.
  14. Purpose of Laying on of Hands.
  15. Laying my head on the pillows.
  16. She was laying in bed somewhere.
  17. The other guard was laying dead.
  18. He is half covered laying on the.
  19. Laying it all out there, part six.
  20. Laying them out on the rough ta-.
  21. Laying sod for an hour will burn.
  22. Laying of the underground cables.
  23. The KDM continued laying into the.
  24. She stood on her feet, laying the.
  25. Laying there in the once safe and.
  26. The waiter was laying tables with.
  27. He's laying down in the living room.
  28. With the simple laying of his hands.
  29. Laying it all out there, part four10.
  30. Laying back down, she shut her eyes.
  31. Williams said, laying down his cards.
  32. He was laying on an underwater bed!.
  33. Laying one of her legs over my hips.
  34. She started laying them around Bernice.
  35. I sat down next to him, laying my own.
  36. Dave is laying on his side facing Carol.
  37. Not laying to heart the sad and heavy.
  38. They spread out and began laying charges.
  39. He even stopped laying carpet full time.
  40. Bonnie was laying next to him on the bed.
  41. How can you just leave them laying there.
  42. Prynne, laying her finger on the red token.
  43. He pushed her back, laying her on the bed.
  44. Laying a hand on his chest he allowed the.
  45. She‘s upstairs laying on the bed resting.
  46. And Munmi was laying on her bed and talking.
  47. Douglas were laying in a heap in the corner.
  48. Push it through about 1 inch, laying it at.
  49. Meanwhile, Petrushka began laying the table.
  50. And, laying a pistol on the table, he added:.
  51. Laying hold of Him in spite of where you are.
  52. When laying these, start with the first two.
  53. At first, the parchment laying spread out on.
  54. Education - Laying the Foundation for Success.
  55. Last week, we looked at the Laying on of Hands.
  56. Inside, Abel was laying on the floor petrified.
  57. That was a long time to be laying on top of a.
  58. Notes: - You start laying the cards down slowly.
  59. Carrie left the gun laying in the clearing and.
  60. He slipped into bed, but found himself laying.
  61. There laying on the king sized bed was my lover.
  62. Paul dealt with the matter by laying down the.
  63. He waited a moment before laying his hand down.
  64. I force a smile, laying my head on his shoulder.
  65. Tori is still laying in the floor where she fell.
  66. The Circle of Claws had been laying right there.
  67. That's when I noticed Kayla laying on the floor.
  68. He put Ty on the bed before laying on it himself.
  69. There’s somebody else laying over by that.
  70. You were laying in a pool of blood on the floor.
  71. There should have been five masons laying stones.
  72. Presumably that means Laying on of Hands as well.
  73. Laying a hand on him was as far away as the moon.
  74. Why increase this risk by laying the land bare?
  75. This chap is laying the Rosabelle and she is gay.
  76. I could see one dead Rexen laying on the ground.
  77. My body went cold seeing Nathan laying in the bed.
  78. Yet, clearly, she was laying her power at his feet.
  79. Laying her head back against the pillow, she was.
  80. He is laying down the pen, and will write no more.
  81. The judge saw the condom laying 3 inches from the.
  82. Following the journey, mating and egg laying, the.
  83. Laying in that bed of despair, I sobbed for hours.
  84. The woman is laying unconscious in the hospital.
  85. Earth but many planets, all laying in the universe.
  86. There were spirits laying on the floor, passed out.
  87. One of the Necros laying next to her begins to stir.
  88. The household staff was busy laying out the evening.
  89. With Sue’s panties laying on her feet, I started.
  90. Epsilon’s position, laying waste with her mounted.
  91. Collins that's unkind,' said I, laying down my knife.
  92. I think it’s time you start laying off the vino.
  93. There was a large fork laying at the end of the meat.
  94. Johan released the boy, laying him again on the sand.
  95. This was some heavy stuff that Stinger was laying on.
  96. In the dining room Rebecca was laying out the silver.
  97. Try now laying on the floor and seeing the difference.
  98. Laying motionless on Sadie’s fluffy tail was a robin.
  99. He spoke very positively, laying each word for effect.
  100. Bane’s glee echoed his own when laying out the plan.
  1. He lays back with a.
  2. If she lays eyes on.
  3. John lays on his back.
  4. She lays where she has.
  5. It lays hold on even God.
  6. Jabar lays claim on the bid.
  7. The book of days lays open.
  8. He lays it out and readies.
  9. Seth lays Kevin’s arm down.
  10. A book lays open on her lap.
  11. Herein lays the rub, however.
  12. She lays her eggs in a space.
  13. And herein lays the problem.
  14. Cass lays the woman back down.
  15. She lays her head on his chest.
  16. She lays you flat, arms akimbo.
  17. So the little boy lays in bed.
  18. Hoffman's Lays of the Hudson, &c.
  19. John lays back in his bed again.
  20. In one of thine enchanting lays.
  21. Noël lays a hand on my upper leg.
  22. Mission to the UN lays out what.
  23. Cass lays there pondering the notion.
  24. The lower end of the mountain lays.
  25. Till the hero comes and lays to rest.
  26. He lays there with his blind fold on.
  27. The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.
  28. Here the virtual heart lays before you.
  29. She lays motionless on the sandy floor.
  30. Weak Love lays down; Great Hate uplifts.
  31. Aaron lays his hands, face up, in his lap.
  32. But it’s Smokey's beat; he lays it down.
  33. Laden stops everything and lays still on me.
  34. He lays emphasis on the same thing in the.
  35. The Promissory Note lays out the terms and.
  36. It's empty, but he never lays a finger on me.
  37. Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon.
  38. The cause of the contrasts lays in the recent.
  39. She lays on the resting couch still trembling.
  40. One turtle lays in the spring hundreds of eggs.
  41. The female lays thousands of eggs, which the.
  42. Aaron stirs the coals and lays wood on the fire.
  43. His mistake lays in assuming that Romania could.
  44. The abuse my own big brother lays on me?
  45. He lays on top of me, reaches to remove the gag.
  46. He strips out of his clothes and lays next to me.
  47. She lays it on the bed and says, Well, dig in.
  48. A bird is a bird if it has feathers and lays eggs.
  49. For example, the female lays the egg and has just.
  50. Jemelda swallows, then lays the wooden utensil down.
  51. The frog lays thousands of eggs, but only a compa-.
  52. This section lays out these characteristics for you.
  53. One man lays a brick, another man spreads the mortar.
  54. Dana holds her side in pain as she lays on the ground.
  55. He slays, lays low, cleaves, hews; but art hath made.
  56. Dana looks at Tony as he lays asleep against her body.
  57. He comes in here in the day an’ lays down sometimes.
  58. He lays the split buns on the plate to toast and heat.
  59. I fear the snares that Satan lays for you on this point.
  60. Table 10-2 lays out the top ten producers of crude oil.
  61. If that kid lays a finger on Chloe— began Ed.
  62. That proud traditions die-hard; therein lays the hope!.
  63. She raises her skirt and lays back on one of the tables.
  64. He drags her over near the bed and lays her out properly.
  65. Thomas shakes his head in frustration and lays back down.
  66. And even as she lays dying, he rapes her for good measure.
  67. The most important thing that lays the foundation to your.
  68. He loves me! He lays at my feet an immense and tragic love.
  69. Everything, however, is not equal and therein lays the rub.
  70. He strips his wet clothes off, and then lays him on his bed.
  71. Marcus’ cell phone is still ringing as it lays on the floor.
  72. After a while, Christine lays in the hospital bed, passed out.
  73. Everyone looks at Christine as she lays passed out on the bed.
  74. He fishes in his pocket, finds his card, lays it on the table.
  75. Suddenly, Majeed lays on the horn as a motorcycle cuts him off.
  76. Each religion lays greater stress on certain aspects of Dharma.
  77. Naked on the bed he lays, his manhood erect curling her Bible.
  78. A carcass lays on the bottom, human but so many sizes too big.
  79. John lays with Clarisse in the bed, obviously after making love.
  80. They approach Juan and his parents as Juan lays on a stretcher.
  81. A hand reaches out and lays itself flat against the wooden door.
  82. He lays down in the bed and slides his body right over to Dana.
  83. The Cap lays on the ship’s horn, sending his parting gesture.
  84. Yes, but not my style of woman: I like a woman who lays herself.
  85. The judge lays hands on a stack of papers to the right hand side.
  86. Bernard lays out his hand, almost touching my arm, but resting a.
  87. Cherrie drops to the couch, lays down, and throws her feet up on.
  88. The Man from On The Bench lays a heavy hand on Ronnie's shoulder.
  89. The blanket she used last night lays neatly folded up on the couch.
  90. The Necro smiles and lays his head back down in the crimson puddle.
  91. Stef lays the paper on the kitchen table; �Come and look at this.
  92. I follow Scheeler to the hood of his car where he lays the folder.
  93. Whatever is imagined in the inner space of our minds lays a solid.
  94. As Missy lays down, the staff stays by her side for a short while.
  95. But how to effect the quest for this God? The Yogeshwar lays down.
  96. As expected, the executive's body lays on the floor minus its head.
  97. By connecting with a design company, it lays a foundation for the.
  98. Diane D suddenly lays up on the stage floor as her eyes remain shut.
  99. He said this land lays between two great lakes5 over the chain of.
  100. Without another word, Johan lays Simon’s fingers against his head.

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1. I lay on the bed.
2. He lay in the bed.
3. And I too lay down.
4. She lay in her cave.
5. Then lay in the sun.
6. She lay frozen in a.
7. They lay hands on me.
8. He still lay atop me.
9. Besides that I lay low.
10. And he said, Lay not.
11. And then he lay still.
12. Mama lay on the ground.
13. Tammy lay in the grass.
14. I lay there with her.
15. Elior lay on the ground.
16. A condom lay 3 inches.
17. He lay down and sighed.
18. Lay down on this table.
19. He lay back on the bed.
20. The two beds lay empty.
21. He lay among a bed of.
22. Carl lay on the couch.
23. As I lay in bed, Swami.
24. I lay quietly after that.
25. Lay her next to the boy.
26. He lay back on the couch.
27. Speak up whatever is lay.
28. Kate lay back and sighed.
29. But what lay just over.
30. I lay there on my back.
31. He lay Murray on the bed.
32. A broken beam lay nearby.
33. As I lay there I heard it.
34. As I lay there wondering.
35. The summer toys that lay.
36. He was a really good lay.
37. He lay there for a while.
38. Harry lay back once more.
39. Merilee lay on the ground.
40. The heart lay exposed so.
41. I wondered what lay ahead.
42. Manna lay dead before him.
43. As I lay beneath this tree.
44. He lay on the cold ground.
45. As when as a child, I lay.
46. Their hearts lay in their.
47. They lay piled and tangled.
48. A karawian lay at his feet.
49. A dead cat lay at her feet.
50. She still lay fast asleep.
51. Crowned Pigeons lay one egg.
52. She lay beaten and tortured.
53. The entire world lay in sin.
54. The lorry lay upon its side.
55. He lay down on the bed and.
56. I need to lay him in bed.
57. She lay there like a corpse.
58. He lay on his side looking.
59. My hopes and ambitions lay.
60. Carol lay quietly in the bed.
61. On the table lay two stones.
62. No one can lay their hands.
63. She lay there for a moment.
64. Lay your weary head to rest.
65. A cat lay a few metres away.
66. Lay died a few months before.
67. Heather lay down on the floor.
68. She lay with her eyes closed.
69. I lay there, sick to the core.
70. And Aaron shall lay both his.
71. She still lay on the picnic.
72. Directly ahead lay a walled.
73. She obediently lay on the bed.
74. Trog lay unconscious on the.
75. She lay there gasping for air.
76. The third boy lay quite still.
77. His power lay in command and.
78. She lay lifeless on the table.
79. I lay there, refusing to move.
80. His sympathy lay with the cats.
81. Jenna lay exhausted on her bed.
82. His body lay there motionless.
83. All her safety lay in secrecy.
84. Zoe lay in the goddess's arms.
85. I lay there a while, my eyes.
86. Daniel still lay on the floor.
87. She lay there, still lifeless.
88. He lay still and unresponsive.
89. He lay watching the moving fan.
90. From where he lay, he was no.
91. Let’s just lay on the beach.
92. A few men lay around the room.
93. Of course you can lay eggs.
94. She lay across the bed until.
95. As I lay on my stomach in my.
96. Inside lay a box of gold coins.
97. The shape lay against the wall.
98. And he lay with her that night.
99. The future lay utterly unknown.
100. I stood there and she lay there.

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