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    1. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    2. things can be said at business meetings that have lasting consequences

    3. With each passing day the weight of the blows always seemed a little heavier and his invective a little louder, lasting for longer

    4. "A crew like you re-affirms my faith in lasting the candle out

    5. Her work in building bonds of friendship and economic benefit between our peoples over the last fifteen years will stand as a lasting tribute to her vision and practical ability

    6. Remember, in order to maintain a long lasting relationship, it is important to have at least a few things that you and your loved one can laugh about, cry about, and even

    7. You and father were bound by a friendship lasting years

    8. Heart-Wall made from deep, lasting emotions that

    9. or am I being fanciful? I know I’m only on my own for a short time, that Dave will be back in a couple of days and, with a bit of luck, we might build something lasting

    10. He started using condoms, but then he arranged for the nurse to inject me with a long lasting birth control drug

    11. “I guess you could say your school provided a lasting education even shonggot couldn’t erase, but I’d hate to think there was any such market where you could use that as advertising

    12. There will be tests, of course, just to make sure, to make sure that there's no lasting side effects, as it were, but I'm sure Rebecca will be up and about in no time…"

    13. That became the longest lasting but loosest relationship of my life

    14. her great escape turned into a horrible nightmare lasting 20 years

    15. Columella, who reports this judgment of Democritus, does not controvert it, but proposes a very frugal method of inclosing with a hedge of brambles and briars, which he says he had found by experience to be both a lasting and an impenetrable fence ; but which, it seems, was not commonly known in the time of Democritus

    16. wears off after a while and does them no lasting harm

    17. Only Adros’ staff sticking out of its torso had a lasting effect

    18. She might have lasting scars, but their

    19. For most, it is our only lasting skill

    20. Both had fulfilled their adolescent dreams of a stable and lasting marital union and had complied with the duties associated with that union

    21. the greatest but also the most lasting of al punishments; and

    22. it is only reckoned the greatest because it is the most lasting

    23. then is it greater and more lasting? Because it has deprived

    24. No part of it can be said to belong to any particular country, till it has been spread, as it were, over the face of that country, either in buildings, or in the lasting improvement of lands

    25. Nothing, therefore, it is pretended, can be more disadvantageous to any country, than the trade which consists in the exchange of such lasting for such perishable commodities

    26. The accumulated treasures of the prince have in former times afforded a much greater and more lasting resource

    27. But this battle had demonstrated the lasting durability of Dwemer creations, and the inescapable exhaustion of mortal bodies

    28. And it was a lasting reminder of home

    29. I wouldn’t want you to keep that as your lasting

    30. “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children

    31. The great sages and prophets figured out how to find lasting happiness thousands of years ago, and humans have not changed

    32. The most important single thing you can do to find lasting happiness is to learn and understand that it exists

    33. You have to learn that sense pleasures and conditional happiness cannot lead to the lasting happiness that you want

    34. Out of this power comes your ability to find lasting happiness

    35. When you are free of such control, you can turn your attention to experience lasting happiness

    36. If you have not learned to be happy regardless of what you do or do not achieve, you have not yet learned to tap the Source of lasting happiness

    37. “So let’s drink to their lasting happiness and good health

    38. Some of those who have found lasting happiness report that desire to help others becomes their overwhelming purpose in life

    39. The inability to find even temporary happiness in any activity is sad, especially when lasting happiness is always there for the asking

    40. If you cannot find a purpose, then the journey towards lasting happiness that I describe in this book may be a journey to that purpose

    41. It is your attachment to them that causes much of your pain and blocks your ability to experience lasting happiness

    42. The more time you can spend experiencing self-created happiness, the closer you are to finding lasting happiness

    43. Previous chapters have stressed that we cannot look to the world around us, and our ideas about that world, to find lasting happiness

    44. Our minds, which work with reason and the ways of the material world, are not up to the task of delivering lasting happiness to us

    45. Through devotion, they can find lasting happiness

    46. You can search the world over for something that will make you happy, but what happens in this world cannot bring you lasting happiness

    47. We know that lasting happiness does not come in this fashion, but the ego does not know this

    48. This is not the lasting happiness that we all seek

    49. Even a standing army cannot in this case give him any lasting security ; because if the soldiers are not foreigners, which can seldom be the case, but drawn from the great body of the people, which must almost always be the case, they are likely to be soon corrupted by those very doctrines

    50. “I expect you to make a quick recovery and there should be no lasting damage from the bullet wounds however the shrapnel may be a bit harder to mend but given time to rest I see no reason why you shouldn’t soon be back with your unit

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    durable lasting long-lasting long-lived permanent persistent enduring eternal fast